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Nutraceutical Business & Technology awards 2011.

NBT Award

Environmental Excellence

Winning Entry

Sustainability Award

The Environmental Excellence Award is given to the company tha demonstrates a significant focus on corporate social responsibility and the environment. The criteria used by the judges include evidence of leadership and innovation in responsible sourcing, supply chain efficiency, carbon reduction and cultural awareness.

About Aker BioMarine

Aker BioMarine is an integrated biotechnology company dedicated to the sustainable harvesting of krill and development of krill-derived biotech products. The company supplies biomarine ingredients through an optimized value chain from raw materials to customers. Aker BioMarine's Superba Krill products are provided with 100% traceability from the Antarctic sea to the end user. Only Aker BioMarine's krill fishery has been awarded Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification.

"Sustainable harvesting of krill in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica is the core principle of Aker BioMarine's efforts, it would be impossible for us to approach it in any other manner," said Matts Johansen, Executive VP. "We are extremely proud of this award and that our commitment to sustainability and best practices is being recognized in this manner. Indeed, Aker BioMarine is the only krill supplier to earn Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification and now our customers can use the MSC ecolabel on their Superba Krill products, ensuring consumers of sustainable sourcing."

About Superba Krill Oil

SuperbaKrill Oil is a pure, natural source of the health-promoting EPA and DHA omega-3 essential fatty acids and the naturally occurring antioxidant astaxanthin. The uniqueness of SuperbaKrill Oil is that the omega-3 fatty acids are provided in phospholipid form. In vitro, in vivo and human clinical research has demonstrated the safety and efficacy of Superba Krill Oil.

Aker BioMarine utilizes its unique krill harvesting process to develop its own downstream operations within the high value added nutraceutical and aquaculture feed markets. Krill-derived products such as oil and meal have a high content of bioactive ingredients, including omega-3-bound phospholipids and astaxanthin, which have documented positive effects on both humans and animals.

Aker BioMarine has registered Superba as the company's brand name for nutraceutical applications and Qrill for its krill meal and krill aquaculture oil products. Qrill has proven benefits compared with competing products in the aquaculture market.

Following the merger with Natural in June 2007, Aker BioMarine has a wide set of capabilities within nutraceuticals (dietary supplements and functional foods) and is an experienced player in lipid applications, product development, intellectual property rights (IPR), R&D and product commercialization.


Aker BioMarine and WWF Norway co-operate in the Antartic. The responsible and sustainable management of krill, a key species in the Antarctic ecosystem, is important. Krill harvesting is regulated by CCAMLR, the treaty-based organization responsible for preserving the resources of the Antarctic.

Aker BioMarine co-operates closely with CCAMLR and WWF to protect the region's ecosystems and the environment. Eco-Harvesting, Aker BioMarine's krill harvesting technology, brings krill on board alive -- and processing begins immediately. Eco-Harvesting results in minimal environmental impact. This innovative, sustainable krill harvesting will allow future generations to reap bounteous harvests of krill for yet-to-be-developed uses of this tiny but nutrition-packed crustacean.

Aker BioMarine works with WWF to

* promote the sustainable management of marine resources in Norwegian waters and in the oceans of the world

* ensure that today's and tomorrow's harvests of krill and whiting by Aker companies are consistent with sustainable practices

* foster dialogue with experts to keep Aker's fisheries operations at the forefront of environmentally sound and sustainable performance.


Environmental Responsibility Statement

Aker BioMarine seeks the highest environmental standards in all aspects of our operations and our policy is only to operate within fisheries with sustainable harvesting regimes. Aker BioMarine aims to develop new environmentally friendly harvest technologies and utilize the valuable marine resources we harvest to the fullest of their potential. Aker BioMarine aims to innovate the fisheries we operate in, heightening the level of sustainable conduct.

