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A Novel Algorithm of Joint Probability Data Association Based on Loss Function. Jiao, Hao; Liu, Yunxue; Yu, Hui; Li, Ke; Long, Feiyuan; Cui, Yingjie Report Jul 1, 2021 5569
Effect of characteristic scale on the extrudate swelling behavior of polypropylene melt in a micro-extrusion process. Liu, Kui; Wang, Minjie; Li, Hongxia; Zhao, Danyang; Jin, Yifei Report Jun 1, 2021 9488
BER Analysis For 2*2 Mimo High-Efficiency DCSK System. Quyen, Nguyen Xuan Report Jun 1, 2021 3404
Appreciating functional programming: A beginner's tutorial to HASKELL illustrated with applications in numerical methods. Lim, Chu Wei; Ho, Weng Kin Report Jun 1, 2021 9279
Hucknall firm playing a key part in new manufacturing techniques; Leading international thermoformer TEQ - which has a UK base at Hucknall - is benefiting from using cutting-edge computer simulation techniques to boost packaging functionality and sustainability. John Smith May 14, 2021 153
Improved die assembly for gas-assisted sheet extrusion using different up and down gas layer thicknesses. Jiang, Shiyu; Liu, Hesheng; Huang, Xingyuan; Yu, Zhong; Wang, Ruizhe; Shangguan, Yuanshuo Report May 1, 2021 6717
Random Number Generator and Secure Communication Applications Based on Infinitely Many Coexisting Chaotic Attractors. Noor, Abdullah; Taskiran, Zehra Gulru Cam Report May 1, 2021 4074
Influence of metal roadway supports on transient electromagnetic detection in mines/Influencia de los soportes metalicos en la calzada para la detection de electromagnetismo transitorio en minas. Yaoning, Liu; Shucai, Liu; Maofei, Li; Xinming, Liu; Weihong, Guo Mar 1, 2021 3290
Seismic Retrofitting of Irregular Pre-80s Low-rise Conventional RC Building Structures. Han, A.L.; Utomo, J.; Hu, H.T.; Lestari, L.T. Mar 1, 2021 5920
Seismic Performance of a Three-Story Reinforced Concrete Building with Masonry Infill Walls and Friction Base Support. Pudjisuryadi, P.; Prayogo, V.S.; Oetomo, S.I.; Lumantarna, B. Mar 1, 2021 3524
On the Numerical Simulation of Time-Space Fractional Coupled Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations Utilizing Wendland's Compactly Supported Function Collocation Method. Karaman, Bahar Jan 1, 2021 4985
Solving Nonlinear PDEs Using the Higher Order Haar Wavelet Method on Nonuniform and Adaptive Grids. Ratas, Mart; Salupere, Andrus; Majak, Juri Jan 1, 2021 7896
Influence of Imperfections on Behaviour of Thin-walled Steel-concrete Composite Columns. Martinavicius, Deividas; Augonis, Mindaugas Jan 1, 2021 4572
Sensitivity of the Coefficients of the Closure Model of the Interfacial Transfer in Bubble Columns. Ayed, Hamdi; Mouldi, Abir; Khedher, Khaled Jan 1, 2021 4821
Dynamic Stability of Arches Impacted by Rigid Body. Qin, Kai; Li, Jingyuan; Liu, Mengsha; Ju, Jinsan Report Jan 1, 2021 5989
Computational evaluation of inferior vena cava filters through computational fluid dynamics methods. Rajan, Anand; Makary, Mina S.; Martyn, Thomas D.; Dowell, Joshua D. Report Jan 1, 2021 4408
Convex and Concave Hypersoft Sets with Some Properties. Ur Rahman, Atiqe; Saeed, Muhammad; Smarandache, Florentin Dec 30, 2020 5113
About a function that allows calculation of all symmetric homogeneous bivariate means. Abel, Mart; Marmor, Raido Dec 1, 2020 3927
Numerical Taxonomic Analysis on Some Lepidium L. taxa (Brassicaceae) from Turkey. Bona, Mehmet Dec 1, 2020 4601
Submillimeter features on injected acrylonitrile butadiene styrene parts: Visualization of the flow and numerical simulation. Brulez, Anne-Catherine; Boschard, Cedric; Larochette, Mathieu; Benayoun, Stephane Report Dec 1, 2020 8688
Controlling Chaos in a Food Chain Model through Threshold Harvesting. Khan, Mohammad Ali; Ghosh, Joydev; Sahoo, Banshidhar Dec 1, 2020 2028
Geological evolution process, mechanism, and application of protective layer in semi-coal and rock face. /Proceso de evolucion geologica, mecanismo y aplicacion de capa de proteccion en mineria de semicarbon y en pared de roca. Xie, Xiaoping; Fang, Xinqiu; Liang, Minfu; Ai, Dechun Report Dec 1, 2020 4886
The characteristics of unconventional tight oil reservoir and its modification technology and productivity prediction /Registro de enterramiento de carbones del Carbonifero-Permico y su impacto en la generacion secundaria de hidrocarburos en la subcuenca de Jiyang, China. Fan, Yang; Lifeng, Liu; Qiquan, Ran; Jinping, Kong; Mengya, Xu; Jiaxin, Dong Dec 1, 2020 3437
Evaluation of the porosity and permeability of oil shale during in-situ conversion process through numerical simulation and mathematical modeling. Zafar, Atif; Su, Yuliang; Wang, Wendong; Kashif, Muhammad; Mehmood, Asif; Alam, Syed Ghufran Dec 1, 2020 4505
3-D CFD simulation of oil shale drying in fluidized bed and experimental verification. Dong, Ruiting; Xia, Liangzhi; Wang, Haonan; Jiao, Dongsheng Dec 1, 2020 5565
On the Nonlinear Impulsive [psi]--Hilfer Fractional Differential Equations. Kucche, Kishor D.; Kharade, Jyoti P.; Sousa, J. Vanterler Da C. Dec 1, 2020 6062
Erosion Mechanism and Sensitivity Parameter Analysis of an Innovative Shaped Curved Pipeline. Mo, Li; Wang, Zhiyuan; Feng, Shulu; Du, Jiadai; Yi, Hao; Tang, Jiahui Report Nov 1, 2020 4103
Influence of Satellite Motion Control System Parameters on Performance of Space Debris Capturing. Akhloumadi, Mahdi; Ivanov, Danil Report Nov 1, 2020 6442
Viscoelastic characterization of high-density polyethylene membranes under the combined effect of the temperature and the gravity for thermoforming applications. Aoun, N. Ben; Erchiqui, F.; Mrad, H.; Dituba-Ngoma, G.; Godard, F. Report Nov 1, 2020 4943
Numerical Simulation of Multi-Span Greenhouse Structures. Fernandez-Garcia, Maria S.; Vidal-Lopez, Pablo; Rodriguez-Robles, Desiree; Villar-Garcia, Jose R.; A Nov 1, 2020 14121
Establishment of upper respiratory tract model of patients with obstructive sleep apnoea hypopnoea syndrome before and after surgical treatment and its hydrodynamics analysis. Jin Junjie; Tang Zhonghua; Zhao Fan; Li Ying Report Oct 31, 2020 3588
Evaluation of variable permeability model in simulation of seismic behavior of uniform level and gently sloping sand layers. Ghassemi, A.; Seyfi, S.; Shahir, H. Sep 1, 2020 6145
Numerical simulation of gas-assisted polymer-melt electrospinning: Parametric study of a multinozzle system for mass production. Kwon, Youbin; Yoon, Jihyun; Jeon, Seung-Yeol; Cho, Daehwan; Lee, Kwangjin; Ahn, SeungHyun; Yu, Woong Report Sep 1, 2020 4811
A novel methodology for evaluating wear behavior of rubber composites under combination of sliding and rolling conditions. Wu, Yanping; Dong, Jia; Sun, Congzhi; Li, Jinlong; Chen, Jianmin Sep 1, 2020 5272
