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Lululemon announces collaboration with sustainable materials firm Genomatica. Aug 18, 2021 220
Lululemon multi-year collaboration with sustainable materials firm Genomatica. Aug 18, 2021 217
Brush Research Manufacturing: Abrasive nylon wheel brushes provide deburring for extremely hard metal parts. Here's how JR Precision & Welding used Brush Research wheels for muzzle brake manufacturing. Chatman, Carlo Aug 1, 2021 1209
THOSE WERE THE STAYS; old vacation spots get an upgrade Scots opt for modstalgia.. like holidays of old without the scratchy nylon sheets. ANNA BURNSIDE Jul 2, 2021 630
Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials: The story of nylon, the first true engineering thermoplastic. Sepe, Mike Jun 1, 2021 1482
Lovehoney announce 'Mindful' lingerie -a range of underwear made from recycled materials; The latest collection called Mindful, is made from seam-free fabrics, renewed lace and regenerated nylon -all available now from Lovehoney's website. By, Sarah Bradbury Apr 22, 2021 662
Stratasys Direct & Xometry Team Up to Deliver High-Performance 3D Printed Parts on Demand. Apr 1, 2021 214
Distinguish Nylon 6 from Nylon 66 at the Push of a Button. Apr 1, 2021 329
FASHION A Paracord Firearm Sling: You won't be caught unprepared with this dual-purpose sling made from detachable paracord. Biswell, Dennis Mar 1, 2021 1955
Green sea turtle dies after ingesting plastic straw, nylon. Feb 24, 2021 316
Itochu And Aquafil Partner To Expand Nylon Circular Business. Feb 12, 2021 161
Determination of in situ degradation parameters and feeding level of pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) cannery by-product to Hanwoo steers. Choi, Yongjun; Park, Keunkyu; Lee, Sangrak; Na, Youngjun Report Jan 1, 2021 4895
Effect of Reinforced Glass Fibre on the Mechanical Properties of Polyamide. Khan, Raza Muhammad; Mushtaq, Asim Jan 1, 2021 4366
Management of Knuckling in an Ostrich (Struthio camelus) Using a Custom-Made Orthotic Shoe. Raghav, Raj; Busaidi, Theneyan Mohamed Al; Samour, Jaime Report Dec 1, 2020 5343
Darn it! Mending nylon socks is a feet beyond me. PAUL ROUTLEDGE KEEP CALM.. WE CAN BEAT THIS Nov 25, 2020 295
the importance of nylon. Roland, Elizabeth Lyle Nov 1, 2020 669
70 pieces of banned nylon nets seized; need for control stressed. Oct 7, 2020 237
Jaguar L/Rover to use plastic waste in car interiors. Oct 5, 2020 443
Jag to use landfill plastic waste in its latest cars. ENDA MULLEN Oct 1, 2020 600
PUFFER TOTE: Learn how to stitch a puffer-style tote using a simple quilting technique and ripstop fabric. Metter, Sadie Fox Oct 1, 2020 1065
JLR 'going green' by using plastic waste in their cars; Both Jaguar and Land Rover will use recycled industrial cast-offs in luxury model interiors. JOHN CORSER BUSINESS EDITOR Sep 30, 2020 364
Nylon string 'death traps' on Dhaka flyovers. Sep 11, 2020 838
Absorbable versus Non-Absorbable Sutures in Paediatric Facial Trauma--A Cosmetic Assessment. Pargal, Pinki Clinical report Sep 7, 2020 2574
Heat Stabilizer Blends for Nylon 66 and Nylon 6. Sep 1, 2020 318
Outcomes after 23G trans-conjunctival parsplana vitrectomy and suturing of sclerotomy using 10/0 Nylon in patients with diabetic retinopathy in private hospital of Sargodha. Zaheer, Bilal; Zaheer, Waqas Report Aug 14, 2020 1577
Polydioxanone as Buried Suture in Facial Trauma--A Prospective Study. Pargal, Pinki Clinical report Jul 27, 2020 2928
Prices of Volume Resins Bottom Out: Increased exports, higher prices for feedstocks, and a slow ramp-up of production of industrial and durable goods are projected to stabilize resin prices and put upward pressure on PE and possibly PVC. Sherman, Lilli Manolis Jul 1, 2020 1696
Nutritional value and in situ degradability of oak wood roughage and its feeding effects on growth performance and behavior of Hanwoo steers during the early fattening period. Ju, Ye Ri; Baek, Youl Chang; Jang, Sun Sik; Oh, Young Kyoon; Lee, Sung Suk; Kim, Yong Sik; Park, Keu Jun 1, 2020 7859
320 L Hydrogen Tank Liner Blow Molded in Nylon. Jun 1, 2020 383
Effect of Dietary Forage: Concentrate Ratio on Pre-Caecal and Total Digestive Tract Digestibility of Diverse Feedstuffs in Donkeys as Measured by the Mobile Nylon Bag Technique. Liu, Li-Lin; Zhou, Xiao-Ling; Yang, Hong-Jian Jun 1, 2020 5402
A Modeling of Twisted and Coiled Polymer Artificial Muscles Based on Elastic Rod Theory. Wu, Chunbing; Zheng, Wen Report Jun 1, 2020 6386
SHEER BRILLIANCE! 1940, THE YEAR OF NYLON STOCKINGS; You may have been caught up in big queues outside shops in the West Midlands recently but it is nothing like the queues and stampede which happened in New York in 1940. The reason? Nylon stockings went on sale. May 25, 2020 581
Going Viral: Day 48 of COVID-19 lockdown. Mick O'Reilly, Foreign Correspondent May 16, 2020 5237
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 6, 2020 6612
Rope in antlers leads to 'catastrophic' injury fears; WILDLIFE. CHRIS MACLENNAN Apr 6, 2020 268