NBT Award

Outstanding Application in Health Management

Winning Entry

HIDROX [R]: A Natural, Organic Product Derived from Olive Juice with Unique, Clinically Proven, Multiple Therapeutic Benefits.

This award will be presented to an individual, team or organization that has made a significant contribution to a specific area of healthcare and well-being. Submissions could cite a scientific breakthrough, a novel formulation or delivery technique, clinically proven results, regulatory approval, a new indication or route of administration in, for example, gut, cardiovascular, joint/bone, cognitive or infant health.

About the Company

CreAgri is the world leader in the discovery and development of olive polypenols and hydroxytyrosol-based applications for dietary supplements, functional foods, beverages, cosmeceuticals and other industrial formulations. CreAgri's principal product, HIDROX [R], is the result of more than 10 years of innovative scientific research and creative technological solutions. Clinically proven to be effective in the management of many age- and stress-related conditions, HIDROX [R], CreAgri's internationally renowned formulation, is the only organic, GRAS-certified, solvent-free, Halal and Kosher hydroxytyrosol-rich composition bringing the healthy benefits of the Mediterranean diet to the industry and the consumer in a highly bioavailable form.

What is HIDROX?

HIDROX [R] is the only natural, olive-derived polyphenol formulation produced with a totally environmentally compatible process from the juice of organic olives. HIDROX[R] is GRAS-certified, which means that it has been subjected to the most comprehensive set of safety tests recommended by the health authorities in the USA. It contains antioxidant polyphenols, particularly hydroxytyrosol, obtained from the juice of fresh, organically grown olives (Olea europaea). Scientific research during the past 15 years indicates that olive polyphenols help to promote joint health and cardiovascular wellness, and are being studied for their ability to support healthy colon, brain, skin and immune functions. Olive polyphenols are believed to fight the toxic effects of cell damaging free radicals.

HIDROX [R] is a proprietary food/ dietary ingredient that contains high concentrations of olive polyphenols, especially hydroxytyrosol, a potent compound with the highest level of free radical protection activity ever reported for any natural antioxidant. HIDROX [R], originally formulated by CreAgri as a blend of naturally occurring olive polyphenols, is covered by the largest number of patents for applications that include inflammatory processes, immune stimulation and antimicrobial benefits. HIDROX [R] has been successfully sold for the last 8 years on the international market for dietary supplements, skincare products, foods and beverages. Its uniquely broad range of health benefits have been clinically proven in numerous human studies all over the world.


NBT Award

Most Improved Product Safety and Quality

Winning Entry

IRB won the Nutraceutical Business and Technology Award 2011 for its entry IRB Echigena PluS [TM]--the first Echinacea angustifolia cell culture extract -- with Improved Safety and Quality. This innovation comes as a result of IRB-owned HT [TM] technology, which enables the production of the first and only biotech plant extracts to be authorized as food supplement ingredients in Europe, with a superior level of quality and safety and a dramatically reduced environmental impact.

For this award, the judges looked for evidence of investment in new technologies, processes, practices or employee training to improve product safety and/or quality. Entrants were expected to provide tangible proof that this outlay in quality assurance provided a positive financial return, compliance with known standards and/or other value-adding benefits.


Key Features of all Products Obtained by IRB Technology

* An absence of pesticides heavy metals aphlatoxins and other environmental pollutants.

* A defined standardize composition profile.

* Unlimited availability

* A huge saving of natural resources, such as water and land.

In addition to Most Improved Product Safety and Quality, IRB was also a finalist in two other NBT Award 2011 categories: Environmental Excellence and Best New Plant/Process/ Technology.

The Product

Echigena PluS [TM] is the only biotech Echinacea angustifolia extract with a defined and standardized composition profile that guarantees a batch-to-batch reproducible efficacy. Alongside its proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, a clinical test performed on endurance athletes has demonstrated that daily consumption of Echigena PluS [TM] significantly limits oxidative stress damage by reducing the plasma liperoxide levels by more than 30% after a 30 day treatment. According to Regulation (EC) 258/97 on novel foods and novel food ingredients, the Commission for Nutrition and Dietetics has recognized the "substantial equivalence" of the extracts from plant cell cultures compared with the commercially available and traditional extracts from plants, following an evaluation of the results of a metabolomic phytochemical analysis.