Numerical Simulation of the Anti-Icing Performance of Electric Heaters for Icing on the NACA 0012 Airfoil. Uranai, Sho; Fukudome, Koji; Mamori, Hiroya; Fukushima, Naoya; Yamamoto, Makoto Report Sep 1, 2020 6075
Robust [H.sub.[infinity]] Control of STMDs Used in Structural Systems by Hardware in the Loop Simulation Method. Aggumus, Huseyin; Guclu, Rahmi Sep 1, 2020 7945
A Critical Analysis of Flow-Compensated Hydrostatic Single Rod Actuators: Simulation Study. Costa, Gustavo Koury; Sepehri, Nariman Sep 1, 2020 9066
Development of a Piezoelectric Actuator for Separation and Purification of Biological Microparticles. Ostasevicius, Vytautas; Jurenas, Vytautas; Gaidys, Rimvydas; Golinka, Ievgeniia; Kizauskiene, Laura; Report Sep 1, 2020 5099
Aerodynamic Drag Reduction and Optimization of MIRA Model Based on Plasma Actuator. Lai, Chenguang; Hu, Hang Fu Bo; Ling, Zhiwei; Jiang, Li Report Sep 1, 2020 6111
Static Characteristics of a Tilting Five-Pad Journal Bearing with an Asymmetric Geometry. Dang, Phuoc Vinh; Chatterton, Steven; Pennacchi, Paolo Sep 1, 2020 7446
Sheep in Species-Rich Temperate Grassland: Combining Behavioral Observations with Vegetation Characterization. Hall, Stephen J.G.; Bunce, Robert G.H.; Arney, David R.; Vollmer, Elis Report Sep 1, 2020 6654
Numerical Simulation and Validation for Early Core Degradation Phase under Severe Accidents. Zhan, Dekui; Zhao, Xinhai; Xia, Shaoxiong; Chen, Peng; Chen, Huandong Aug 31, 2020 7342
Transmission Dynamics of Fractional Order Brucellosis Model Using Caputo-Fabrizio Operator. Peter, Olumuyiwa James Aug 31, 2020 4299
Study on Coordination and Optimization of Contract Farming Supply Chain Based on Uncertain Conditions. Liu, Xinquan; Shen, Xiaojing; You, Ming Report Aug 31, 2020 5141
The Theory and Demonstration of the Solid-Fluid Transformation of Ice Water. Wang, Yong-Yan; Fan, Xi-Yan; Qin, Nan; Li, Jian-Guang; Su, Chuan-Qi Aug 31, 2020 3346
Analysis of Cholera Epidemic Controlling Using Mathematical Modeling. Hntsa, Kinfe Hailemariam; Kahsay, Berhe Nerea Aug 31, 2020 6056
Improved Error Reduction and Hybrid Input Output Algorithms for Phase Retrieval by including a Sparse Dictionary Learning-Based Inpainting Method. Su, Jian-Jia; Tien, Chung-Hao Aug 31, 2020 6552
Triggering Mechanism of an Extreme Rainstorm Process near the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, an Arid Region in China, Based on a Numerical Simulation. Zeng, Yong; Yang, Lianmei Aug 31, 2020 6408
Flight Stability of Canard-Guided Dual-Spin Projectiles with Angular Rate Loops. Zheng, Qiushi; Zhou, Zhiming Aug 31, 2020 4221
Guardian Map Approach to Feasible Range of Static Stability Margin of Hypersonic Flight Vehicles with Input Saturation. Lei, Hao; Chen, Boyi; Liu, Yanbin; Lu, Yuping Aug 31, 2020 5746
Active Vibration Control of PID Based on Receptance Method. Lijuan, Peng; Jian, Wang; Guicheng, Yu; Zuoxue, Wang; Aijun, Yin; Hongji, Ren Aug 31, 2020 4752
Traffic Flow Modeling of Freeway Variable Speed Limit Control Based on the Big Data of Driving Behavior. Qu, Xu; Li, Linheng; Yi, Ziwei; Mao, Peipei; Yang, Mofeng Aug 31, 2020 6728
Global Stability for a Semidiscrete Logistic System with Feedback Control. Xu, Li; Lou, Shanshan; Han, Ruiwen Aug 31, 2020 3661
Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Control Strategy for a Discrete Time Drug Consumption Model. Labzai, Abderrahim; Kouidere, Abdelfatah; Khajji, Bouchaib; Balatif, Omar; Rachik, Mostafa Aug 31, 2020 5667
Bifurcation and Chaos of a Discrete-Time Population Model. Feng, Guo; Xinghao, Song Aug 31, 2020 3461
Existence of Periodic Solutions of Seasonally Forced SEIR Models with Pulse Vaccination. Wang, Lin Aug 31, 2020 5900
Fractional-Order Hidden Attractor Based on the Extended Liu System. Wang, Yaoyu; Liu, Ling; Cai, Xinshan; Liu, Chongxin; Wang, Yan; Zheng, Guangchao Report Aug 31, 2020 7128
Numerical Investigation of Fracture Network Formation under Multiple Wells. Men, Xiaoxi; Li, Jiren Report Aug 31, 2020 5670
Numerical Study of Rock Fragmentation Process and Acoustic Emission by FDEM Based on Heterogeneous Model. Liu, Qi; Deng, Penghai Report Aug 31, 2020 5771
Real-Time Hovering Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Lua, Cuauhtemoc Acosta; Garcia, Claudia Carolina Vaca; Di Gennaro, Stefano; Castillo-Toledo, B.; Mor Report Aug 31, 2020 3558
Elastic Web Buckling Stress and Ultimate Strength of H-Section Beams Dominated by Web Buckling. Ma, Jiaxing; Wang, Tao; Wang, Yinhui; Ikarashi, Kikuo Report Aug 31, 2020 11873
Numerical Analysis of Temperature Influence on Transverse Cracks in Concrete Box-Girder Bridges. Xu, Hanzheng; Yan, Xiaofeng Report Aug 31, 2020 5472
A Graphical-Based Mathematical Model for Simulating Excitability in a Single Cardiac Cell. Sabzpoushan, S.H.; Ghajarjazy, A. Report Aug 31, 2020 7536
Linear Regression Estimation Methods for Inferring Standard Values of Snow Load in Small Sample Situations. Wang, Xudong; Yao, Jitao Report Aug 31, 2020 6564
Simultaneity of Synchronization and Antisynchronization in a Class of Chaotic Systems. Liu, Zhi; Guo, Rongwei; Qi, Yi; Jiang, Cuimei Report Aug 31, 2020 4303
Model Test and Numerical Simulation of the Mudcake Thickness Effect on the Bearing Capacity of Vertically Loaded Single Piles. Zhang, Ziguang; Cui, Jian; Ma, Maoyan; Xi, Peisheng Report Aug 31, 2020 4825
On the Cryptanalysis of a Bit-Level Image Chaotic Encryption Algorithm. Hu, Yingchun; Yu, Simin; Zhang, Zeqing Report Aug 31, 2020 7027
Synchronization of Time Delay Coupled Neural Networks Based on Impulsive Control. Fang, Jie; Zhang, Yin; Xu, Danying; Sun, Junwei Report Aug 31, 2020 3143
Fixed-Time Flocking and Collision Avoidance Problem of a Cucker-Smale Model. Nie, Fen; Duan, Xiaojun Report Aug 31, 2020 4127
Analysis of Radial Force and Vibration Energy in a Centrifugal Pump. Cui, Baoling; Li, Jiacheng; Zhang, Chenliang; Zhang, Yingbin Report Aug 31, 2020 5353
Fractional Hadamard and Fejer-Hadamard Inequalities Associated with Exponentially (s, m)-Convex Functions. Guo, Shuya; Chu, Yu-Ming; Farid, Ghulam; Mehmood, Sajid; Nazeer, Waqas Aug 31, 2020 4523
Mathematical Modeling, Analysis, and Optimal Control of Corruption Dynamics. Alemneh, Haileyesus Tessema Aug 31, 2020 5523
Mathematical Model for Optimal Control of Soil-Transmitted Helminth Infection. Lambura, Aristide G.; Mwanga, Gasper G.; Luboobi, Livingstone; Kuznetsov, Dmitry Aug 31, 2020 7852
Implosion-Induced Collapse Effect of Initial Penetration Damage on Concrete Structures with Finite Thickness. Geng, Hao; Lu, Hao; Yue, Songlin; Xiong, Ziming; Sun, Shanzheng; Huang, Mu; Jiang, Zhongzheng Report Aug 31, 2020 5746
Finite Time Output Feedback Attitude Tracking Control for Rigid Body Based on Extended State Observer. Duan, Meng; Jia, Yingmin Report Aug 31, 2020 5179