Flow Enhancers for Semi-Aromatic Nylon. Apr 1, 2020 186
NAFDAC Warns Nigerians Against Packaging Food With Plastic. Mar 2, 2020 266
Root Contact between Maize and Alfalfa Facilitates Nitrogen Transfer and Uptake Using Techniques of Foliar [.sup.15]N-Labeling. Shao, Zeqiang; Wang, Xinyu; Gao, Qiang; Zhang, Hualiang; Yu, Hailing; Wang, Yin; Zhang, Jinjing; Nas Mar 1, 2020 9214
Sensitivity and specificity of traditional testing methods to detect sensory impairment in the skin lesions of leprosy compared to Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments. Ramachandran, Anitha; Safar, Lulua; Anpillai, Sarita Sasidhar; Ajithkumar, Kidangazhiyathmana; Georg Report Mar 1, 2020 4598
Global Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2027. Jan 24, 2020 1199
High Quality Rope Available From China / G-Well. Jan 22, 2020 412
SocksLane Extends Sale for Cotton Compression Socks Because of Overproduction. Dec 20, 2019 251
Global Conductive Textiles Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report 2019-2025 - Growing Use of Conductive Textiles in Military and Healthcare Industries. Report Dec 12, 2019 609
Polyamide 6/12 Copolymer (Nylon 6/12) Market to Profit from Its Application in Automotive Industry. Dec 6, 2019 829
Bulk Continuous Filament Yarn Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis. Report Nov 28, 2019 998
Nylon Tire Cord Market 2019 - Global Industry Size, Growth, Share, Emerging Demand, Current Trends to 2024 / Radiant Insights, Inc. Nov 14, 2019 896
Yiwu Huading Nylon received C on Foreign Investors Rating for Q3 2019. Nov 11, 2019 296
Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon received C on Foreign Investors Rating for Q3 2019. Nov 11, 2019 297
Caprolactam market: opportunities and challenges. Nov 7, 2019 649
Polyamide 12 Market 2019 Global Industry - Leading Players, Market Volume, Trends, Opportunities and Foresight to 2024. Nov 4, 2019 652
Effect of Blend Ratio and Compatibilisation on the Electrical and Dielectric Properties of Nylon Copolymer (6, 66)/EPDM Rubber Blends. Komalan, Cibi; Poothanari, Mohammed Arif; Maria, Hanna J.; Thomas, Sabu Nov 1, 2019 3153
Monofilament Market Outlook 2019, Size Estimation, Price Trends, Sales, Industry Latest News, and Consumption by Forecast to 2023. Oct 16, 2019 840
Nylon Cable Ties Market 202 Breakdown, Development and New Market Opportunities & Forecasts / by type (Nylon 6, Nylon 6, 6 & others), by Application (Electronics & electrical, building & construction). Oct 8, 2019 1305
PA66 Engineering Plastics Market 2019 Global Industry - Key Players Analysis, Sales, Supply, Demand and Forecast to 2024. Oct 3, 2019 730
Nylon Market Global Industry Revenue, Share, Size, Promising Growth Factors,Key Players, Competitive Analysis, Future Demand 2019-2027. Oct 3, 2019 1229
Thermal Stability and Early Degradation Mechanisms of High-Density Polyethylene, Polyamide 6 (Nylon 6), and Polyethylene Terephthalate. Sustaita-Rodriguez, Jose M.; Medellin-Rodriguez, Francisco J.; Olvera-Mendez, Diana C.; Gimenez, Ale Oct 1, 2019 5291
Contact Dermatitis with a Nylon Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Cuff after Elective Surgery. Adabala, Vijay; Govil, Nishith Oct 1, 2019 386
Discrete Element Simulation of Factors Affecting the Fluidity of Nylon Powder. Jiang, Shengqiang; Duan, Chunyan; Ye, Yixuan; Tang, Chao; Chen, Xiaodong Sep 30, 2019 6350
Adiponitrile Market 2023 is expected to grow significantly over the forecast period owing to its increasing use in the production of nylon 6-6. Sep 27, 2019 859
Glass Filled Nylon Market Size, Business Revenue and Leading Competitors (2019-2026): BASF SE, Royal DSM N.V., Evonik Industries, Fukuang Plastic, Nylatech. Sep 26, 2019 843
Lagosians Abandon Umbrellas For Mini-Nylon Raincoats. Sep 19, 2019 476
Global Reactive Dyes Market Size, Share, Latest Trends, Key Manufacturers, Competitive Analysis,Applications, Usage and Types, Regional Outlook 2023. Sep 19, 2019 1118
SocksLane Launches Special Fall Discount for Top Rated Cotton Compression Socks. Sep 13, 2019 227
Global 30% Glass Filled Nylon Market 2019 Key Players, Share, Trends, Sales, Segmentation and Forecast to 2024. Sep 4, 2019 655
Global 20% Glass Filled Nylon Market 2019 Key Players, Share, Trends, Sales, Segmentation and Forecast to 2025. Aug 21, 2019 751
Scientists develop nylon to build transparent electronic devices. Aug 17, 2019 435
The Global Nylon 6 And 66 Market Size Is Expected To Reach USD 41.13 Billion By 2025, Expanding At A CAGR of 6.2% / Grand View Research, Inc. Aug 16, 2019 855
Nilit--NILIT[R] technical premium nylon 6.6 fibers showcased at Techtextil--8/5/2019. Aug 14, 2019 279
Caprolactam Market Is Projected To Grow Rapidly Due To Gaining Widespread Acceptance in Electronics & Electrical And Automobile Industries Till 2022 / Million Insights. Aug 13, 2019 1111
Global Nylon 6 & 66 Market Analysis by Product, Application, and Region 2014-2019 & 2025. Aug 7, 2019 749
Adipic Acid Market 2019 Global Key Leaders Analysis, Segmentation, Growth, Future Trends, Gross Margin, Demands, Emerging Technology by Regional Forecast to 2023. Aug 6, 2019 1100
