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Nylon for the long haul.

On its new MT 3700 Lectra Haul surface mining truck, Unit Rig, a division of Terex Corp., uses several wear-resistant nylon components in place of bronze parts and roller bearings. The machined Nylatron NSM nylon parts--an axle nosecone bearing, a steering kingpin thrust bearing, and two body pivot bushings--are simpler in design (fewer parts, less cost); can be run dry (no lubrication); are lightweight and easier to install; and provide longer service life and reduced maintenance costs. The material, which contains solid lubricant additives, is self-lubricating, and has a high pressure-velocity (PV) rating, as well as excellent wear resistance.

The axle nosecone bearing, the largest of the machined parts, positions the rear axle of the truck and carries traction loads. This bearing has an outside diameter of about 25 inches and is about 8 inches wide. A steering kingpin thrust bearing replaces a roller thrust bearing and allows 100% surface contact. Located at the front axle king pins, the nylon part provides excellent resistance to impact that might result from the truck's bouncing. The larger of the MT 3700's sleeve bearings, which are used in place of bronze bushings, has an ID of about 5 inches, an 8-inch width, and a 1-inch wall thickness. Wear resistance of the body pivot bushings, located underneath the dump body, is very important.

All the nylon components on the truck are exposed to the environment, so they must withstand the wide range of conditions to which the equipment is exposed, including desert heat, tropic humidity, and arctic cold. Nylatron nylons offer resistance to the adverse environments and are naturally noncorrosive. Also, since using lubricants in a highly dusty environment can create an abrasive slurry that can damage both the bushing and the shaft, the self-lubricating Nylatron parts do not suffer from this disadvantage.

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Title Annotation:wear-resistant nylon components
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:May 1, 1993
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