Global Mittag-Leffler Stabilization of Fractional-Order BAM Neural Networks with Linear State Feedback Controllers. Yan, Hongyun; Qiao, Yuanhua; Duan, Lijuan; Zhang, Ling Report Aug 31, 2020 4107
Observer-Based Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems Applied to Continuous Biochemical Reactors. Aguilar-Lopez, Ricardo; Tec-Caamal, Edgar N.; Neria-Gonzalez, M. Isabel Report Aug 31, 2020 4338
On Asymptotic Behavior of HLL-Type Schemes at Low Mach Numbers. Yu, Hang; Tian, Zhengyu; Yang, Fan; Li, Hua Report Aug 31, 2020 8184
Fixed-Time Synchronization of Neural Networks with Discrete Delay. Liu, Shuai; Chen, Chuan; Peng, Haipeng Report Aug 31, 2020 5736
Optimisation Analysis of Structural Parameters of an Annular Slot Ejector Based on the Coanda Effect. Wu, Fengliang; Li, Zhisheng Report Aug 31, 2020 5409
Performance Analysis of Parameter Estimator Based on Closed-Form Newton Method for Ultrawideband Positioning. Wang, Chuanyang; Ning, Yipeng; Wang, Jian; Yao, Guobiao; Zhang, Longping; Yang, Haichao Report Aug 31, 2020 5253
Effect of Pre-Existing Symmetrical Cracks on Propagation Behaviors of a Blast-Induced Crack. Wan, Duanying; Zhu, Zheming; Zhou, Changlin; Li, Jianfei; Ying, Peng; Wang, Meng Aug 31, 2020 6126
Study on Galloping Oscillation of Iced Twin Bundle Conductors considering the Effects of Variation of Aerodynamic and Electromagnetic Forces. Wu, Chuan; Ye, Zhongfei; Zhang, Bo; Pan, Yong; Li, Qing; Yan, Bo Aug 31, 2020 6151
Research on the Deformation Mechanism and Directional Blasting Roof Cutting Control Measures of a Deep Buried High-Stress Roadway. Yang, Xiaojie; S>, Chenkang Liu; Sun, Honglei; S), Songlin Yue; Ji, Yuguo; Zhang, Xingyu; Hou, Lin Aug 31, 2020 6549
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Flow Measurement Mechanism and Hydraulic Performance of Portable Pillar-Shaped Flumes in Rectangular Channels. Sun, Bin; Yang, Lei; Zhu, Shun; Liu, Quan; Zhang, Chao; Zhang, Jinping Aug 31, 2020 7333
A Quick Assessment and Optimization Method for a Flutter Aerodynamic Measure of a Typical Flat Box Girder. Wang, Feng; Xiong, Chuan; Wang, Zijian; Guo, Congmin; Bai, Hua; Li, Jiawu Aug 31, 2020 6030
The Performance Assessment of a Semisubmersible Platform Subjected to Wind and Waves by a CFD/6-DOF Approach. Zhu, Hongbo; Zhou, Dai; Han, Zhaolong; Ma, Jin; Bao, Yan; Fu, Shixiao Aug 31, 2020 7419
Pipeline Performances under Earthquake-Induced Soil Liquefaction: State of the Art on Real Observations, Model Tests, and Numerical Simulations. Castiglia, Massimina; Fierro, Tony; de Magistris, Filippo Santucci Aug 31, 2020 18170
Cable Force Identification Based on Bending Waves in Substructures. Huang, Jing; Xiao, Jun; Zhang, Jinxiang; Jiang, Fanying; Dai, Yang; Zhang, Mingjin Aug 31, 2020 6307
Analysis of Vibration Control of Nonlinear Beam Using a Time-Delayed PPF Controller. Chen, Yueli; Ge, Juhong Aug 31, 2020 8439
Mechanism Analysis of a Low-Frequency Disc Brake Squeal Based on an Energy Feed-In Method for a Dual Coupling Subsystem. Wu, Yidong Aug 31, 2020 5539
Investigation of Mechanical Numerical Simulation and Expansion Experiment of Expandable Liner Hanger in Oil and Gas Completion. Chen, Yong; Xiao, Guo Ping; Zhong, Wen Jian; Yi, Hao Aug 31, 2020 6126
Application of Artificial Ground Freezing Technology in Modern Urban Underground Engineering. Qi, Yi; Zhang, Jinxun; Yang, Hao; Song, Yongwei Aug 31, 2020 4854
Stress Evolution Law of Surrounding Rock with Gob-Side Entry Retaining by Roof Cutting and Pressure Release in Composite Roof. Zhang, Yong; Xu, Huichen; Song, Peng; Sun, Xiaoming; He, Manchao; Guo, Zhibiao Aug 31, 2020 6792
Numerical Simulation of Strength, Deformation, and Failure Characteristics of Rock with Fissure Hole Defect. Chen, Shaojie; Xia, Zhiguo; Feng, Fan Aug 31, 2020 7169
Overburden Migration and Failure Characteristics in Mining Shallow Buried Coal Seam with Thick Loose Layer. Xu, Zhuhe; Li, Quansheng; Li, Xiaobin Aug 31, 2020 6236
An Adjustment Method for the Suspender Tension of CFSTTTHAB Based on Influence Matrix of Single Suspender. Wang, Longlin; Wang, Hua; Li, Litao; Hao, Tianzhi; Wu, Changxia Aug 31, 2020 4898
Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Dynamic Stress on the Rock Surrounding a Mine Roadway. Xue, Jun-hua; Zhan, Ke-liang; Du, Xuan-hong; Ma, Qian Aug 31, 2020 4745
Computation Method for the Settlement of a Vertically Loaded Pile in Sloping Ground. Jiang, Chong; Wu, Wen-yan; He, Jia-li; Chen, Lu-jie Aug 31, 2020 5157
Numerical Analysis and Deformation Mechanism Study on an Excavated High-Steep Slope of a Hydropower Station. Shi, Guangcheng; Wang, Yifeng; Wang, Yingkui; Tao, Zhigang; Wan, Liangpeng; Xi, Lanyun Report Aug 31, 2020 9399
Ecological Retaining Wall for High-Steep Slopes: A Case Study in the Ji-Lai Expressway, Eastern China. Jiang, Peng; Li, Jin; Zuo, Shen; Cui, Xin Zhuang Case study Aug 31, 2020 7231
Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation on Failure Process of Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert. Gong, Yafeng; Ma, Yulin; Tan, Guojin; Bi, Haipeng; Pang, Yunze; Ma, Chen Report Aug 31, 2020 6504
Blasting-Induced Vibration Response of the Transition Section in a Branching-Out Tunnel and Vibration Control Measures. Cao, Feng; Zhang, Sheng; Ling, Tonghua Aug 31, 2020 6655
Analysis of Model Tests of Rainfall-Induced Soil Deposit Landslide. Gan, JianJun; Zhang, Y.X. Aug 31, 2020 7670
Moisture Migration and Control of New Embankment for Reconstruction and Expansion Project in Southern China. Zhang, Junhui; Li, Feng; Zeng, Ling; Peng, Junhui; Ding, Le; He, Liang Aug 31, 2020 7574
Characterisation of Portuguese RC Precast Industrial Building Stock. Rodrigues, H.; Sousa, R.; Vitorino, H.; Batalha, N.; Varum, H.; Fernandes, P. Aug 31, 2020 6350
Simulation Study of the Roof Fracture Pattern of a Horizontal Sublevei Caving in a Steeply Inclined Thick Coal Seam. Kang, Xin; Yang, Sheng-li; Zhan, Ping; Li, Liang-hui Report Aug 31, 2020 4621
Numerical Simulation of Fracture Behavior of Brittle Solids under I/III Loading. Zhang, Zhitao; Wang, Haijun; Yu, Shuyang Aug 31, 2020 6240
Numerical Simulation of Rock Failure Process with a 3D Grain-Based Rock Model. Zhang, Zengwei; Chen, Fan; Zhang, Chao; Wang, Chao; Wang, Tuo; Zhang, Fengshou; Zhao, Huiling Aug 31, 2020 4993
Effect of Particle Shape on Repose Angle Based on Hopper Flow Test and Discrete Element Method. Fu, Jian-Jun; Chen, Cheng; Ferellec, Jean-Francois; Yang, Juan Aug 31, 2020 5061
Study on the Large Deformation Characteristics and Disaster Mechanism of a Thin-Layer Soft-Rock Tunnel. Zhang, Xiulian; He, Manchao; Wang, Fengnian; Li, Gan; Xu, Shengxin; Tao, Zhigang Report Aug 31, 2020 7872