Parachute Fabrics Market Analysis, Growth, Trends, Top Key Players, Market Performance and Forecast. Aug 2, 2019 1052
Anionic Copolymerization of Nylon 6/12: A Comprehensive Review. Mohammadi, Mohammad; Ahmadi, Shervin; Ghasemi, Ismail; Rahnama, Mohammadreza Report Aug 1, 2019 12258
Glass Filled Nylon Markets - Global Market Outlook to 2026. Jul 26, 2019 884
Parachute Fabrics Market - Global Industry Analysis,Size,Share,Strategies,Demand And Forecasts 2025. Jul 26, 2019 750
Nilit--NILIT[R] technical premium nylon 6.6 fibers showcased at Techtextil--8/5/2019. Jul 9, 2019 279
Adipamide Market key Insights Based On Product Type, End-use and Regional Demand Till 2028. Jul 4, 2019 817
Adipamide Market key Insights Based On Product Type, End-use and Regional Demand Till 2028. Jul 4, 2019 803
Fabrication of Electrospun Keratin Nanofiber Membranes for Air and Water Treatment. Figoli, Alberto; Ursino, Claudia; Ramirez, Diego Omar Sanchez; Carletto, Riccardo Andrea; Tonetti, C Jul 1, 2019 4448
Particle and Chemical Emissions from 3D Printers and Their Potential Health Impacts. Zhang, Qian; Davis, Aika; Black, Marilyn; Weber, Rodney Jul 1, 2019 1372
Development of a Semi-Empirical Model for Predicting the Pressure Drop of Nanofiber Air Filters. Bian, Ye; Zhang, Li; Chen, Chun Jul 1, 2019 3186
Graphene Nanoplates Filled Nylon 6,6 Nanocomposites, Morphological, Thermal, Mechanical and Solvent Uptake Study. Saeed, Khalid; Shah, Tariq; Hassan, Ahmad Technical report Jun 30, 2019 3464
Nilit-NILIT[R] technical premium nylon 6.6 fibers showcased at Techtextil--8/5/2019. Jun 25, 2019 279
Nilit--NILIT[R] technical premium nylon 6.6 fibers showcased at Techtextil--8/5/2019. Jun 18, 2019 279
Nilit--NILIT[R] technical premium nylon 6.6 fibers showcased at Techtextil--8/5/2019. Jun 11, 2019 280
Nilit--NILIT[R] technical premium nylon 6.6 fibers showcased at Techtextil--8/5/2019. Jun 4, 2019 280
Evonik to Boost Production of Transparent Nylon & Nylon 12, While Dropping PPA. Jun 1, 2019 196
Processors Shift from Nylon 66 With Aid of Materials-Savvy Distributor: PolySource helped two OEMs--one in beverage packaging, the other in winter sports vehicles--transition from nylon 66 to polyketone compounds after parts failures. Sherman, Lilli Manolis Jun 1, 2019 1323
ETUDE DES PERFORMANCES TECHNIQUES D'UN FILTRE-PRESSE POUR LA FILTRATION DU JUS DE POMME D'ANACARDE (Anacardium occidentale L.). Dossou, J.; Ahouansou, R.H.; Sanya, C.A.K.; Ahyi, V. Jun 1, 2019 5905
Nilit--NILIT[R] technical premium nylon 6.6 fibers showcased at Techtextil--8/5/2019. (Media Releases). May 28, 2019 279
2019 Global Nylon Fibers Industry Depth Research Report. Report May 22, 2019 569
Nilit--NILIT[R] technical premium nylon 6.6 fibers showcased at Techtextil--8/5/2019. May 21, 2019 280
Global Specialty Resins Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions Till 2026. May 9, 2019 798
Global Nylon 66 Market Offering Trends, Share, Size, Growth Until the End of 2026. May 3, 2019 1155
Global Nylon 66 Market Offering Trends, Share, Size, Growth Until the End of 2026. May 3, 2019 876
Oil-Impregnated Monomer Casting Nylon Composites Reinforced by Graphene Oxide and Lanthanum(III) Chloride. Zhao, Yanwen; Meng, Qing; Zhang, Qian; Wang, Fan; Wang, Qin; Wang, Yuexin Report May 1, 2019 4833
PART 5: Heat Deflection Temperature vs. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis: In the final part of this five-installment series, we bring DMA to a practical level using the results for glass-filled nylon. Sepe, Mike May 1, 2019 1310
Conveying Elbows Handle 40% Glass-Filled Nylon: NOVARES--WALWORTH, WIS.: Lighter and cheaper than cast alternatives, new stainless-steel conveying elbows utilize a plastics-specific geometry and proprietary internal coating to withstand filled materials. Deligio, Tony May 1, 2019 596
Molecular Sieving Film Prepared by Vacuum Filtration for the Efficient Removal of Tetracycline Antibiotics from Pharmaceutical Wastewater. Song, Zhi; Ma, Yu-Long; Li, Cong-Er; Xu, Man; Zhang, Cong Apr 30, 2019 6445
Aviation Carpet Market Insights, Trends & Future Development Status Recorded during 2018 to 2028. Apr 15, 2019 1233
Global Conductive Polymer Market 2019 -- Adroit Market Research. Mar 19, 2019 646
Conductive Polymers Market 2019 Overview & Business Opportunities. Mar 14, 2019 855
MountnGo and Stratacous Launch Backpack for Travelers and Adventurers on Kickstarter with Brand New 900D Ballistic Nylon. Feb 5, 2019 617
Newcomer Nyltec Polymers Offers Novel Recycled PET/Nylon Resin. Jan 1, 2019 153
Synthesis and Characterization of the Novel Nylon 12 6 Based on 1,12-Diaminododecane. Chen, Guangjian; Tang, Kailiang; Niu, Guorui; Pan, Kai; Feng, Xinxing; Zhang, Lili Report Jan 1, 2019 4482
Police driving unmarked cop cars use NYLON TIGHTS to try and hide their emergency lights; Watchdog urges police forces to fully test any new and untried method to conceal blues-and-twos. Nov 23, 2018 637
Leadership and Business Wisdom - Calculated Obsolescence. Nov 4, 2018 768