The Problem

Plants have always been the main source of medicinal ingredients; even today, nutritional and health sectors use a myriad of active ingredients and products of botanical origin. However, despite a number of agricultural and Y technological improvements in plant cultivation And product manufacturing procedures, the AS required safety, availability and purity standards of natural ingredients cannot be totally guaranteed owing to the nature of the traditional production process itself.

HTN Technology

The HTN [TM] (High Tech Nature) process physiologically orientates the production of specific substances, such as phenylpropanoids, which are involved in the defensive responses of the plant against environmental, physical and biological stress. It is an alternative to producing food metabolites (such as plant extracts) and holds a number of advantages compared with open field plant cultivation. An essential issue is the overall ecosustainability of this process: the technology can reduce water consumption and soil occupation to make them available for food crops and avoid the presence of environmental contaminants, such as herbicides and heavy metals. In addition, as a result of the simple composition and high metabolite content of the plant biomass, relatively simple extraction procedures can be used to reduce the use of organic solvents with a high environmental impact. These benefits have been recognized in IRB's winning of the 2011 Italian Business Award for the Environment.

By avoiding obstacles such as the plant's natural biological cycle and the desired material's seasonality, HTN [TM] technology guarantees continual high availability of the constituents without quantitative limits or price variations. The degradation of active ingredients, which usually occurs during storage, is also greatly reduced as extraction is performed immediately after the fermentation cycle, causing minimal loss of the desired substances. Therefore, the final result is the production of plant extracts in a rapid and flexible manner, without limitations on quantity and with a greatly improved safety profile and a highly standardized composition. The technology, finely tuned by IRB, offers the potentially unlimited availability of natural ingredients that may be rare but highly active substances to be used as nutritional supplements with truly significant benefits for both environmental and human wellness.

IRB's Mission

Using its exclusive and ecosustainable biotechnological processes, IRB's mission is to research, produce and ensure the availability of plant active ingredients with excellent quality standards for dermocosmetic, nutritional, animal feed and pharmaceutical use.

NBT Award

Best New Finished Product

Winning Entry

Ingredia Nutritional won the NBT Award 2011 for Best New Finished Product for their entry Refuel & Repair: 30 g Proteins in a 250 mL Sports Recovery Drink to Combine Pleasure, Convenience and Efficacy All at Once.

This award was presented to an individual, team or organization that had made a significant contribution to a specific area of healthcare and well-being. Submissions could cite a scientific breakthrough, a novel formulation or delivery technique, clinically proven results, regulatory approval, a new indication or route of administration in, for example, gut, cardiovascular, joint/bone, cognitive or infant health.



About Ingredia Nutritional

Ingredia Nutritional specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of natural, premium, innovative nutritional ingredients and solutions with scientifically proven effectiveness. Ingredia Nutritional ingredients are intended for use in the nutrition and health industries and are designed to be included in the composition of products contributing to the maintenance of health. Our goal is to provide customers with ingredients that ensure the success of their future products.

Corporate Description

Ingredia Nutritional is a division of the international food ingredients group, Ingredia, and is dedicated to the nutrition and health markets. Its team focuses on developing, manufacturing and delivering innovative ingredients with scientifically proven efficacies that anticipate market trends.

Major Products

The Unique Bio Actives range features ingredients -- most of which are patented and benefit from health claim authorizations that comply with the new regulations -- with proven efficacy in clinical and/or in vitro studies. These ingredients can readily be used in dietary supplements and/or be incorporated into food and beverage recipes to provide a guaranteed health benefit. This range includes major innovations with a clinically proven efficacy: Lactium [R] is a natural stress moderator; Starchlite [R] helps to lower the glycaemic index of starchy foods; Carblite [TM] aids weight body measurement reduction and Cranmax [R] assists in reducing the occurrence of urinary tract infections.

