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Nurses week recap.

Nurses Week at Camp Bucca

The WNA Board of Directors provided a "Nurses Week Celebration Kit" to a group of Intensive Care Nurses stationed at Camp Bucca in Iraq. The kit was a luau theme, per their request, that included table coverings and plate-ware, wall decorations, cake mix and frosting and, of course, leis. Other gifts provided included WNA's centennial calendars and back issues of NursingMatters. We received pictures of the Nurses Week Luau and a certificate of appreciation from the officers.




Governor Proclamation

WNA was the recipient of Governor Doyle's Nurses Week Proclamation which was given on May 5 at a press conference in Madison by the Secretary of Regulation and Licensing, Celia Jackson. Secretary Jackson presented the proclamation at the press conference to Joan Jacobsen, WNA Vice President. The event included remarks by Joan along with representatives from the Public Health Department. Secretary Jackson recognized the work of the Public Health Nurses which was most appropriate given that the state was in the midst of the H1N1 pandemic.

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