Study on Supporting Structure Performance of Deep Soft Soil Foundation Pit near Sea under Waves, Tides, Vibration, and Unbalanced Loads. Chen, Junsheng; Lin, Chen; Liu, Shuzhuo; Mo, Haihong Aug 31, 2020 6869
Influence of Seismic Source Parameters on the Excitation Wavelet in Seismic Explorations Based on Numerical Simulation. Qiu, Ruohua; Dong, Zhaoxing; Qi, Yanjun; Wang, Yanhui; Xie, Lidong; Liu, Honghua Aug 31, 2020 5444
The Influence of Complex Subway Station Construction on High Retaining Walls and Appropriate Countermeasures. Wang, Kai; Li, Zhaoping; Xu, Xuezhao; Shi, Leilei; Zhang, Fanbo Aug 31, 2020 6430
Effect of the Size and Position of a Damping Ditch on the Reduction of the Blasting Vibration. Duan, Baofu; Shen, Shizhan; Ta, Guoshan; Sun, Kebin; Hou, Wei; Gu, Li Aug 31, 2020 8972
Structural Damage Identification Based on the Wavelet Transform and Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Guo, Jia; Guan, Deqing; Zhao, Jianwei Aug 31, 2020 11400
Seismic Performance of Steel Box Bridge Piers with Earthquake-Resilient Function. Li, Haifeng; Luo, Wenwei; Luo, Jun Aug 31, 2020 8564
Mechanical and Deformation Characteristics and Optimization of Support Parameters for Superlarge-Span Tunnel: A Case Study from Laohushan Tunnel. Luo, Yanbin; Chen, Jianxun; Shi, Zhou; Zhang, Shaoqiang; Liu, Weiwei; Li, Yao Case study Aug 31, 2020 8206
Study on the Rheological Failure Mechanism of Weakly Cemented Soft Rock Roadway during the Mining of Close-Distance Coal Seams: A Case Study. Ru, Wenkai; Hu, Shanchao; Ning, Jianguo; Wang, Jun; Gu, Qingheng; Guo, Yong; Zuo, Jing Case study Aug 31, 2020 8824
Investigation of Seismic Behavior of Clay-Pile Using Nonlinear Kinematic Hardening Model. Asheghabadi, Mohsen Saleh; Cheng, Xiaohui Aug 31, 2020 7882
Reducing Trade Inequality: A Network-Based Assessment. Garcia-Algarra, J.; Bengoechea, G. Gomez; Mouronte-Lopez, M.L. Aug 31, 2020 4341
On the Security Analysis of a Hopfield Chaotic Neural Network-Based Image Encryption Algorithm. Hu, Yingchun; Yu, Simin; Zhang, Zeqing Aug 31, 2020 6276
Dynamical Analysis of a Delayed HIV Virus Dynamic Model with Cell-to-Cell Transmission and Apoptosis of Bystander Cells. Zhang, Tongqian; Wang, Junling; Song, Yi; Jiang, Zhichao Aug 31, 2020 5769
Stochastic Stabilization of Malware Propagation in Wireless Sensor Network via Aperiodically Intermittent White Noise. Zhong, Xiaojing; Peng, Baihao; Deng, Feiqi; Liu, Guiyun Aug 31, 2020 5886
Stabilisation of a Flexible Spacecraft Subject to External Disturbance and Uncertainties. Fu, Yun; Liu, Yu; Hu, Lingyan; Peng, Lingxi Aug 31, 2020 5379
Global Stability for a Discrete Space-Time Lotka-Volterra System with Feedback Control. Xu, Li; Han, Ruiwen Aug 31, 2020 4724
Adaptive Backstepping Sliding Mode Control of Trajectory Tracking for Robotic Manipulators. Dachang, Zhu; Baolin, Du; Puchen, Zhu; Wu, Wenqiang Aug 31, 2020 5279
Exact Solutions of Damped Improved Boussinesq Equations by Extended (G'/G)-Expansion Method. Fan, Kai; Zhou, Cunlong Aug 31, 2020 4917
Stability and Multistability of a Bounded Rational Mixed Duopoly Model with Homogeneous Product. Zhou, Wei; Zhao, Na; Chu, Tong; Chang, Ying-Xiang Aug 31, 2020 10245
Rich Dynamics of a Brucellosis Model with Transport. Liang, Juan; Zhao, Zhirong; Li, Can Aug 31, 2020 4076
A Stage-Structured Predator-Prey Model in a Patchy Environment. Lu, Xuejuan; Chen, Yuming; Liu, Shengqiang Aug 31, 2020 8215
Numerical Simulation of Ambiguity Resolution in Multiple Information Streams Based on Network Machine Translation. Wang, Lei; Ai, Qun Aug 31, 2020 6186
Initial Value Determination of Chua System with Hidden Attractors and Its DSP Implementation. Wu, Xianming; Tan, Weijie; Wang, Huihai Aug 31, 2020 3965
Explosion Resistance of Three-Dimensional Mesoscopic Model of Complex Closed-Cell Aluminum Foam Sandwich Structure Based on Random Generation Algorithm. Wang, Zhen; Gu, Wen Bin; Xie, Xing Bo; Yuan, Qi; Chen, Yu Tian; Jiang, Tao Aug 31, 2020 7450
Robust Adaptive Fractional Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Controller for Microgyroscope. Fei, Juntao; Wang, Zhe; Liang, Xiao Aug 31, 2020 5996
Pattern Dynamics of Nonlocal Delay SI Epidemic Model with the Growth of the Susceptible following Logistic Mode. Guo, Zun-Guang; Li, Jing; Li, Can; Liang, Juan; Yan, Yiwei Aug 31, 2020 4480
A Dynamic Duopoly Cournot Model with R&D Efforts and Its Dynamic Behavior Analysis. Zhou, Wei; Zhou, Jie; Chu, Tong; Li, Hui Aug 31, 2020 12147
Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Responses of Rock Containing Parallel Cracks under Combined Dynamic and Static Loading. Zhou, Zihan; Chen, Zhonghui Aug 31, 2020 9138
Potential for Vertical Heterogeneity Prediction in Reservoir Basing on Machine Learning Methods. Song, Hongqing; Du, Shuyi; Wang, Ruifei; Wang, Jiulong; Wang, Yuhe; Wei, Chenji; Liu, Qipeng Aug 31, 2020 6035
Numerical Simulation on Non-Darcy Flow in a Single Rock Fracture Domain Inverted by Digital Images. Shao, Jianli; Zhang, Qi; Sun, Wenbin; Wang, Zaiyong; Zhu, Xianxiang Aug 31, 2020 7059
A Discussion of Reinforcement Timing Optimization for Main Inclined Shaft Roadway with Water Seepage. Zhang, Minglei; Chang, Chaoyu; Cao, Wen Aug 31, 2020 5099
Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Natural Fractures on Hydraulic Fracture Propagation. Yaobin, Song; Weiyong, Lu; Changchun, He; Erhu, Bai Aug 31, 2020 6843
Effects of Irreducible Fluid Saturation and Gas Entry Pressure on Gas Production from Hydrate-Bearing Clayey Silt Sediments by Depressurization. Ma, Xiaolong; Sun, Youhong; Guo, Wei; Jia, Rui; Li, Bing Aug 31, 2020 8942
Numerical/Experimental Validation of Thin-Walled Composite Box Beam Optimal Design. Cestino, Enrico; Frulla, Giacomo; Piana, Paolo; Duella, Renzo Technical report Aug 1, 2020 4718
Mathematical Analysis of Synthetic Measures Based on Radar Charts. Borkowski, Boleslaw; Wilinski, Artur; Szczesny, Wieslaw; Binderman, Zbigniew Report Aug 1, 2020 6736
Exposure of Underground Cable Intrusion Detection System to Transient Disturbances Caused by Nearby Lightning Strikes. Markowska, Renata Aug 1, 2020 4991
Hurricanes without Butterflies. Aug 1, 2020 307
Isomap-Based Three-Dimensional Operational Modal Analysis. Cheng, Wang; Weihua, Fu; Haiyang, Huang; Chen, Jianwei Report Jul 31, 2020 7133
Numerical Study on the Denitrification Efficiency of Selective Noncatalytic Reduction Technology in Decomposing Furnace. Xu, Shunsheng; He, Jiazhen; Pei, Fei; Li, Kun; Liu, Lele; Dai, Zhiyong Report Jul 31, 2020 6727
Fractional Integral Inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard Type for Differentiable Generalized h-Convex Functions. Yang, Yingxia; Saleem, Muhammad Shoaib; Ghafoor, Mamoona; Qureshi, Muhammad Imran Jul 31, 2020 3517