Ingredia Nutritional also offers specialty nutritional solutions -- mainly premium native milk protein isolates or hydrolysates -- to the clinical, infant, sports and dietetic nutrition industries. Owing to its reliable manufacturing processes and expert know-how, Ingredia Nutritional can also offer customized solutions that combine a broad range of technological and nutritional functionalities to suit a variety of applications, such as beverages, bars, powders and son on.

Customer Service

Ingredia Nutritional is more than a supplier of revolutionary nutritional ingredients. We offer real, ready-to-use, innovative nutritional solutions through strong partnerships with our clients and continuous support throughout end-product development.

NBT Award

Most Effective Strategic

Product Development

Winning Entry


Entries for this award had to demonstrate the implementation of a project at the front end of the innovation process that incorporated new product strategy, market analysis, opportunity identification and the alignment of technology and research to overcome development challenges and respond to market needs. Entries also provided evidence of the identification and commercialization of technologies that addressed emerging trends and new product requirements.

Gnosis won the Nutraceutical Business and Technology Award 2011 for Most Effective Strategic Product Development for the unique and superior folate derivative Quatrefolic [R].

Quatrefolic [R] is a new generation of folate derivative and a new option to the older generation 5-methyltetrahydrofolate calcium salt, up to now the only derivative of folate able to penetrate the body cells without being metabolized.

Made up of glucosamine salt of (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, the new product offers the following benefits to formulators and consumers:

* Manufactured under cGMP

* Greater bioavailability than the 5-methytetrahydrofolate calcium salt form

* Able to penetrate cells without being metabolized

* Greater solubility to facilitate improved formulating flexibility

* Greater stability to facilitate improved formulating flexibility

* Ability to formulate in combination with vitamins and minerals

* Proprietary (patents granted)

* Trademark registered

The product is patented and has achieved GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status for use in conventional and medical foods. In 2010, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also recognized Quatrefolic [R] as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI).

Regulatory applications have been filed in several countries and the safety dossier has been submitted to the European Community for Novel Food Approval; before long the product could be requested by medical professionals to recommend to patients as a Novel Food.

Upon receiving the award Paolo Malesani, Commercial Director of Gnosis, remarked that: "We are very honoured to receive this award that reinforces our belief that Quatrefolic, the 4th generation of folate, will represent a real award for the final consumer."

About Gnosis

Primarily focused on natural ingredients and API's production and commercialization, Gnosis is a biotechnology company, established in 1989, specializes in the manufacturing and sales of fermentation raw materials and natural finished products used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, veterinary and agricultural industries. Successfully integrating consumer needs with R&D and GMP manufacturing enables the company to constantly work to develop and introduce ground breaking and market leading products to our customers.

With a leading position in innovative processes in the selection and isolation of microorganisms and the production of free as well as immobilized enzymes, Gnosis offers tailor made industrial manufacturing of intermediates and active ingredients.


Closely connected to the scientific community of universities and clinical centres Gnosis experts are constantly engaged in the support and defining of health claims of products that are likely to sustain effectiveness and safety through clinical studies.

Gnosis Group includes a European manufacturing network comprising three operating divisions and two commercial operations located in Italy and in North America. Gnosis has integrated the value chain, from the development to the commercialization of its products, by combining outstanding R&D with advanced manufacturing capabilities.

NBT Award

Most Effective Marketing Campaign

Winning Entry

Croda won the NBT 2011 Award for most effective marketing campaign for their entry: PureMax [TM] as the industry leading omega 3 brand.

Submissions catalogued the aims of the campaign or communication, how it linked to the brand's wider commercial strategy and indicate to what extent each target was achieved. The judges looked for product and service promotions targeting the healthcare industry and/or the general public. They also expected innovation, effective execution or interpretation and creative flair.


