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Nylon film.

Dartek C917 film is used to encapsulate compounds throughout the heating and oscillating cycle in rheometer testing of rubber materials. An application bulletin describes how Dartek C917 nylon film is said to deliver more accurate and repeatable rheometer readings. Dartek C917 is a heat-stabilized cast nylon film that is said to have excellent elongation, which enables more accurate readings. Dartek C917 is said to provide the very critical performance requirements the processor needs and, as a result, Dartek C917 has become the film of choice at major tire producing operations, according to the literature. According to industry reports, Dartek C917 is said to form easily and quickly in the heated dies, conforms snugly into the grooves of the molded sample, imparts minimal strain of its own when the die is oscillated, and does not negatively influence the torque readings which provide the base-line information. Dartek C917 also is said to eliminate burn through and slippage during oscillation.

H.M. Royal
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Date:Jun 22, 2007
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