Effect of Water-Decked Blasting on Rock Fragmentation Energy. Wenjun, Xia; Wenbo, Lu; Ruize, Li; Ming, Chen; Zhen, Lei Jul 31, 2020 5960
Radial Vibration Characteristics of Piezoelectric Ceramic Composite Ultrasonic Transducer. Chundong, Yao; Chao, Zhang; Jiani, Zhang; Yang, Zhang Jul 31, 2020 5386
Estimates of Upper Bound for Differentiable Functions Associated with k-Fractional Integrals and Higher Order Strongly s-Convex Functions. Wu, Shanhe; Awan, Muhammad Uzair; Javed, Zakria Jul 31, 2020 2556
Depth Prediction of Karstic-Fault Reservoirs Based on Wellbore Temperature Measurements and Numerical Simulations. Lei, Jian; Pan, Baozhi; Guo, Yuhang; Fan, YuFei; Zhang, Lihua Jul 31, 2020 5186
Visualization of Gas Diffusion-Sorption in Coal: A Study Based on Synchrotron Radiation Nano-CT. Sun, Yingfeng; Zhao, Yixin; Zhang, Hongwei; Zhang, Cun Report Jul 31, 2020 5806
Numerical Simulation on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Water Flowing through the Fracture of High-Temperature Rock. Zhang, Xiaohu; Wang, Zhaolun; Sun, Yanhua; Zhu, Chun; Xiong, Feng; Tang, Qiongqiong Jul 31, 2020 7646
Maximum Sizes of Fluid-Occupied Pores within Hydrate-Bearing Porous Media Composed of Different Host Particles. Liu, Lele; Wu, Nengyou; Liu, Changling; Meng, Qingguo; Tian, Haitao; Wan, Yizhao; Sun, Jianye Jul 31, 2020 8261
Stability Analysis of a Fractional-Order Model for Abstinence Behavior of Registration on the Electoral Lists. Balatif, O.; Boujallal, L.; Labzai, A.; Rachik, M. Jul 31, 2020 3915
Nonstationary Model of Oxygen Transport in Brain Tissue. Kovtanyuk, Andrey E.; Chebotarev, Alexander Yu.; Botkin, Nikolai D.; Turova, Varvara L.; Sidorenko, Jul 31, 2020 5043
Stability Analysis of Breast Cancer Gene Regulation Network Based on Boolean Network Model. Yaolin Huang and Qiang Wei Jul 31, 2020 232
Modeling and Numerical Analysis in 3D of Anisotropic and Nonlinear Mechanical Behavior of Tournemire Argillite under High Temperatures and Dynamic Loading. Marius, Foguieng Wembe; Leroy, Mambou Ngueyep Luc; Francois, Ngapgue Jul 31, 2020 6586
Coordinated Headway-Based Control Method to Improve Public Transit Reliability considering Control Points Layout. Zhang, Hu; Liang, Shidong; Zhao, Jing; He, Shengxue; Zhao, Tianyu Jul 31, 2020 9222
Simpson's Integral Inequalities for Twice Differentiable Convex Functions. Vivas-Cortez, Miguel; Abdeljawad, Thabet; Mohammed, Pshtiwan Othman; Rangel-Oliveros, Yenny Report Jul 31, 2020 5427
EHL Analysis of Spiral Bevel Gear Pairs considering the Contact Point Migration due to Deformation under Load. Sun, Xiaoyu; Liu, Yanping; Zhao, Yongqiang; Liu, Ming Report Jul 31, 2020 10412
Computationally Efficient Ambiguity-Free Two-Dimensional DOA Estimation Method for Coprime Planar Array: RD-Root-MUSIC Algorithm. Chen, Luo; Ye, Changbo; Li, Baobao Report Jul 31, 2020 5332
PCOI: Packet Classification-Based Optical Interconnect for Data Centre Networks. Jadoon, Rab Nawaz; Fayyaz, Mohsin; Zhou, WuYang; Khan, Muhammad Amir; Mujtaba, Ghulam Report Jul 31, 2020 6387
A Spline Finite Point Method for Nonlinear Bending Analysis of FG Plates in Thermal Environments Based on a Locking-free Thin/Thick Plate Theory. Mo, Tian-Jing; Huang, Jun; Li, Shuang-Bei; Wu, Hai Report Jul 31, 2020 11990
Stability Analysis of Fraction-Order Hopfield Neuron Network and Noise-Induced Coherence Resonance. Shi, Xuerong; Wang, Zuolei Report Jul 31, 2020 6521
Stability Characteristics of Wing Span and Sweep Morphing for Small Unmanned Air Vehicle: A Mathematical Analysis. Umer, Hafiz Muhammad; Maqsood, Adnan; Riaz, Rizwan; Salamat, Shuaib Report Jul 31, 2020 7021
Improved Shrinkage Estimator of Large-Dimensional Covariance Matrix under the Complex Gaussian Distribution. Zhang, Bin Report Jul 31, 2020 3688
Epidemic Spreading Combined with Age and Region in Complex Networks. Zhang, Xu; Song, Yurong; Wang, Haiyan; Jiang, Guo-Ping Report Jul 31, 2020 4036
Stability and Asymptotic Behavior of a Regime-Switching SIRS Model with Beddington-DeAngelis Incidence Rate. Wang, Shan; Peng, Youhua; Wang, Feng Report Jul 31, 2020 5257
Boundary Element and Augmented Lagrangian Methods for Contact Problem with Coulomb Friction. Wu, Jia; Zhang, Shougui Report Jul 31, 2020 5227
Vibration Analysis of Piezoelectric Composite Plate Resting on Nonlinear Elastic Foundations Using Sinc and Discrete Singular Convolution Differential Quadrature Techniques. Ragb, Ola; Salah, Mohamed; Matbuly, M.S.; Amer, R.B.M. Report Jul 31, 2020 9378
A Modified Range Consensus Algorithm Based on GA for Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring. Zhao, Jing; Xu, Chengdong; Jian, Yimei; Zhang, Pengfei Report Jul 31, 2020 8054
Moving Horizon Estimation for Uncertain Networked Control Systems with Packet Loss. Fan, Jianming; Xue, Binqiang Report Jul 31, 2020 5019
The Research on Strain-Softening Characteristics and Local Fracture Law of Deep Granite Roadway. Sun, Chuang; Ao, Yunhe; Wang, Laigui Jul 31, 2020 6104
Dynamic Complexity in a Prey-Predator Model with State-Dependent Impulsive Control Strategy. Dai, Chuanjun Jul 31, 2020 9252
Bifurcation Control of a Delayed Fractional Mosaic Disease Model for Jatropha curcas with Farming Awareness. Liu, Shouzong; Huang, Mingzhan; Wang, Juan Jul 31, 2020 6395
A Robust Control Strategy for Landing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on a Vertically Moving Platform. Aguilar-Ibanez, Carlos; Suarez-Castanon, Miguel S.; Gutierrez-Frias, Octavio; Rubio, Jose de Jesus; Jul 31, 2020 8142
Constant Force PID Control for Robotic Manipulator Based on Fuzzy Neural Network Algorithm. Dachang, Zhu; Baolin, Du; Puchen, Zhu; Shouyan, Chen Jul 31, 2020 5178
Projection Synchronization of a Class of Complex Chaotic Systems with Both Uncertainty and Disturbance. Sha, Hongsheng; Wang, Guijuan; Hao, Tao; Wang, Zuoxun Jul 31, 2020 4541
Distributed Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Vehicle Platoon with Uncertain Driving Resistance and Actuator Saturation. Song, Jia-cheng; Ju, Yong-feng Jul 31, 2020 6391
A Luenberger-Like Observer for Multistable Kapitaniak Chaotic System. Perez-Cruz, J. Humberto; Pena, Jacobo Marcos Allende; Nwachioma, Christian; Rubio, Jose de Jesus; Pa Jul 31, 2020 6011
Numerical Simulation on Cutting and Fracturing of Rock Plate with One Side Fixed and Three Sides Free. Lu, Zhenguo; Zeng, Qingliang; Meng, Zhaosheng; Wang, Zhiwen; Ga, Guanshun Jul 31, 2020 5571
Influence of Both Soil Properties and Geometric Parameters on Failure Mechanisms and Stability of Two-Layer Undrained Slopes. Guo, Shuangfeng; Li, Ning; Liu, Wenpeng; Ma, Zongyuan; Liu, Naifei; Lv, Gao Jul 31, 2020 8268
