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Articles from Nutraceuticals World (June 1, 2006)

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'Excellent Source' claim allowed for foods with EPA and DHA. Brief article 185
5-Loxin AKBA proven safe. 128
Advanced BioNutrition Corp. Brief article 115
American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). Brief article 136
Apple Synergic. Brief article 91
BI Nutraceuticals. Brief article 101
BioActives Corporation. Brief article 107
BioAstin increases grip strength of tennis elbow (tendonitis) suffers. 103
Calendar. 317
Carpe Diem! Seize control of your operations today and minimize the risk of litigation tomorrow. Delaney, Thomas 1984
Case study: Beta Nutrition Limited. Clough, Tom Column 802
Centrum Cardio. Brief article 99
Certified organic flavors and ingredients. 172
Clinically proven for weight loss? There is a new weight loss ingredient on the scene and its evidence base is shaky at best. Kalman, Douglas 1398
Co-beadlet technology. 80
Coating technology. 93
Companies partner to develop functional food prototypes. Brief article 144
Companies to watch: the fab five. Wright, Rebecca Editorial 4632
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Brief article 247
Consumer Reports launches Natural Medicine Ratings. Brief article 241 reviews cancer prevention supplements. 196
CORvalen improves pain and quality of life in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patients. 221
Dietary supplement GMPs to be released in December. Brief article 285
EcoNugenics. 81
Effervescent vitamin and mineral supplements. Brief article 126
Genetic and ethnic supplements. Brief article 129
GoodBody. Brief article 124
Grape powders. 109
Grapevine. 681
GRAS Associates specializes in technical consulting. Brief article 89
GRAS Palatinose. Brief article 99
Hansen, Anheuser-Busch form agreement. Brief article 120
Health attitudes of American shoppers revealed. 410
Health Canada issues warnings. Brief article 228
Hershey expands health initiatives, establishes new Center. 416
Infant yogurt fortified with MEG-3 DHA. Brief article 85
Institut Rosell. Brief article 84
It's not that simple ... or is it? Wright, Rebecca 550
Jelly beans may improve exercise performance. Brief article 138
Jost Chemical Co. Brief article 89
Kelatron Corporation: making mineral history. 717
Kerry expands North America ingredients business. Brief article 91
Life Sciences Research Office, MediRegs reach agreement. Brief article 111
Lobbying responsibly & effectively: as the dietary supplement industry continues to evolve, it must realize and acknowledge the importance of lobbying to secure its future. Mister, Steven; Greene, Mike 2059
Main Street Ingredients. Brief article 81
Making health manly: health has never been much of a focus for men, but times are certainly changing. Esposito, Christine 3575
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). Brief article 164
Natural Life pet food. Brief article 190
New BioCore products. Brief article 80
New fiber supplement. Brief article 85
New report available. Brief article 93
New sugar substitute. Brief article 105
New think bars. Brief article 193
NIH awards contract to Flora Research to study benzene contamination. 123
NIST issues quality standards for herbal products. 200
NMI reveals new LOHAS consumer segments. Brief article 170
NNFA considers name change, new mission. Brief article 101
Novel Food regulation: everything you need to know before exporting your product to Europe. Gruenwald, Joerg 877
Nut-free cold cereal. Brief article 96
Olivenol Plus. Brief article 107
Omega 3 fatty acids. Brief article 223
Omega 3 powder. Brief article 90
Omega chocolate truffles. Brief article 114
Organic spirulina. Brief article 95
Pet supplements primer: understanding the rules in the pet supplement market. Harrison, Todd; Gayeski, Michelle 990
Pharmachem expands Avoca extraction capability. Brief article 98
Phosphagenics & Nestle Nutrition sign agreement for development of Phospha E. Brief article 85
Pine bark extract prevents inflammation disorders. 162
Plant lignans inhibit growth of prostate cancer cells. 316
Proprietary calcium citrate compound. Brief article 100
Recent calcium developments. 418
Red Bull receives NSF certification. Brief article 107
Reformulated probiotic product. Brief article 98
Relief for the digestive health market: with consumers now accepting the fact that a healthy digestive system is crucial to overall well-being, the market is alive with new growth opportunities. Zboraj, Marian 4801
Relora reduces stress and anxiety. Brief article 125
Resilen-200. Brief article 126
Snack bars containing plant sterols. Brief article 189
SourceOne extends marketing agreement; Enters sub-licensing agreement. 145
Study clarifies impacts of bitter orange in supplements. Brief article 214
Study publicizes black cohosh substitution with Chinese cimicifuga. Brief article 186
The do's and don'ts of marketing: marketers fall into many traps in the quest for understanding their customers. Kitzmiller, Greg 1026
The laboratory notebook: answering important questions about quality. Green, Robert 870
Tunguska Blast. Brief article 157
University of Illinois at Chicago. Brief article 134
UroLogic effectively reduces symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence. Brief article 150
Valensa International: the botanical solutions provider. 659
Virgin Salmon Oil. Brief article 133
Wellness herb teas. 448
White teas. Brief article 116

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