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Nuvilex Anticipates Enhancement of Multi-Drug Cancer Therapies by Inclusion of Encapsulated Cells.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) described today potential advantages of cell encapsulation technology for use in cancer therapies when more than one cancer-fighting drug is used. The cell encapsulation technology platform forms the basis for Nuvilex's recently acquired pancreatic cancer treatment.

Currently, many cancer chemotherapy regimens under investigation and some currently in use, rely on multiple drugs given simultaneously or in sequence (combination chemotherapy). The effectiveness of combination chemotherapy regimens may also be improved from the use of encapsulated cell technology. As previously shown in clinical trials, the inclusion of encapsulated cells allows for the use of lower drug doses for a single drug. Nuvilex is now interested in expanding cancer therapy capability to include encapsulated cells when more than one cancer-fighting agent is used.

The benefits of using the cell encapsulation technology together with a single cancer drug were clearly demonstrated in pancreatic cancer clinical trials. A major breakthrough occurred when the encapsulated cells enabled the use of lower cancer-fighting drug doses. This resulted in fewer side effects than normally occur. Most importantly, the effectiveness of the cancer-fighting drug was enhanced when used in combination with encapsulated cells, leading to improved clinical outcomes and quality of life.

Since then, improvements in cancer treatment have been demonstrated in two animal models when the cell encapsulation technology was combined with two cancer-fighting drugs. In those studies, the two drugs were both converted by the encapsulated cells increasing the overall therapeutic effect.

In commenting on the advantages of using cell encapsulation technology in combination with multiple cancer-fighting drugs, Nuvilex's President and CEO, Dr. Robert F. Ryan, stated: "The first combination chemotherapeutic regimens to fight cancer were successfully introduced in the 1960's and are now used on a regular basis. The advantages of using cell encapsulation with combination chemotherapy regimens are of great interest to us. Together, Nuvilex and SG Austria have initiated further improvements and already put them into development. We believe inclusion of encapsulated cell technology in combination chemotherapy treatments will improve the therapeutic results and increase patients' overall quality of life as a result."

Nuvilex is:

a Green Company, believing in "Good for You, Good for the Environment." We continue in our quest to carry out a paradigm shift and expand our natural product lines while making important strides in the biotechnology area. We have recently acquired a treatment for pancreatic cancer and this is being developed further that utilizes live cell encapsulation. Work has already begun for a clinical trial for treating pancreatic cancer. Other natural product, biotechnology and clinical advances are being pursued at Nuvilex and updates are coming. Our website ( has been updated with additional information including purchasing capabilities and new offerings never previously available. Even more changes are coming! Current products include Gluten-Free Cinnergen[TM], Cinnechol[TM], and Cinnsational[TM] to enhance a healthy lifestyle; Talsyn[TM] and NumaDerm[TM] for cosmetic use; Reme-Flu[TM], Legacy Biotechnologies' flu-combating regimen; Virgin[R] and Infinitink[R], heavy-metal-free tattoo inks; and additional developments are ongoing for Citroxin[TM] and Oraphyte[TM], Nuvilex's antimicrobial and antinematodal agents.

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Date:Jun 16, 2011
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