Deviatoric Stress Evolution Laws and Control in Surrounding Rock of Soft Coal and Soft Roof Roadway under Intense Mining Conditions. Chen, Dongdong; Ji, Chunwei; Xie, Shengrong; Wang, En; He, Fulian; Cheng, Qiong; Zhang, Qing Jul 31, 2020 10424
Uniaxial Compression Mechanical Properties of Rock Samples in Soft and Hard Composite Strata. Wu, Bo; Huang, Wei Jul 31, 2020 3883
Compression Performance of Newly Designed Replaceable Tubular Steel Piers. Li, Haifeng; Zhao, Xuehang; Sun, Wei; Xiong, Zhe Jul 31, 2020 9202
Numerical Analysis of Self-Excited Combustion Instabilities in a Small MMH/NTO Liquid Rocket Engine. Qin, Jianxiu; Zhang, Huiqiang Jul 31, 2020 10066
Inertia Parameter Identification for an Unknown Satellite in Precapture Scenario. Liu, Xiao-Feng; Zhang, Xiao-Yu; Chen, Pei-Ran; Cai, Guo-Ping Jul 31, 2020 7498
Disturbance Observer-Based Discrete Sliding-Mode Control for a Marine Diesel Engine with Variable Sampling Control Technique. Li, Xuemin; Liu, Yufei; Shu, Haoyu; Wang, Runzhi; Yang, Yunlong; Feng, Chunyue Jul 31, 2020 8970
Comprehensive Experimental Study of Affecting Factors on Rectangular Roadway Stability. Qin, Zhongcheng; Ca, Bin; Li, Tan; Yu, Xin; Chen, Guangbo Report Jul 31, 2020 6115
Laboratory Experiment and Numerical Analysis on the Precursory Hydraulic Process of Rainfall-Induced Slope Failure. Park, Joon-Young; Song, Young-Suk Jul 31, 2020 5997
Safety Management in Sea Reclamation Construction: A Case Study of Sanya Airport, China. Ma, Jinchao; Zhong, Wei; Zhu, Xiaoliu Case study Jul 31, 2020 6421
Acoustic Emission Simulation on Coal Specimen Subjected to Cyclic Loading. Duan, Huiqiang; Ma, Depeng Jul 31, 2020 8545
Effect of Coalbed Methane Well Fracturing on Slope Stability of Open-Pit Coal Mine: A Case Study of Shengli East No. 2 Open-Pit Coal Mine. Zhu, Qingzhong; Wang, Bo; Zhao, Xin; Liu, Chunchun; Yu, Qing; Zhang, Liwen; Hou, Tao; Sang, Guangjie Case study Jul 31, 2020 7739
Anti-Overturning Bearing Capacity of Rigid and Flexible Concrete Expanded Piles Subjected to Horizontal Load. Qian, Yongmei; Zhou, Tingting; Tian, Wei Jul 31, 2020 7116
Dynamic Response Characteristics and Failure Mechanism of Coal Slopes with Weak Intercalated Layers under Blasting Loads. Liu, Guang-wei; Song, Dan-qing; Chen, Zhuo; Yang, Ju-wen Jul 31, 2020 8699
Feasibility Evaluation of a Long-Life Asphalt Pavement for Steel Bridge Deck. Chen, Leilei; Qian, Zhendong; Chen, Daoxie; Wei, Ya Jul 31, 2020 5283
Flexural Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Self-Stressing Concrete T-Shaped Composite Beams. Wang, Boxin; Fang, Ruichang; Wang, Qing Jul 31, 2020 5324
Research on Surface Failure Law of Working Faces in Large Mining Height and Shallow Buried Coal Seam. Li, Zhenhua; Pang, Yingkun; Bao, Yongsheng; Ma, Zhanyuan Jul 31, 2020 6942
Shear Failure of Bolted Joints considering Mesoscopic Deformation Characteristics of Rock. Cheng, Yanhui; He, Dongliang; Yang, Jianyu Jul 31, 2020 5138
Analysis of Cyclic Response of Bucket Foundations Based on Simplified Kinematic Hardening Model. Fan, Qing-lai; Xiao, Guo-feng; Chen, Xiao-di Jul 31, 2020 4879
Dynamic Analysis and Chaos Control of Bertrand Triopoly Based on Differentiated Products and Heterogeneous Expectations. Zhao, Liuwei Jul 31, 2020 6432
Global Dynamical Properties of Rational Higher-Order System of Difference Equations. Khan, A.Q.; Qureshi, S.M. Jul 31, 2020 3376
Analytical and Approximate Solutions of a Novel Nervous Stomach Mathematical Model. Sanchez, Yolanda Guerrero; Sabir, Zulqurnain; Gunerhan, Hatira; Baskonus, Haci Mehmet Jul 31, 2020 4192
The Precompression Processing of LMS Algorithm in Noise Elimination. Lin, Pengfei; Lin, Chunsheng; Zhang, Ning; wu, Xingya Jul 31, 2020 3112
Central DOA Estimation Method for Exponential-Type Coherent Distributed Source Based on Fourth-Order Cumulant. Li, Hao; Cui, Weijia; Ba, Bin; Xu, Haiyun; Zhang, Yankui Jul 31, 2020 6114
Numerical Investigation of Water Film Evaporation with the Countercurrent Air in the Asymmetric Heating Rectangular Channel for Passive Containment Cooling System. Du, Kashuai; Hu, Po; Hu, Zhen Jul 31, 2020 11724
Effect of Characteristic Phenomena and Temperature on Super-Cooled Large Droplet Icing on NACA0012 Airfoil and Axial Fan Blade. Takahashi, Toma; Fukudome, Koji; Mamori, Hiroya; Fukushima, Naoya; Yamamoto, Makoto Report Jul 1, 2020 6702
A level set method for simulating wrinkling of extruded viscoelastic sheets. Kabanemi, Kalonji K.; Marcotte, Jean-Philippe Jul 1, 2020 7718
Comparative Study on the Impact of Building Type and Location on the System Efficiency and Energy-Saving Potential of a Ground Source Heat Pump System. Miao, Rui; Yu, Yao; Hu, Xiaoou Report Jul 1, 2020 7634
Further Investigation of the Repetitive Failure in an Aircraft Engine Cylinder Head--Mechanical properties of Aluminum alloy 242.0. Vucetic, Nikola; Jovicic, Gordana; Krstic, Branimir; Zivkovic, Miroslav; Milovanovic, Vladimir; Kacm Jul 1, 2020 4227
An Attempt to Use the Results of Microtomographic Studies of the Surface After the Period of Operation in the Numerical Analysis of Wheel-Rail Contacts. Bakowski, Henryk; John, Antoni; Brodny, Jaroslaw Jul 1, 2020 3333
Feedback Control of a Chaotic Finance System with Two Delays. Jiang, Zhichao; Zhang, Tongqian Jun 30, 2020 7985
Stabilization of a Class of Complex Chaotic Systems by the Dynamic Feedback Control. Liu, Zhi; Guo, Rongwei Jun 30, 2020 3212
Dynamic Analysis, Circuit Design, and Synchronization of a Novel 6D Memristive Four-Wing Hyperchaotic System with Multiple Coexisting Attractors. Yu, Fei; Liu, Li; Shen, Hui; Zhang, Zinan; Huang, Yuanyuan; Shi, Changqiong; Cai, Shuo; Wu, Xianming Jun 30, 2020 8915
Decision-Making of Electronic Commerce Supply Chain considering EW Service. Wang, Yuyan; Yu, Zhaoqing; Shen, Liang; Fan, Runjie Jun 30, 2020 9453
Stability of a Nonlinear Stochastic Epidemic Model with Transfer from Infectious to Susceptible. Wang, Yanmei; Liu, Guirong Jun 30, 2020 5171
Adaptive Fault Compensation and Disturbance Suppression Design for Nonlinear Systems with an Aircraft Control Application. Yao, X.; Yang, Y. Jun 30, 2020 8625
Prediction and Analysis of the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Spinning Projectile Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics. Ko, Arim; Chang, Kyoungsik; Sheen, Dong-Jin; Lee, Chi-Hoon; Park, Yongin; Park, Sung Woo Jun 30, 2020 5254
A New Mathematical Modeling with Optimal Control Strategy for the Dynamics of Population of Diabetics and Its Complications with Effect of Behavioral Factors. Kouidere, Abdelfatah; Labzai, Abderrahim; Ferjouchia, Hanane; Balatif, Omar; Rachik, Mostafa Jun 30, 2020 6560
