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Meet the Vita-Men

Superhero Vita-Guide explains that vitamins and nutrients are super protectors, supporters, and preventors, By meeting the VitaMen, students will discover where vitamins come from, how they help the body, and how to get the right amounts in what they eat. Each superhero has his own online trading card and represents a different vitamin, such as Vita-man A, with his X-ray eyes, who is essential for vision.

The Story of Milk

This virtual tour explains how milk gets from the cow to your kitchen table, Did you know cows eat cereal? Or that they eat 80 pounds of food a day? Visit this site if you want to discover other fun facts about milk.

Nutrition Exploration kids/main.asp

Not only will students learn about nutrition, good eating habits, and the food guide pyramid, but they can also play interactive games that help them track nutrients, make and understand good food choices, and learn to cook healthy foods.

Fast Food Calculator fastfood/noad.html

Students can calculate fat, calories, carbohydrates, and proteins for their favorite meals from national chain fast-food restaurants, Students will enjoy trying to guess the content of their meals before marking the foods they eat on this site.

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