Application of Acid Dyes on Nylon Fabric and Evaluation of Fastness Properties Part III. Akhtar, Zeeshan; Kazmi, Mohib Reza; Ali, Syed Imran; Abbas, Naseem; Parveen, Rasheeda Technical report Oct 31, 2018 4123
Nylon 4-6 Market Analysis, Size, Share and Key Trends 2017 - 2027. Oct 18, 2018 125
High-Gloss Specialty Nylon for Auto Interiors. Oct 1, 2018 215
Key Insights of Future Prospects of XYZ Market During 2017-2027. Sep 28, 2018 159
Germination, viability and longevity of horseweed (Conyza spp.) seeds as a function of temperature and evaluation periods/Germinacao, viabilidade e longevidade de sementes de buva (Conyza spp.) em funcao da temperatura e periodos de avaliacao. Agostinetto, Dirceu; Vargas, Andres Antonio Monge; Ruchel, Queli; da Silva, Jessica Dias Gomes; Varg Sep 1, 2018 3562
Material of socks. Aug 25, 2018 466
Microstructural Characterization of Short Glass Fiber and PAN Based Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6 Polymer Composites. Munirajappa, Munirathnamma Lakkur; Basavaraju, Ravikumar Harijan Report Aug 1, 2018 6906
Industry Bracing for Possible Shortage of Nylon 66. Jul 1, 2018 393
EU to investigate BASF's proposed takeover of Solvay's nylon business. Jun 26, 2018 152
Should Meghan have worn those white tights? JUST days after stunning everyone with her Givenchy wedding dress, Meghan Markle has been been setting the fashion world aflutter again - this time thanks to a tiny piece of nylon. The new Duchess of Sussex joined other royals for a Buckingham Palace garden party to honour Prince Charles, but wore white tights despite the heat. So was she right to wear them... or not? May 24, 2018 474
Compatibilizer & Chain Extender for Recycled PET. May 1, 2018 206
Thermally Conductive Nylon 6 Compounds. May 1, 2018 341
Taiwan students combine art and math to make 80 foot nylon heart. Apr 1, 2018 260
WEBINAR a feature of Apr 1, 2018 269
Rumour: Funny-smelling dough bread in Dubai. Mar 8, 2018 192
Rumour: Funny-smelling bread dough in Dubai. Mar 8, 2018 293
Fast-Cycling Nylon for Fasteners. Mar 1, 2018 159
Sebacic to build bio-based nylon project in Duqm. Feb 14, 2018 247
Sebacic Oman to build $250m bio-based nylon project. Feb 13, 2018 228
New Engineering Materials for Challenging Automotive Applications: Nylons, PPA, and PPS for high heat and chemical resistance and/or high strength with lightweight. Naitove, Matt Feb 1, 2018 646
New Nylon & PET Electrical Compounds. Feb 1, 2018 140
Influence of barley grain treated with allodine compounds or organic extracts on enaevivo site and extent of digestion of starch. Naseroleslami, Reza; Meogaras, Mohsen Danesh; Tahmasbi, Abdolmansour; Vakili, Seyed Alireza; Ebrahim Report Feb 1, 2018 5238
High-Heat-Stabilized Nylon 66 Goes Under the Hood. Jan 1, 2018 184
Flame-Retardant Nylon 66 for Unattended Appliance Connectors. Jan 1, 2018 146
New Nylon, PPA & PPS Grades For Water Management. Jan 1, 2018 159
Experimental Investigation on the Feasibility of Using Spring-Loaded Pogo Pin as a Holding and Release Mechanism for CubeSat's Deployable Solar Panels. Park, Tae-Yong; Kim, Su-Hyeon; Kim, Hongrae; Oh, Hyun-Ung Jan 1, 2018 4835
Quantification and Evaluation of Soil Erosion in the Estuaries of Cameroon, Gulf of Guinea: Case of Nylon Area. Mbiakouo-Djomo, Eric Flavien; Njeugna, Ebenezer; Tcheukam-Toko, Denis; Fokwa, Didier Report Jan 1, 2018 8356
Synthesis and Thermomechanical Characterization of Nylon 6/Cu Nanocomposites Produced by an Ultrasound-Assisted Extrusion Method. Sierra-Avila, Ruben; Perez-Alvarez, Marissa; Valdez-Garza, Janett; Avila-Orta, Carlos Alberto; Jimen Jan 1, 2018 6870
In Situ Polymerization of Nylon 66/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites. Duan, Xiaochao; Yu, Bin; Yang, Tonghui; Wu, Yanpeng; Yu, Hao; Huang, Tao Jan 1, 2018 5069
BASF Buys Solvay's Nylon 66 Business. Nov 1, 2017 157
What You Need to Know About Drying Specialty Nylons. Hamm, William; Benjamin, Edgar Nov 1, 2017 1461
MakeShaper Releases Nylon and ASA Filaments. Oct 12, 2017 186
Remington Nylon 66: initially regarded with deep skepticism, this fine little rifle eventually became Remington's best-selling rimfire ever. Von Benedikt, Joseph Product/service evaluation Sep 1, 2017 1195
New materials for 3D printing. Aug 1, 2017 390
Leadership and Business Wisdom - CALCULATED OBSOLESCENCE. Jul 30, 2017 768
High threat concealment. Mudgett, Chris Jul 1, 2017 991
Teknor Apex debuts new engineering resins div. with novel nylon family. Jun 1, 2017 364
Meningo Orbital Foramen/Foramen Meningo Orbitario. Silva, Juan; Araya, Claudia; Lagos, Eliza; Salcedo, Andres; Latin, Alexis Jun 1, 2017 2700
Nylon Media Acquires Stake in Simply Stylist to Expand Custom Portfolio. May 24, 2017 314
Nylon Media Acquires Stake in Simply Stylist to Expand Custom Portfolio. May 24, 2017 319
What you need to know about drying specialty nylons. Hamm, William; Benjamin, Edgar May 1, 2017 1463
Invista says its new nyion 1,6 acts like a thermoset resin. May 1, 2017 163
