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Articles from Nutrition Health Review (June 22, 2012)

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'Gender gap' may emerge earlier than expected. Brief article 184
A boxed warning about potential psychiatric and nerve effects has been added to the label for the antimalarial agent mefloquine hydrochloride. Brief article 102
A new study has shed light on the lack of data regarding the extent to which suicide mortality rates are associated with specific pain conditions. 150
A week spent camping pushes back waking times. 250
Amoxicillin and ibuprofen not good for acute bronchitis. Brief article 115
Antidiabetic drugs may increase risk of pancreatitis. Brief article 157
Bacterial protein stimulates tumor proliferation. Brief article 152
Berry beneficial. Brief article 122
Birds threatened by windows. 205
Boosting bone density with potassium citrate. Brief article 173
Breast cancer risk and antihypertensive drugs. 142
Calcium and vitamin D not linked to dementia. 216
Can Medicare survive? Interview 2577
Cardiac disease linked to a type of cognitive impairment in women. Brief article 198
Chicken coops in China spread avian flu. 211
Clarithromycin and kidney injury. 224
Common factors in cognitive decline are not the same as those in degenerative disease. Brief article 200
Consuming nuts may extend life. 257
Cull the overuse, not the people. Gibson, Rosemary 377
Diet and exercise benefit knee osteoarthritis. 161
Eating certain fruits may lower risk of type 2 diabetes. 210
Effect of delaying prescriptions for antibiotics in patients with acute respiratory tract infections. 211
Effect of glucose on willpower. Brief article 291
Effects of fructose on the brain. Brief article 204
Estrogen and androgen hormones affect men. 212
F.D.A. requests physicians to stop prescribing high-dose acetaminophen products. 320
Fluoroquinolones linked to abnormal blood glucose levels. 158
Gastric acid inhibitors linked to vitamin [B.sub.12] deficiency. Brief article 218
Gene linked to lupus might explain sex difference in risk. 360
Gonorrhea antimicrobial resistance strain found in male-male sexual relations. Brief article 142
Guidelines for treating lower back pain not always followed. 190
Is there a distincitve female brain? Brief article 167
Large waists and low exercise can lead to hearing loss. Brief article 213
Leaving the office for lunch lowers concentration. Brief article 214
Long-term complications of vasectomy. Roberts, H.J. 196
Marijuana and tobacco use associated with stillborn babies. 317
Math-related visualization develops equally in both sexes. Brief article 192
Moderate-to-severe psoriasis associated with chronic kidney disease. 213
Omega-3 fatty acids and arthritis. Brief article 149
Pelvic floor disorders affect many women. 367
People who tend to consume more red meat than the average person are at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes. Brief article 218
Perimenstrual asthma associated with more severe symptoms. 195
Psychological risks of abortion. Forsythe, Clarke D. 527
Psyllium and bentonite: internal cleansers. 436
Renal artery stenosis is not improved by stenting. 157
Sodium intake in the United States is still too high. 343
Statins and death rates in patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia. 170
Suicide may be predicted by blood marker. Brief article 231
Taking a macrolide with a statin raises risk of statin toxicity. 170
Testosterone therapy may increase risk of cardiovascular events. Brief article 182
The 'green monster' of health care. Gibson, Rosemary 479
The embattled American male. Renaurd, William, Jr. 1153
The human body in health and disease: a tale of two genders. 1306
The same genetic variations that give redheads their fiery manes and porcelain complexions appears to also promote a cancer-causing pathway, possibly pointing to an explanation as to why people with red hair tend to develop melanoma in higher numbers. 103
Tofu Shirataki. Brief article 105
Treating hypertension with certain diuretics can produce abnormalities. 153
Vegetarian diets lower mortality rates. 201
Watercress mochi pizza. Recipe 327
Why do parents decline vitamin K injection for their newborns? Brief article 182
Zolpidem becomes first drug prescribed differently for women. 355

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