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O'Brien, Judith. Timeless love.

Pocket Books, Simon Pulse. 232p. bibliog. c2002. 0-7434-1921-9. $4.99. JS

Samantha is transported from modern-day life in the 21st century to 16th-century England by wishing on a magical silver necklace given to her by her mother for her birthday. She appears in the bedroom of Edward, son of Henry VIII, and changes history by helping him to regain his health. Since he doesn't die young, Elizabeth never becomes Queen and the modern age of the Industrial Revolution never happens. Returning home, Samantha figures out what has happened and wishes herself back to make things right. Having corrected the past, Samantha must return to her present to face the wrath of her father because she wrecked his precious BMW before she was time traveling.

The cover has Britney Spears and Justine Timberlake look-alikes to entice young girls to pick up this book. Some looking for a simple story may be disappointed. Stacey Conrad, Middle School Reading Teacher, Palmyra, MO
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Author:Conrad, Stacey
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 2002
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