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Nursing students respond to national disaster.

As nurses across the country respond to recent national disasters, nursing students also demonstrate awareness and urgency to respond. Montana State University (MSU)-Bozeman College of Nursing, Great Falls Campus, Montana Student Nurses Association (MSNA) students organized a community garage sale. The $350 proceeds were donated to American Red Cross and a special fund of National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) called the "Hurricane Nursing School/Student Relief Fund. "The fund is intended to reestablish nursing labs and libraries and to help nursing students that were affected by the storm. Unsold items were delivered to the Children's Receiving Home, the Women's Transition Center, the AAUW book sale, and Goodwill. MSU junior, Kara Bakke said, "It is great that we were able to both raise money for hurricane relief and help others within our community." Senior students Anna McDonnell and Amy Kaufman stopped by to buy clothing for Transition Center clients that they noted had scarce stock of job interview apparel.

In classroom and hallway discussions, students applied concepts from acute and emergency care courses, legal-ethical; emergency preparedness; and epidemiology to the national news. One-half of the Great Falls seniors, in their final semester of courses, responded to the disasters by participating in disaster training with the American Red Cross. At a time of their lives when they are focused on school and graduation, they made the commitment to be prepared for local and national disaster response.
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Date:Oct 1, 2005
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