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Articles from Nursing Homes (July 1, 2003)

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A breath of hope for private LTC insurance. (News Notes). Edwards, Douglas J. Brief Article 289
A collaborative approach to facility reorganization: sophisticated business concepts and no-nonsense application of them are upgrading this once-troubled facility. (A 2002 Optima Award Entry). Cates, Gary M. 3752
A modest proposal. Peck, Richard L. Editorial 653
A positioning Wedge that stays in place. (LTCM ALL). 93
A talk with presidential candidate Howard Dean. (View on Washington). Stoil, Michael J. Interview 1184
Accreditation resource. (Product Watch). 94
Adult Disposable Briefs. (Product Watch). 150
Air purification system. (Product Watch). 169
Air purifier. (Product Watch). 210
Assisted living services. (Product Watch). Brief Article 139
Avoiding the pitfalls in purchasing SNFs: some daunting challenges for nursing homes have made this a buyer's market but a poorly crafted purchase agreement can only add to the difficulties. Callahan, John M. 1433
Bariatric incontinence protection. (Product Watch). 90
Basinless bathing products. (Product Watch). 121
Bed assist handle. (Product Watch). 176
Book for nurse managers. (Product Watch). Book Review 133
Bookkeeping text for nonprofits. (Product Watch). Book Review 128
Building green pays off: not all rewards for protecting the environment are ecological--some are financial. Moldow, Leslie 2915
Caregivers' Poetry guide. (Product Watch). Book Review 154
Carpet cleaner for smaller jobs. (Product Watch). 150
Casegoods. (Product Watch). 80
Ceiling Tiles. (Product Watch). 146
Clinical Geriatrics guide. (Product Watch). Book Review 177
CNA training videos. (Product Watch). 155
Collagen Wound Care. (Product Watch). 92
Colorful carpet. (Product Watch). 210
Combination flooring options. (Product Watch). 149
Commercial cleaning products. (Product Watch). 121
Commercial vacuums. (Product Watch). 248
Complete cleaning system. (Product Watch). 166
Computerized time clock. (Product Watch). 97
Contemporary recliner. (Product Watch). 134
Cove Base. (Product Watch). 97
Customized ring binders. (Product Watch). 108
Deluxe wheelchair cushion. (Product Watch). 86
Don't be scared off from receivables-based financing: recent negative headlines shouldn't deter you from using this valuable capital resource. Coffey, Patrick L. 1315
Don't forget the kitchen! Is food service too important to outsource? O'Connor, Denis 1066
Drain site pest control. (Product Watch). 202
Dry steam cleaning equipment. (Product Watch). 90
Durable medical equipment. Directory 3437
Educational video for families. (Product Watch). Audiovisual Review 180
Embossing System. (Product Watch). 115
Environmentally friendly doors. (Product Watch). 98
Environmentally friendly wall protection. (Product Watch). 81
Epoxy Terrazzo Floors. (Product Watch). 124
Equipment/supplies. Directory 2488
Exit sign. (Product Watch). 86
Exterior latex paint. (Product Watch). 111
Fabric treatment. (Product Watch). 84
Fingerprint Door Locks. (Product Watch). 161
Flexible Thumb Splint. (Product Watch). 161
Floor-coating systems. (Product Watch). 118
Foam composite dressing. (Product Watch). 138
Fold-down wall rail. (Product Watch). 120
Food service supplies. (Buyers Guide). Directory 3656
Footway solutions. (Product Watch). 155
Furniture. (Buyers Guide). Directory 3376
Game table. (Product Watch). 87
Guide to communicating with seniors. (Product Watch). Book Review 203
Hand sanitization. (Product Watch). 89
Handheld phototherapy device. (Product Watch). 101
Hands-free waste receptacle. (Product Watch). 147
Healthcare product wheels and accessories. (Product Watch). 116
Here come the rehab therapy caps: wherein the intrepid editor asks CMS to help him decipher the new rules. Peck, Richard L. 823
High-efficiency washers. (Product Watch). 147
HIPAA reference software. (Product Watch). 133
Home healthcare. (Buyers Guide). Brief Article 235
Incontinence care. (Product Watch). 105
Indoor Air Quality Guide. (Product Watch). 84
Infection control. (Buyers Guide). Directory 1191
Information technology. (Buyers Guide). Directory 9424
Innovative heel support. (LTCM ALL). 95
Keyless Medication Carts. (Product Watch). 81
Laundry equipment/supplies. (Buyers Guide). Directory 1016
Letter to the editor. Letter to the Editor 1318
Mobile Charting Unit. (Product Watch). 103
New carpet designs. (Product Watch). 237
New Linoleum color palette. (Product Watch). 117
No-rinse Hand Sanitizer. (Product Watch). 88
Nontoxic disinfectant cleaner. (Product Watch). 123
Nutrition textbooks. (Product Watch). Book Review 100
One-way e-mail software. (Product Watch). 144
Organizational Ethics book. (Product Watch). Book Review 155
Outdoor furniture. (Product Watch). 81
Paper towel selection. (Product Watch). 136
Pedestal lavatories. (Product Watch). 116
Pharmaceutical supplies/delivery. (Buyers Guide). Directory 1280
Plate/bowl combination. (Product Watch). 96
PPS resources. (Product Watch). 145
Pressure-relief mattress. (Product Watch). 160
Pressure-wound management program. (Product Watch). 108
Raised toilet seat with movable armrests. (Product Watch). 83
Recreational therapy guideline for residents with Dementia. (Product Watch). 93
Redesigned Humidifier. (Product Watch). 149
Reflective roof. (Product Watch). 115
Renewable mattress. (Product Watch). 108
Report finds great need for adult day centers. (News Notes). Edwards, Douglas J. Brief Article 189
Resident care equipment/supplies. (Buyers Guide). Directory 5454
Resident transportation. (Product Watch). 162
Resilient flooring. (Product Watch). 164
Resources on government programs. (Product Watch). 265
Room and bedside lighting. (Product Watch). 162
Safety & Security Systems/Equipment. (Buyers Guide). Directory 4629
Safety flooring. (Product Watch). 130
Services. (Buyers Guide). Directory 5562
Skin Sanitizer gel. (Product Watch). 86
Spot cleaning. (Product Watch). 123
Staff personal storage. (Product Watch). 153
Staff-scheduling software. (Product Watch). 112
Static-Control Blocks. (Product Watch). 174
Suction Holder. (Product Watch). 81
Surface Sanitizer Wipes. (Product Watch). 159
Suspension device training program. (Product Watch). 123
Underseat wheelchair monitors. (Product Watch). 92
Upgraded DON Web site. (Product Watch). Brief Article 137
Versatile bus. (Product Watch). 167
Vinyl safety flooring. (Product Watch). 99
Walk-Behind floor scrubbers. (Product Watch). 145
Wall base. (Product Watch). 154
Wall Street worries, but CMS offers help. (News Notes). Edwards, Douglas J. 362
Warming unit. (Product Watch). 182
Washer-extractors. (Product Watch). 177
Web Directory. Directory 2206
Wheelchair Scales. (Product Watch). 151
Wheelchair washer. (Product Watch). 81
Wound Dressing Cart. (Product Watch). 105
Wound management tool. (Product Watch). 122

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