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Nutrition textbooks. (Product Watch).

Dining With Dysphagia is anew CE nutrition publication from Becky Darner & Associates (BD&A). The book teaches the causes, types, stages, and signs of dysphagia. Also included is BD&A's "It's Tough to Swallow" manual with diet descriptions, consistency explanations, the National Dysphagia Diet, oral supplementation, and other dysphagia issues.

Other titles from BD&A include Interpreting Special Diets, which teaches how to interpret diets and physician orders and meet federal regulation, and the Liberalized Diets for Older Adults program that includes BD&A's Liberalized Diet Kit with sample policies, procedures, and diet descriptions.

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Title Annotation:Interpreting Special Diets; Liberalized Diets for Older Adults; Dining with Dysphagia
Publication:Nursing Homes
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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