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O'Doul's pushes its designated driver for holiday season.

Anheuser-Busch, Inc., and O'Doul's non-alcohol brew suggest offering your services as a designated driver if you're struggling with holiday gift ideas.

This year's Holiday Awareness campaign will focus on the "O'Doul's Designated Driver" program. Last Year, A-B wholesalers worked with 5,000 bars, restaurants and other organizations across the country to implement this program. The plan encourages free or reduced-price food and drink to those who refrain from drinking and to drive the other members of their group home.

The program features a variety of point-of-sale materials, including designated driver fact booklets, pledge cards, table tents, key chains, and server buttons.

"The designated driver has been successful in the fight against DWI," noted Joseph Castellano, vice president of consumer awareness & education for A-B.

Castellano added that many A-B wholesalers will supplement the O'Doul's program with other initiatives, such as "Alert Cab," which provides reduced cab fares to take home those who may have had too much to drink, and "TIPS" training, which teaches employees to prevent drunk driving and underage drinking.
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Title Annotation:Anheuser-Busch Inc.'s program to prevent drunk-driving
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 11, 1993
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