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Nutrition for energy.

I am tired all the time! What can I incorporate into my diet to get more energy?

Of course, being tired may be caused by many things, including inadequate sleep or rest, lack of appropriate exercise, deficient oxygen intake, or simply unhappiness, grief, or sadness. Let's say, however, that the diet is not providing the energy that the individual desires. All of the following are desirable ways to support the body's "electrical system," providing energy and nutrition without usurping any of the body's innate resources. Among foods and supplements to incorporate into your diet are fresh live organic fruits and vegetables and their juices; organic fermented juices and cultured or soured vegetables; spirulina, chlorella, living royal jelly and bee pollen; any herbs that are flash frozen at the time they are harvested and are shelf stable in vegetable glycerin or organic alcohol; any legume, nut, seed, grass, or grain that has been sprouted and refrigerated and uncooked; cold pressed essential fatty acids; raw, fermented, organic apple cider vinegar, brown rice vinegar, and ume plum vinegar; vegetable-based cultured probiotics; and liquid ionized colloidal minerals. Any food that is alkaline will yield higher energy than that which is acidic or acid forming. Deep breathing draws fresh oxygen into the bloodstream, and this is nourishment for healthy, vibrant cellular activity. Truly, the less we put into the body, unless the body is asking for nutrition, the greater our energy. It takes a well-detoxified system to perceive the body's requirements for energy. Often, when we feel tired, we just begin throwing stuff in ourselves. This only serves to worsen the condition. Listen carefully to the body; it always tells the truth, and each of us has a different truth.

Wendy Heart Saul is a health professional, consultant, educator. Contact her at Healing with Heart, 404-636-5433 (LIFE).
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Title Annotation:Your nutrition questions: answered
Author:Saul, Wendy Heart
Publication:New Life Journal
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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