Molded Nylon Position Hinges. May 1, 2017 209
Slap leather: Blackhawk enters the leather holster market. Tarr, James Apr 1, 2017 1171
High-heat, blow moldable nylon. Mar 1, 2017 169
Nano-reinforced nylon alloys for structural medical components. Mar 1, 2017 176
Preparation of compatibilizer with large specific surface and its application in immiscible polymer blends with ultra-high molecular weight. Wang, Yuexin; Xing, Wenxiao; Meng, Qing; Zhang, Qian Report Mar 1, 2017 5832
Brushes become a staple: abrasive nylon brushes prove to be flexible and useful finishing tools for deburring, edge breaking, surface finishing and corrosion removal on metal and alloy workpieces. Mar 1, 2017 1245
Celanese Acquires Plastics Division of Israel's Nilit. Feb 2, 2017 186
Celanese Acquires Plastics Division of Israel's Nilit. Feb 2, 2017 192
On The Scene At The Nylon x Dream Hollywood Apres Ski Party During The Sundance Film Festival. Jan 25, 2017 135
Rugged, sterilizeable nylon compounds. Jan 1, 2017 106
A Novel Silica-Nylon Mesh Reinforcement for Dental Prostheses. Paes, Tarcisio Jose de Arruda, Jr.; de Castro, Humberto Lago; Borges, Alexandre Luiz Souto; Bona, Al Jan 1, 2017 3515
Evaluation and Comparison of Flexural Strength of Conventional Heat Cured Denture Base Polymers with Nylon Denture Base Polymers: An In Vitro Study. Kumari, S. Aruna; Narendra, R.; Reddy, P. Sesha; Reddy, Sashideepth; Uma, Kc.; Alla, Rama Krishna; K Report Jan 1, 2017 2342
Experimental Study of Vibrational Acceleration Spread and Comparison Using Three Citrus Canopy Shaker Shaking Tines. Liu, Tian-Hu; Ehsani, Reza; Toudeshki, Arash; Zou, Xiang-Jun; Wang, Hong-Jun Report Jan 1, 2017 5378
Design and Fabrication of Smart Diapers with Antibacterial Yarn. Lin, Jia-Horng; Shiu, Bing-Chiuan; Lou, Ching-Wen; Chang, Yuan-Jen Jan 1, 2017 4517
OBITER DICTA: THE NYLON WAR. Riesman, David Report Jan 1, 2017 3675
No hard coating needed: now there's an Additive that improves scratch/Mar resistance in molded & extruded parts. Marshall, Richard Dec 1, 2016 1333
Solvay launches patented recycling process, new 'smart molecule'. Nov 1, 2016 580
Ascend boosting nylon 6/6 compounding capacity. Nov 1, 2016 280
Preparation and Properties of novel epoxy composites containing electrospun PA6/F-MWNTs fibers. Liao, Guiying; You, Qingliang; Xia, Hua; Wang, Dongsheng Report Nov 1, 2016 4837
NYLON Nights Los Angeles In Celebration Of The October Girl Issue Hosted By Tinashe. Oct 17, 2016 408
INVISTA expands US facility to offer small-lot, solution-dyed nylon 6,6 technology. Sep 30, 2016 314
Optimal cultivation time for yeast and lactic acid bacteria in fermented milk and effects of fermented soybean meal on rumen degradability using nylon bag technique. Polyorach, S.; Poungchompu, O.; Wanapat, M.; Kang, S.; Cherdthong, A. Report Sep 1, 2016 4680
Resins, additives offering higher performance, improved sustainability: driving the wide range of new developments in engineered plastics and additives are higher performance, safety, and sustainability. Sherman, Lilli Manolis Sep 1, 2016 3257
Global Adipic Acid Market to Reach US$ 6,340.6 Mn by 2022 - Credence Research. Jul 29, 2016 588
Monomer casting nylon-6-b-polyether amine copolymers synthesis and antistatic property. Xiang, Meng; Xu, Sheng; Li, Chengjie; Ye, Lin Report Jul 1, 2016 5743
Processing nylon ... and other problems. Bozzelli, John Jun 1, 2016 1137
Biobased high-heat nylon. Jun 1, 2016 237
Market Report, "Synthetic Rope Market - Global Forecast to 2021", published. May 30, 2016 501
MacCase Begins Shipping New Nylon iPad Pro Models. May 7, 2016 340
Flange for auto interior fan modules made of new thermally conductive nylon. May 1, 2016 233
Polymer additives. May 1, 2016 183
Confident carry. Ayoob, Massad May 1, 2016 889
Nylons for tomatoes. Jones, L.P. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 217
In situ degradability of dry matter and fibrous fraction of sorghum silage/Degrabilidade in situ da materia seca e fracao fibrosa da silagem de sorgo. Costa, Rene Ferreira; de Assis Pires, Daniel Ananias; Moura, Marielly Maria Almeida; Rodrigues, Jose Apr 1, 2016 4059
Celanese Corporation. Mar 1, 2016 261
Celanese enters nylon plastics market. Mar 1, 2016 193
Population structure of nylon shrimp Heterocarpus reedi (Crustacea: Caridea) and its relationship with environmental variables off Chile. Canales, Cristian M.; Company, Joan B.; Arana, Patricio M. Ensayo Mar 1, 2016 6150
Halogen-free FR nylon 6 for electrical switches. Jan 1, 2016 148
High-performance filaments by melt spinning low viscosity nylon 6 using horizontal isothermal bath process. Najafi, Mesbah; Avci, Huseyin; Kotek, Richard Report Nov 1, 2015 6232
2015 Holster roundup: Kydex, plastic, leather and nylon rigs for your favorite handgun. Fitzpatrick, Brad Oct 1, 2015 1144
PolyOne introduces new TPE for nylon grips to improve oil and abrasion resistance. Sep 1, 2015 198
Optimization of melt blending process of nylon 6-POSS: improving mechanical properties of spun fibers. Andrade, Ricardo J.; Weinrich, Zachary N.; Ferreira, Creusa I.; Schiraldi, David A.; Maia, Joao M. Report Jul 1, 2015 3629
