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Nutrition for the needy. (Nutrition).

A food claimed to be the ultimate for the nutrition needs of the poor has made its appearance in South Africa. ePap was developed by Community Aids Response in Johannesburg who say it is a revolutionary nutritional food supplement containing the vitamins and minerals required by the body, especially for those with compromised immune systems and nutrient deficiencies. Bart Cox, co-director at the organisation, is quick to point out that ePap is no magic elixir to cure Aids, but simply a basic good bio-available nutrition. Cox says ePap is 27 times more nutritious than refined maize meal because it has added nutritional components, such as proteins, fat and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

The pre-cooked, instant and balanced porridge or shake," says Cox, "is suitable for anybody who cannot afford or does not eat a balanced meal. Eaten daily, it improves your health and boosts the immune system dramatically. Basically, the product addresses problems associated with malnutrition, underfeeding and poverty."

The idea to develop ePap began three years ago after the Community Aids Response received R3m in funding from the Elton John Foundation in the UK. Basil Kransdorff, one of the product's developers, says ePap is rather like a silver bullet approach to address the nutrient deficiencies of ordinary people.
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Title Annotation:Community AIDS Response, Johannesburg, South Africa, develops nutritional supplement called ePap
Publication:African Business
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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