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Nutrition and Feeding of Fish.

Publication of "Nutrition and Feeding of Fish" by Tom Lovell and others has been published as an AVI imprint by Van Nostrand Reinhold, 115 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003. Some specific chapters are written by experts in the field of nutrition for the particular species involved.

Following a review of the basic concepts of feeding fishes, Lovell reviews energy requirements and sources and necessary nutrients-proteins and amino acids, vitamins, essential lipids, and minerals, along with such nonnutrient diet components as toxins and anti-metabolites, diet additives, and accidental contaminants. Also discussed is fish digestion and metabolism, measuring nutrient digestibility in fish, and the rate of metabolism (oxygen consumption) in fish. Two additional chapters address feed formulation--ingredients and processing--and the use of fish feeding experiments.

Then comes the "meat" of the book, the practical chapters on feeding of the following fishes: Channel catfish by Lovell, tilapias by Chhom Lim, salmon and trout by NMFS scientist Ronald W. Hardy, penacid shrimps by Lim and Amber Persyn, eels by Shigeru Arai, and crawfish by Edwin H. Robinson. Each of these chapters review the species' nutritional requirements, feeding practices, the various feeds available, feeding rates and methods, etc. Where appropriate, the utilization of natural feeds is discussed. Appendices list composition of fish feed ingredients and the common and scientific names of species fish involved.

This is a very practical and useful book for aquaculturists and students and would also likely be of interest to those involved in fish food formulation and in setting up studies of fish feeding experiments. Indexed, the 260-page hardbound book is available from the publisher for $46.95.
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 1989
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