Order and Chaos in a Prey-Predator Model Incorporating Refuge, Disease, and Harvesting. Bahlool, Dahlia Khaled; Satar, Huda Abdul; Ibrahim, Hiba Abdullah Jun 30, 2020 9418
Potential for Evaluation of Interwell Connectivity under the Effect of Intraformational Bed in Reservoirs Utilizing Machine Learning Methods. Liu, Jinzi Jun 30, 2020 5519
Effect of Wetting-Drying Cycle on the Deformation and Seepage Behaviors of Rock Masses around a Tunnel. Guo, Qingzhen; Su, Haijian; Jing, Hongwen; Zhu, Wenxin Jun 30, 2020 6967
Simulation Analysis of Influencing Factors of Subsidence Based on Mining under Huge Loose Strata: A Case Study of Heze Mining Area, China. Zhu, Xianxiang; Zhang, Wenquan; Wang, Zaiyong; Wang, Chenghao; Li, Wei; Wang, Changhao Case study Jun 30, 2020 7823
Pressure-Predicting Model for Ultralow-Permeability Reservoirs considering the Water Absorption Characteristics of Mudstone Formations. Liu, Kai; Yin, Daiyin; Wang, Yong Jun 30, 2020 7258
Unloading-Induced Crack Propagation of Two Collinear Unequal Length Flaws in Brittle Rocks. Wang, Jianming; Chen, Zhonghui; Zhang, Lingfan Jun 30, 2020 10715
Distributed Model Predictive Control for Platooning of Heterogeneous Vehicles with Multiple Constraints and Communication Delays. Yan, Maode; Ma, Wenrui; Zuo, Lei; Yang, Panpan Jun 30, 2020 8000
Traffic Equilibrium for Mixed Traffic Flows of Human-Driven Vehicles and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in Transportation Networks under Tradable Credit Scheme. Zhang, Fang; Lu, Jian; Hu, Xiaojian Jun 30, 2020 12594
Numerical Simulation of Static Stress-Strain Relationship and Failure Mode for Freeze-Thaw Concrete. Yang, Xiaolin; Wang, Genhui; Li, Hongzhao; Fan, Jiang Jun 30, 2020 3870
Design Method and Verification of Electroosmosis-Vacuum Preloading Method for Sand-Interlayered Soft Foundation. Cui, Yunliang; Tu, Jianbo; Wang, Xinquan; Diao, Hongguo; Ge, Qianru Jun 30, 2020 6523
Influence of Tunneling in Cohesionless Soil for Different Tunnel Geometry and Volume Loss under Greenfield Condition. Kanagaraju, Raja; Krishnamurthy, Premalatha Jun 30, 2020 5545
Mechanical Response of Gasketed Bell-and-Spigot Joint of Concrete Pipeline under Multifield Coupling. He, Hang; Fang, Hongyuan; Du, Xueming; Li, Bin Jun 30, 2020 9065
Theoretical Framework for Creep Effect Analysis of Axially Loaded Short CFST Columns under High Stress Levels. Li, Shiwei; Yang, Yongqing; Wen, Wangqing; Yan, Aiguo Jun 30, 2020 5564
Numerical Simulation Research on Crack Bifurcation Mechanism of Bidirectional Cumulative Tensile Blasting. Guo, Pengfei; Ye, Kengkeng; Zhang, Xiaohu Jun 30, 2020 6804
A New Method for Artificial Core Reconstruction of a Fracture-Control Matrix Unit. Liu, Qiang; Liu, Jianjun; Pei, Guihong; Zhu, Zhengwen; Lei, Yun Jun 30, 2020 6125
Analysis of Stress Asymmetric Distribution Law of Surrounding Rock of Roadway in Inclined Coal Seam: A Case Study of Shitanjing No. 2 Coal Seam. Xiong, Xianyu; Dai, Jun; Chen, Xinnian Case study Jun 30, 2020 5298
Infill Modelling Influence on Dynamic Identification and Model Updating of Reinforced Concrete Framed Buildings. Bovo, Marco; Tondi, Michele; Savoia, Marco Jun 30, 2020 9066
Numerical and Experimental Study on Soil Plug Resistance of Open-Ended Pipe Pile with a Restriction Plate. Guo, Yuan; Dong, Shaoyang; Li, Jiale; Yu, Xiong (Bill) Jun 30, 2020 7509
Modeling the Influence of Nonclinic Visits on the Transmission of Respiratory Diseases. Bao, Yunting; Xu, Yanlong; Qi, Longxing; Zhai, Sulan Jun 30, 2020 5079
Electrical Impedance Tomography-Based Abdominal Subcutaneous Fat Estimation Method Using Deep Learning. Lee, Kyounghun; Yoo, Minha; Jargal, Ariungerel; Kwon, Hyeuknam Jun 30, 2020 8065
Study on Ventilation System Linkage Control Strategy in a Double-Hole Tunnel Fire. Zhuang, Yizhou; Ding, Hao; Zheng, Guoping; Cui, Youkai; Huang, Yan Jun 30, 2020 8784
Simulation Research on the Load Transfer Mechanism of Anchoring System in Soft and Hard Composite Rock Strata under Tensile Loading Conditions. Li, Ning; Ma, Zhanguo; Gong, Peng; Qi, Fuzhou; Wang, Tuo; Cheng, Shixing Jun 30, 2020 9122
Fire Evacuation Process Using Both Elevators and Staircases for Aging People: Simulation Case Study on Personnel Distribution in High-Rise Nursing Home. Chen, Yameng; Wang, Chen; Yap, Jeffrey Boon Hui; Li, Heng; Hu, Hong Song; Chen, Chih-Cheng; Lai, Kue Jun 30, 2020 9584
The Evaluation Model of Network QoS Based on Intelligent Water Droplets Algorithm. Li, Fang; Wang, Yunlan; Li, Peng Jun 30, 2020 4342
A Holling Type II Discrete Switching Host-Parasitoid System with a Nonlinear Threshold Policy for Integrated Pest Management. He, Mengqi; Tang, Sanyi; Cheke, Robert A. Jun 30, 2020 7619
Optimal Timing Selection Approach to Moving Target Defense: A FlipIt Attack-Defense Game Model. Tan, Jing-Lei; Zhang, Heng-Wei; Zhang, Hong-Qi; Lei, Cheng; Jin, Hui; Li, Bo-Wen; Hu, Hao Jun 30, 2020 7556
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Hard Rock Breakage by Indenter Impact. Jiang, Hongxiang; Cai, Zhiyuan; Wang, Ouguo; Meng, Deguang Jun 30, 2020 6525
Study of the Stability Control of Rock Surrounding Longwall Recovery Roadways in Shallow Seams. Zhu, Cheng; Yuan, Yong; Chen, Zhongshun; Meng, Chaogui; Wang, Shengzhi Jun 30, 2020 10623
The On-Chip D-LMS Filter Design Method of Wireless Sensor Node Based on FPGA. Li, Jian; Li, Maojin; Meng, Ming; Liu, Zepeng Jun 30, 2020 5807
Mechanisms of Floor Heave in Roadways Adjacent to a Goaf Caused by the Fracturing of a Competent Roof and Controlling Technology. Liu, Shuaigang; Bai, Jianbiao; Wang, Xiangyu; Wu, Bowen; Wu, Wenda Jun 30, 2020 8108
High-Efficiency Dynamic Modeling of a Helical Spring Element Based on the Geometrically Exact Beam Theory. Zhang, Jian; Qi, Zhaohui; Wang, Gang; Guo, Shudong Jun 30, 2020 7937
A Novel Aerodynamic Force and Flutter of the High-Aspect-Ratio Cantilever Plate in Subsonic Flow. Ma, Li; Yao, Minghui; Zhang, Wei; Lou, Kai; Cao, Dongxing; Niu, Yan Jun 30, 2020 10219
Research on Velocity Fluctuation of High Pressure and High Flow Double Booster Cylinder Hydraulic System. Chen, Fuqiang; Wu, Rendong; Yuan, Chaolong; Wei, Wei; Jiao, Wei Jun 30, 2020 6324
Numerical Estimation of Material Properties in the Electrohydraulic Forming Process Based on a Kriging Surrogate Model. Woo, Mina; Lee, Kyunghoon; Song, Woojin; Kang, Beomsoo; Kim, Jeong Jun 30, 2020 6392
Experimental and Numerical Study on Characterization and Evaluation of Surface Cracks with Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor. Chen, Shuo; Li, Jing; Huang, Donghui; Chen, Yuzhi; Zhao, Haitao Jun 30, 2020 7025
Direct Signal Space Construction Luenberger Tracker with Quadratic Least Square Regression for Computationally Efficient DoA Tracking. Byeon, Bukeun; Lee, Ho-Kyoung; Yoo, Do-Sik Jun 30, 2020 11182