Post obstructive pulmonary edema after attempted nylon rope suicidal hanging. Nigam, Rakesh; Chatterjee, S.; Murthy, M.; Kosam, D.; Debbarma, M. Jun 11, 2015 1156
Glass-filled nylon laser sintered parts. Duffy, Kaylie Jun 1, 2015 522
10 must-know facts about Longchamp's must-have Le Pliage nylon. May 21, 2015 400
Preparation of porous nylon 6 fiber via electrospinning. Zhang, Huimin; Zhang, Li; Jia, Qingxiu; Shi, Chaoming; Yang, Jian Report May 1, 2015 5042
Remington Nylon 10. James, Garry Apr 22, 2015 243
Fatigue properties of vibration-welded postindustrial waste nylon with glass fibers at room and elevated temperatures. Zhang, Y.; Lockwood, K.T.; Bates, P.J.; DuQuesnay, D.L. Report Apr 1, 2015 5688
Structure and properties of nylon 1010/ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber-based dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomers filled with Si[O.sub.2]. Lu, Xianbo; Zhang, Hongmei; Zhang, Yong Report Mar 1, 2015 4312
Preparation and properties of monomer casting nylon-6/PEO blend prepared via in situ polymerization. Xu, Sheng; Ye, Lin Report Mar 1, 2015 4842
Pioneering post-carpet recycled nylons: old carpet fibers get a new lease on life when reprocessed into engineering compounds. Berkowski, Larry Mar 1, 2015 1685
John Patrick Shanley and Nylon Fusion Theatre Company Host "A Date With History" Gala Celebration with Performances by Wynton Marsalis, Ted Nash and Anika Noni Rose. Feb 9, 2015 730
Nylon Fusion Theatre Company Announces Their Short Play Festival "This Round's on Us" Time Travel Featuring New Works by Don Nigro, Michael Puzzo and Actor John Doman.. Jan 27, 2015 479
Nylon goes green. Mole, Beth Brief article Jan 24, 2015 215
Premium Quality Nylon Guitar Strap Released by Gig Tools, a Division of Select Pro. Jan 22, 2015 533
Crystal transition behavior of odd-odd nylon 11,11 under annealing and stretching. Liu, Shaobing; Fu, Peng; Liu, Minying; Li, Zhaopeng; Lv, Zhengya; Zhao, Qingxiang Report Dec 1, 2014 3791
Black nylon 12 meets strict railway car standards. Dec 1, 2014 124
Remington Nylon 66. Coleman, Charles Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2014 154
Isothermal crystallization kinetics of in situ nylon 6/graphene composites by differential scanning calorimetry. Zhang, Fan; Wang, Bo; Man, Ruilin; Peng, Zhiyuan Report Nov 1, 2014 3726
FR nylon for thin walls with good heat aging. Nov 1, 2014 103
Recycle-content nylon compounds for automotive, consumer & industrial. Nov 1, 2014 146
NY ON PERFECT; Lucy Buckland enjoys the dream-like Nylon Pool, smooth jazz sounds and mean rum punches in Tobago; Beautiful island in the sun is a thirst-class destination. Oct 11, 2014 1185
Nylon Fusion Theatre Company Announces the Artist for Their Short Play Festival "This Round's On Us" on October 19-20, Featuring Emcee Craig muMs Grant. Oct 8, 2014 416
Supply of 45,000 jumbo bags with the internal bag, 1.4 million different polypropylene woven sacks covered, other 25,000 similar sacks but not covered, 1,000 sealing bag, 5,000 jumbo bags without internal bag, and one ton nylon threads. Sep 18, 2014 147
3T RPD launches flame retardant nylon for end use parts. Sep 1, 2014 491
Nylon Fusion Theatre Company Announces the Playwrights and Artists for Their Short Play Festival "This Round's On Us: Freedom" on July 11 and 12, Featuring Lyle Kessler. Jul 4, 2014 310
Request for registration of suppliers for FY 2014/ 2015 to supply cleansers and cleaning equipment, polyethylene, nylon bags and rolls. Jun 16, 2014 113
New extrusion grade nylon 410. Jun 1, 2014 201
Morphological factors affecting the permeation resistance of nanocomposite blend films. Bhuva, Nihir A.; Goettler, Lloyd A. Report Jun 1, 2014 5311
Nylon Fusion Theatre Company Announces the Artists for Their Short Play Festival "This Round's on Us" on May 10 and 11, Featuring Labrynth's Craig Sirmumsila Grant. Apr 30, 2014 263
Morphology and Structure of Nylon-6 Crystallized in Epoxy Resin Matrix. Vyas, Aniket; Iron, Jude O. Report Apr 1, 2014 4849
Nylon Fusion Theater Company Presents "This Rounds on Us" - Love & Civil Rights Original 10 Minute-Short Play Festival. Jan 24, 2014 508
Ballistic Nylon Holster. Jan 1, 2014 111
Influence of 1D and 2D carbon fillers and their functionalisation on crystallisation and thermomechanical properties of injection moulded nylon 6,6 nanocomposites. Navarro-Pardo, Fabiola; Martinez-Hernandez, Ana L.; Castano, Victor M.; Rivera-Armenta, Jose L.; Med Jan 1, 2014 6660
Corneal astigmatism after ECCE: a comparative study between silk versus nylon suture. Kumari, Sunita; Jyoti, Jai; Sinha, Sanjeev Kumar; Kumar, Dilip; Singh, Manish Kumar; Parasher, Ishan Report Dec 2, 2013 5560
Sneaky Pete Ballistic Nylon Holster. Oct 10, 2013 103
Extrusion process aids for nylon and EVOH. Oct 1, 2013 118
Request of local & international offers for the supply of (a) 12 mm. diameter polyamide nylon bars, (b) O-Ring shaped leakage preventers and (c) an excess flow stopper material. Sep 24, 2013 125
