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Nye Offers Drop-In Replacements for Several Discontinued Bearing Lubricants.

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FAIRHAVEN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 3, 2001

What's a manufacturer to do when a bearing lubricant it has used for years is suddenly discontinued by the supplier? Call Nye Lubricants and ask for a replacement.

Nye now stocks replacement bearing oils and greases for Amoco Supermil A-72832, Chevron NRR (nuclear radiation-resistant) greases, Shell Dolium Grease R, Mobil 743A, and Exxon's Andok greases. In some cases, these replacement greases are original Nye formulations. In others, they are commercially available products that Nye ultra-filters and/or repackages in smaller containers for customer convenience.

In addition, Nye also recently introduced NyeBar(R) Q, a barrier film that prevents oil migration from bearings. NyeBar-Q replaces Fluorad(R) FC-722, a product 3M discontinued last year.

More specifically, Nye Instrument Grease 704C can replace Amoco Supermil Grease A-72832. Like the Supermil grease, the Nye grease carries military specification Mil-G-23827C. It offers good mechanical stability and contains extreme pressure additives, which improve load bearing capability and reduce wear. Recommended temperature range is -65(degree)C to 150(degree)C. In addition to bearings, Nye Instrument Grease 704C can be used in open gear applications as well as for instrument and general airframe lubrication. Like all ester greases, it has a tendency to adversely affect certain vulnerable plastics, paints, and elastomers. Material compatibility testing is strongly recommended.

Nye's Rheoplex NRRG-2 was formulated as a replacement for Chevron NRR greases. Rheoplex NRRG-2 is a NLGI Grade 2 grease for use in environments subject to high levels of radiation. Rheoplex NRRG-2 is made from an alkylated aromatic base oil and a non-melting thickener. While all organic matter is subject to radiolysis (radiation-induced decomposition), lubricants made from aromatic ring structures exhibit greater stability towards radiation than lubricants based on straight-chain hydrocarbons. Rheoplex NRRG-2 is fortified for long life, withstands temperatures from -30 to 175(degree)C, and is expected to resist radiation up to 1,000 Megarads.

Rheolube 374C and Rheolube 374 B are synthetic lubricants custom-formulated at Nye to replace Exxon's petroleum-based Andok greases. Rheolube 374C is a NLGI Grade 4 polyalphaolefin, lithium-complex grease that equals or exceeds the operating characteristics of Exxon's Andok C. Rheolube 374C resists water wash-out and offers improved evaporation rates, less scarring in the Four Ball Wear Test, and broader operating temperatures, from -40(degree)C to 150(degree)C. Rheolube 374B is a NLGI Grade 2 version of the grease, to replace Andok B.

Nye Experimental Oil BG010322 was custom-formulated to replace Mobil 743A, a MIS-30520 lubricating oil.

Rheolube 740S is a petroleum-based bearing grease that can replace Shell Dolium R, a grease typically used in antifriction bearings in electrical motors, generators, alternators and other high temperature applications in industrial plants. Rheolube 740S is suitable for use at -30 to 120(degree)C and under moist conditions. It guards against rust formation, resists thickening and thinning in service, and will not wash out of bearings.

NyeBar Q, an oleophobic-hydrophobic, fluorochemical coating that is functionally identical to 3M's recently discontinued Fluorad FC-722. NyeBar Q is fluoropolymer supplied in a fast-evaporating fluorosolvent. It can be used to create an antimigration barrier or a protective coating in such applications as precision bearings, small motor shafts, magnetic storage media, printed circuit boards, and electrical contacts. The film remaining after evaporation of the solvent repels hydrocarbon oils, silicone oils, synthetic fluids, and aqueous solutions. NyeBar Q films can withstand temperatures up to 200(degree)C for prolonged periods and maintain good repellent qualities.

For more information about these products or to inquire about a new lubricant, contact Nye Lubricants, 12 Howland Rd., Fairhaven, Mass. 02719. Telephone: 508-996-6721 or E-mail to

Nye Lubricants is an engineering company dedicated to formulating high quality synthetic lubricants. Its products are specified in a full range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, appliance, aviation, electronics, medical instrumentation, office automation, paperboard manufacturing, photonics, recreational equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, telecommunications, and textiles. Founded in 1844, Nye maintains regional engineering offices throughout the United States as well as a network of distributors in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America.
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Date:Jul 3, 2001
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