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Nylon locking elements.

PEMHEX[R] self-clinching fasteners from PennEngineering incorporate a unique hexagonal nylon element providing a reusable, non-metallic prevailing torque thread lock, according to the company. The self-locking fasteners feature:

* The ability to be installed permanently in steel or aluminum sheets as thin as .060" (1.52 mm).

* Locking performance that meets NASM25027.

* Steel and stainless steel fasteners that are available in unified and metric thread sizes #4-40 through #10-32 and M3 through M5.

* A blue nylon locking element that identifies unified fasteners (black for metric fasteners).

* The ability to be installed in metal sheets with hardness 70 or less on the Rockwell "B" scale.

* A knurled collar that embeds in the host sheet with an undercut cavity beneath which fills with displaced sheet material, allowing the fastener to become permanently captivated in the sheet.

* RoHS compliance.


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Title Annotation:New Products: Fastening, Assembly & Thermal Solutions
Publication:Product Design & Development
Date:Jun 1, 2008
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