TAC SHIELD Black Tactical Nylon Products Are Introduced to the Law Enforcement Teams. Proven in the Battlefields by Marines, TAC SHIELD Nylon is Made by Proud Americans.. Sep 14, 2013 171
Nylon label materials. Sep 1, 2013 102
Mechanical and crystalline properties of monomer casting nylon-6/Si[O.sub.2] composites prepared via in situ polymerization. Xu, Sheng; Zhao, Xiaowen; Ye, Lin Report Sep 1, 2013 7510
New Nylon 6,6 Overmolding Grade of TPE Now Available from Star Thermoplastic. Aug 2, 2013 440
Belgian Domo in exclusive talks to sell nylon division to Italian Aquafil - report. Jul 16, 2013 127
Nylon Fusion Theatre Company Presents the World Premiere of "Luft Gangster" by Lowell Byers and Directed by Austin Pendleton from August 13 - 24, 2013. Jul 12, 2013 540
Request for registration of suppliers for FY 2013/ 2014 to supply electric and electronic equipment, computers and stationary items, also polyethylene and nylon bags and rolls among other petroleum products. Jun 17, 2013 130
Nylon Fusion Theatre Company Announces the Playwrights for Their Festival: "This Round's on Us" Independence, on July 2 and 3, Featuring Two New Plays by Don Nigro. Jun 12, 2013 464
Evonik resumes full production of nylon 12. Jun 1, 2013 105
Air Liquide reveals deal in Chinese nylon production. May 24, 2013 290
First film based on nylon 410. May 1, 2013 126
Modules for nylon plant arrive. May 1, 2013 302
Nylon Fusion Theatre Company Presents the World Premiere Production of Mata Hari Alongside Marina by Award Winning Don Nigro at The Robert Moss Theatre June 15-22. Apr 25, 2013 480
HPE Extrusion Solutions Manufactures Customized Nylon (Polyamide) Plastic Extrusions. Apr 23, 2013 487
Nylon Fusion Theatre Company Announces Directors and Actors for the April 29 and April 30 2013 "This Round's On Us" 10-Minute Play Festival featuring Kristina Poe. Apr 19, 2013 306
Nylon Fusion Theatre Company Announces Playwrights for the April 29 and April 30 2013 "This Round's On Us" 10-Minute Play Festival. Apr 5, 2013 482
Radiation crosslinking boosts nylon properties. Person, Bill; Wayne, Shannon Apr 1, 2013 1189
Rain or shine: Wanda Nylon is the silver lining on any cloudy day. Cooper, Duncan Apr 1, 2013 241
Our world of nylon! Mar 8, 2013 518
Unique extruder reclaims nylon 11 oil pipe. Mar 1, 2013 204
New easy-moulding nylon to replace metal in cars: new Radlion A RV500RW 339 NER is a nylon 66 with 50 percent glass fibre from Radici plastics in Italy, available in the UK through plastribution, that moulds easily while offering new opportunities for metal replacement. Mar 1, 2013 439
Nylon Fusion Theatre Company's "This Round's On Us" Valentine's Festival, Featuring a Play by Longtime Member of the LABrynth Theater Company Craig SirmuMsila Grant. Theater review Jan 25, 2013 343
Facile solventless synthesis of a nylon-6,6/silver nanoparticles composite and its XPS study. Morales-Luckie, Raul A.; Sanchez-Mendieta, Victor; Olea-Mejia, Oscar; Vilchis-Nestor, Alfredo R.; Lo Report Jan 1, 2013 3537
Effects of the addition of ortho- and para-N[H.sub.2] substituted tetraphenylporphyrins on the structure of Nylon 66. Diaz-Alejo, Luis A.; Menchaca-Campos, E. Carmina; Chavarin, J. Uruchurtu; Sosa-Fonseca, R.; Garcia-S Report Jan 1, 2013 8052
In situ polymerization of polyamide 66 nanocomposites utilizing interfacial polycondensation. III. Co-synthesis of silica nanocomposites via sol-gel chemistry. Kalkan-Sevinc, Z.S.; Goettler, L.A. Report Nov 1, 2012 3188
Effect of accelerated ultraviolet and thermal exposure on nanoscale mechanical properties of nylon fibers. Wanasekara, Nandula D.; Chalivendra, Vijaya; Calvert, Paul Report Nov 1, 2012 2874
The new lightweights: injection molded 'hybrid' composites spur automotive innovation. Sherman, Lilli, Manolis Nov 1, 2012 1893
Ube Industries to expand nylon production facility in Spain. Oct 22, 2012 117
Nylon Fusion Collective Presents "This Round's on Us" Halloween Festival Fundraising Event in Support of 2012-13 Season, Featuring Two New John Patrick Shanley Plays. Oct 19, 2012 323
Cancer Quest Leads to New Way to Produce Nylon. Sep 24, 2012 652
Verdezyne granted US patent for a biobased adipic acid production process. Sep 1, 2012 324
DuPont reports that an oil sump molded from DuPont Zytel nylon resin is helping the Swedish commercial-vehicle manufacturer Scania meet challenges regarding noise, emissions, and weight. Sep 1, 2012 168
Investigation of free volume distribution and mechanical properties of rectorite/nylon 6 nanocomposites. Gong, Jing; Gong, Wei; Gong, Zhenli; Gao, Shu; Wang, Bo Report Aug 1, 2012 3653
Conformal coating of yarns and wires with electrospun nanofibers. Dabirian, Farzad; Ravandi, Seved Abdolkarim Hosseini; Hinestroza, Juan P.; Abuzade, Ramazan Ali Report Aug 1, 2012 3993
Crackling tale of 70s city from the Nylon Kid. Jul 14, 2012 444
Nylon Fusion Collective Presents a Premiere of Ten (10) Plays Including French Waitress and Poland by John Patrick Shanley for "This Round's on Us". Jul 4, 2012 402