Constitutive Model of Lateral Unloading Creep of Soft Soil under Excess Pore Water Pressure. Huang, Wei; Wen, Kejun; Deng, Xiaojia; Li, Junjie; Jiang, Zhijian; Li, Yang; Li, Lin; Amini, Farshad Jun 30, 2020 5784
A Macro-Meso Correlation Model for Numerical Simulation of CFRP Tensile Notched Strength. Chen, Fang; Yao, Weixing; Jiang, Wen Jun 30, 2020 4890
Mathematical and Mechanical Analysis of the Effect of Detonator Location and Its Improvement in Bench Blasting. Gao, Qidong; Leng, Zhendong; Yang, Ruipeng; Wang, Yaqiong; Chen, Ming; Sun, Pengchang; Luo, Sheng Jun 30, 2020 7202
Fixed-Time Flocking Problem of a Cucker-Smale Model. Nie, Fen; Liu, Yicheng Jun 30, 2020 2846
Adaptive ADI Numerical Analysis of 2D Quenching-Type Reaction: Diffusion Equation with Convection Term. Zhu, Xiaoliang; Ge, Yongbin Jun 30, 2020 9475
Analysis of a Novel Two-Lane Hydrodynamic Lattice Model Accounting for Driver's Aggressive Effect and Flow Difference Integral. Qi, Xinyue; Ge, Hongxia; Cheng, Rongjun Jun 30, 2020 6367
Stability Analysis of Neighborhood Tunnels with Large Section Constructed in Steeply Jointed Rock Mass. Zheng, Aichen; Huang, Feng; Tang, Zhengdong; He, Zhaoyi Jun 30, 2020 5712
Modeling of Complex Geological Body and Computation of Geomagnetic Anomaly. Jia, Zhuo; Liu, Sixin; Cheng, Siyuan; Zhao, Xueran; Zhang, Gongbo Jun 30, 2020 4021
Line Spectrum Chaotification on QZS Systems with Time-Delay Control. Zhang, Jing; Tang, Tao; Fang, Wenhua Jun 30, 2020 7354
A Fractional-Order Discrete Noninvertible Map of Cubic Type: Dynamics, Control, and Synchronization. Liu, Xiaojun; Hong, Ling; Yang, Lixin; Tang, Dafeng Jun 30, 2020 5743
The Pricing Strategy of Dual Recycling Channels for Power Batteries of New Energy Vehicles under Government Subsidies. Zhu, Xiaodong; Li, Wei Jun 30, 2020 10281
Dynamic Optimal Control of Transboundary Pollution Abatement under Learning-by-Doing Depreciation. Chen, Zhigang; Xu, Rongwei; Yi, Yongxi Jun 30, 2020 9216
Stability Analysis of a Reaction-Diffusion Heroin Epidemic Model. Zhang, Liang; Xing, Yifan Jun 30, 2020 6664
ASSVD: Adaptive Sparse Singular Value Decomposition for High Dimensional Matrices. Ding, Xiucai; Chen, Xianyi; Zou, Mengling; Zhang, Guangxing Jun 1, 2020 5176
Shear damage mechanism and early warning study of shale standard layer casing/Mecanismo de dano por cizallamiento y estudio de alerta temprana de revestimiento de capa de lutita estandar. Wang, Suling; Wang, Xuefei; Chen, Minzhan; Dong, Kangxing; Jiang, Minzheng; Yang, Lei Jun 1, 2020 3202
Coding and GUI Use in the Teaching of Undergraduate Numerical Analysis. von Dohlen, Paul W. Report Jun 1, 2020 4275
A Nonlinear Ultrasonic Modulation Method for Crack Detection in Turbine Blades. Mevissen, Frank; Meo, Michele Report Jun 1, 2020 7091
Sequential Low-Thrust Orbit-Raising of All-Electric Satellites. Chadalavada, Pardhasai; Farabi, Tanzimul; Dutta, Atri Report Jun 1, 2020 9696
Instability Analysis of a Low-Angle Low-Expansive Soil Slope under Seasonal Wet-Dry Cycles and River-Level Variations. Qi, Yongzheng; Wang, Zongzhi; Xu, Haoqing; Yuan, Zirui May 31, 2020 6056
Experimental Study on Structural Form and Excavation Model of Urban Metro Cross Transfer Station with Super Large Cross Section and Shallow Excavation. Lin, Zhi; Chen, Xiang; Yang, Hongyun; Cheng, Chongguo; Wang, Huasong; Yang, Changjiang; Zhu, Genqiao Report May 31, 2020 6297
A Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Solving Pricing and Lead Time Quotation in a Dual-Channel Supply Chain with Multiple Customer Classes. Honarvar, Mahboobeh; Ardakani, Majid Alimohammadi; Modarres, Mohammad May 31, 2020 11149
Adaptive Fault Compensation and Disturbance Suppression Design for Nonlinear Systems with an Aircraft Control Application. Yao, X.; Yang, Y. May 31, 2020 8938
Study on Compaction Effect and Process of Reclaimed Soil of Nonmetallic Mines in Xinjiang, China. Wang, Kaikai; Zhang, Zizhao; Tang, Guobin; Tan, Xiaodong; Lv, Qianli; Shao, Fengjun; Li, Xiaoping Report May 31, 2020 4482
Multiscale Laboratory Study and Numerical Analysis of Water-Weakening Effect on Shale. Li, Zhen; Liu, Shangge; Ren, Wentao; Fang, Jinjin; Zhu, Qinghua; Dun, Zhilin Report May 31, 2020 6903
Numerical Simulation of Mixed-Mode Fatigue Crack Growth for Compact Tension Shear Specimen. Fageehi, Yahya Ali; Alshoaibi, Abdulnaser M. May 31, 2020 4322
A Thermodynamics-Based Nonlocal Bar-Elastic Substrate Model with Inclusion of Surface-Energy Effect. Sae-Long, Worathep; Limkatanyu, Suchart; Prachasaree, Woraphot; Sukontasukkul, Jaroon Rungamornraand May 31, 2020 7483
Numerical simulation of fluid-solid coupling in surrounding rock for river stope mining. Yuan, Haiping; Chen, Chenghao; He, Zhongming; Wang, Yixian May 31, 2020 5077
Boundedness of Fractional Integral Operators Containing Mittag-Leffler Function via Exponentially s-Convex Functions. Hong, Gang; Farid, G.; Nazeer, Waqas; Akbar, S.B.; Pecaric, J.; Zou, Junzhong; Geng, Shengtao May 31, 2020 3681
A Spatiotemporal Prey-Predator Discrete Model and Optimal Controls for Environmental Sustainability in the Multifishing Areas of Morocco. Bhih, Amine El; Benfatah, Youssef; Rhila, Soukaina Ben; Rachik, Mostafa; Laaroussi, Adil El Alami May 31, 2020 7385
A Discrete Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Control of the Rumor Propagation in Online Social Network. Bhih, Amine El; Ghazzali, Rachid; Rhila, Soukaina Ben; Rachik, Mostafa; Laaroussi, Adil El Alami May 31, 2020 5821
Dynamics of a Stochastic SIRS Epidemic Model with Regime Switching and Specific Functional Response. Koufi, Amine EL; Bennar, Abdelkrim; Yousfi, Noura May 31, 2020 4626
Asymptotic Behavior of Multigroup SEIR Model with Nonlinear Incidence Rates under Stochastic Perturbations. Wang, Feng; Wang, Shan; Peng, Youhua May 31, 2020 5827
Engineering Application and Prediction of the Influence Area of the Rockfall Hazards. Liao, Xiaohui; Wang, Xueliang; Li, Lihui; Liu, Haiyang; Yang, Zhifa; Chen, Zigan May 31, 2020 8042
Antisynchronization of the Hyperchaotic Systems with Uncertainty and Disturbance Using the UDE-Based Control Method. Wang, Zuoxun; Yu, Xiaotong; Wang, Guijuan May 31, 2020 3115
Integrating Dynamics into Design and Motion Optimization of a 3-PRR Planar Parallel Manipulator with Discrete Time Transfer Matrix Method. Si, Guoning; Chu, Mengqiu; Zhang, Zhuo; Li, Haijie; Zhang, Xuping May 31, 2020 11204
Reweighted Covariance Fitting Based on Nonconvex Schatten-p Minimization for Gridless Direction of Arrival Estimation. Alabideen, Lama Zien; Dakkak, Oumayma Al-; Khorzom, Khaldoun May 31, 2020 7748

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