Omega-3 industry leader Croda was honoured to accept the award for Most Effective Marketing Campaign at the NBT Awards held at Vitafoods, Geneva on 11 May. A panel of judges evaluated Croda's PureMax [TM] nomination against criteria such as market penetration, innovation and creative flair when deciding on the winner.

According to Kevin Robinson, head judging panel and editor of NBT, the nomination was viewed as "a great entry", with Croda developing an innovative and progressive marketing campaign that took advantage of both traditional and newer channels using a multimedia approach to make a real impact. With excellent tools for supply chain partners and a unique, family friendly message, the nomination was a worthy winner."

Laura Kelly, Marketing Manager at Croda, explains more about the winning marketing campaign. "A key objective of Croda's nutritional business is to develop its consumer brand PureMax [TM] to be the leading quality omega-3 brand. To support our customers who are promoting PureMax [TM] on their omega-3 nutritional supplement packs, Croda invested in a PureMax [TM] communication campaign in 2010. Croda created an animated video that would educate families with young children about the importance of including omega-3 fish oils as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. The objective of the animation was to create consumer pull-through by generating awareness about the benefits of omega-3, while urging consumers to seek out available products containing Croda's fish oils that are listed on the consumer website


Croda looked to generate a script, focusing on a humanised bird character named "Percy Puffin" who interacts with a family and explains how PureMax[TM] omega-3 fish oils contribute to a healthy diet. The puffin was chosen as the leading character as he already enjoyed a diet of oily fish and could be a true advocate of the health benefits it offered. Laura Kelly concluded: "Percy Puffin is leading the way in innovative co-branded advertising. He is an icon for the PureMax [TM] brand and resonates well with our customer base, who are keen to adopt him as part of their own marketing campaigns."

About the PureMax [TM] Brand

For the end consumer PureMax [TM] is a seal of quality, guaranteeing confidence in their nutritional purchase. Croda and its customers are proud of the unique benefits that the PureMax [TM] process delivers, hence the appearance of the PureMax [TM] quality seal on over 40 omega-3 end product packs around the world. has been launched as a fun and informative consumer website. The site aims to educate consumers about the benefits of omega-3 and also showcases our PureMax [TM] partners' products.

About Croda

Croda is a global leader in speciality chemicals sold to a wide range of industries. The Croda Health Care division provides high quality ingredients for nutritional and pharmaceutical markets, with particular expertise in speciality lipids. High investment in GMP, API technologies and R&D ensures Croda is well positioned for the continual delivery of exceptional ingredients.

Croda manufactures the industry leading Incromega [TM] range, omega-3 marine oil concentrates that offer enhanced potency, purity and efficacy for specific conditions. The lipids are concentrated and purified to pharmaceutical grade requirements using proprietary PureMax [TM] technology in order to selectively concentrate the key fatty acid actives, EPA and DHA.

Contact details

Aker BioMarine ASA

Fjordalleen 16, PO Box 1423 Vika, 0115 Oslo


T: +47 24 13 00 00

F: +47 24 13 01 10

USA Subsidiary

Aker BioMarine Antarctic US


T: +1 206 855 6736

Contact Details

CreAgri, Inc.

25565 Whitesell Street

Hayward, California 94545,


T. +1 510 732 6478

Contact Details

Rancesca Melandri

Product development, IRB

T. +39 0444 371463

Ingredia SA

51-53 Avenue F. Lobbedez B.P. 60946

62033 Arras Cedex France.

* T. +33 3 2123 8000



* No. of Employees: 400

* Year Founded: 1991

Contact Details

Gnosis S.P.A.

Via Lavoratori Autobianchi, 1

20033 Desio (MB), Italy.

T. +39 0362 48 841

Contact Details

Croda Health Care

Laura Kelly, Marketing Manager

T. +44 1405 860 551,
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