When it comes to nylon, don't do the math. Sepe, Michael Jul 1, 2012 1411
Unique nylon insert. Jul 1, 2012 109
Indigestible cellulose and lignin in determining feces production and apparent digestibility in horses/ Celulose e lignina indigestiveis na estimativa da producao fecal e digestibilidade aparente em equinos. de Oliveira, Katia; Costa, Ciniro; Bittar, Carla Maris Machado; dos Santos, Vanessa Pillon; Oliveira Clinical report Jul 1, 2012 4169
The Ruger SR22 pistol: the Ruger SR22 uses an anodized aluminum alloy slide with a glass-filled nylon frame to create a compact. 22 rimfire pistol that can serve both the experienced shooter and the first-time buyer. James, Frank Jun 10, 2012 1406
Flurry of industry activity aims to bridge nylon 12 shortage. Jun 1, 2012 341
Drawing and ultimate tensile properties of nylon 6/nylon 6 clay composite fibers. Yeh, Jen-Taut; Wang, Chuen-Kai; Liu, Zhi-Wei; Li, Peng; Tsou, Chi-Hui; Lai, Yu-Ching; Tsai, Fang-Cha Report Jun 1, 2012 4787
INVISTA Presents Autumn 2013 and Winter 2014 CORDURA[R] Denim and CORDURA[R] NYCO Fabric Collections at Denim by Premiere Vision. May 25, 2012 987
Suppliers continue to offer nylon 12 alternatives. May 1, 2012 573
IT'LL BE A BLAST; End of an era as industrial towers set to come down. Apr 21, 2012 448
Commodity & engineering resin prices climb higher. Sherman, Lilli Manolis Apr 1, 2012 2139
Nylon-12 tubing in stock, ready to ship. Apr 1, 2012 141
Cotton gets nanotech and biotech: treatment in New Orleans. Suszkiw, Jan Apr 1, 2012 1153
In situ dry matter and fiber fraction degradability of the Mineirao stylos/Degradabilidade in situ da materia seca e fracao fibrosa do estilosantes Mineirao. Correa, Daniel Staciarini; de Magalhaes, Roberto Toledo; de Siqueira, Domingas Cruvinel Batista Apr 1, 2012 3278
Nylon Fusion Collective Presents a Premiere of Eleven (11) Plays Including Tennessee and Hot Bubbles by John Patrick Shanley for "This Round's on Us" April 1st and 2nd. Mar 15, 2012 363
New Nylon from Evonik. Mar 1, 2012 108
Transparent thermoplastic resin with electron beam cross-linking. Sano, Tomomi; Nakabayashi, Makoto; Ito, Hiroshi Report Mar 1, 2012 2703
Future tents: in Seattle, REI's David Mydans is the Frank Gehry of nylon and aluminum poles. Fish, Peter Interview Mar 1, 2012 374
In the Face of Limited Nylon Tubing Supplies and Worldwide Demand Outpacing Inventories, NewAge(R) Industries Possesses Abundant Stock. Feb 26, 2012 550
Ajinomoto and Toray to Collaborate on Biobased Nylon Research. Feb 24, 2012 196
A new approach to enhance oral bioavailability of Silybum Marianum dry extract: association of mechanochemical activation and spray congealing. Passerini, N.; Perissutti, B.; Albertini, B.; Franceschinis, E.; Lenaz, D.; Hasa, D.; Locatelli, I.; Report Feb 15, 2012 7407
Crystal modulus of a new semiaromatic polyamide 9-T. Uddin, Ahmed Jalal; Gotoh, Yasuo; Ohkoshi, Yutaka; Nishino, Takashi; Endo, Ryokei Report Feb 1, 2012 3649
Nylon lubricant cuts die buildup. Feb 1, 2012 170
Metabolisable energy, in situ Rumen degradation and in vitro fermentation characteristics of linted cottonseed hulls, delinted cottonseed hulls and cottonseed linter residue. Bo, Y.K.; Yang, H.J.; Wang, W.X.; Liu, H.; Wang, G.Q.; Yu, X. Report Jan 7, 2012 6414
Microstructure, thermomechanical properties, and electrical conductivity of carbon black-filled Nylon-12 nanocomposites prepared by selective laser sintering. Athreya, Siddharth Ram; Kalaitzidou, Kyriaki; Das, Suman Report Jan 1, 2012 4915
Comparison of indigestible markers from in situ and in vivo incubation to predict apparent digestibility in hay- and corn-fed horses/Comparacao de indicadores indigestiveis obtidos por incubacao in situ e in vivo para predizer a digestibilidade aparente em cavalos alimentados com feno e milho. de Oliveira, Katia; Bittar, Carla Maris Machado; Costa, Ciniro; Oliveira, Vinicius Antonio Baptista; Clinical report Jan 1, 2012 5016
Christmas memories; If there's ever a time for nostalgic memories, it's Christmas. From nasty nylon knickers and pound shop aftershave to enforced jollity and 'Santa' drinking amber ale at the CIU Christmas party, KAREN WILSON speaks to some of those featured in Now & Then during 2011 about their best memories, worst presents and Christmas gripes. Bah Humbug! Dec 19, 2011 2574
GSFC ventures for expansion of Nylon-6 Project. Nov 11, 2011 194
Effects of synbiotics containing anaerobic microbes and prebiotics on in vitro fermentation characteristics and in situ disappearance rate of fermented-TMR. Lee, Shin Ja; Shin, Nyeon Hak; Chu, Gyo Moon; Lee, Sung Sill Report Nov 1, 2011 7666
New nylon foam is a 'lightweight'. Oct 1, 2011 360
YnFx introduces Price Forecast Report on nylon and polyester. Report Sep 13, 2011 324
Neutron Scattering Confirms DNA Is as Stretchy as Nylon. Sep 10, 2011 741
Using resorcinol and resorcinol-formaldehyde resins to promote bonding of rubber to metal and textile reinforcements. Dee, Terry D.; Walkup, Mike; McNaughton, Dave Sep 1, 2011 5255

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