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Numbers in the news.

86 Percent of adults surveyed who sag that the U.S. economy is poor or not good [as of September 9, 2008].

56 Percent of registered voters surveyed who say that they view Republican candidate John McCain favorably (as of September 11, 2008).

55 Percent of registered voters surveyed who sag that they view Democratic candidate Barack Obama favorably (as of September 11, 2008).

85 Percent of registered voters who sag they are absolutely certain they will vote on November 4 (as of September 7, 2008).

64 Percent of voting-age citizens who cast ballots in the 2004 presidential election.

SOURCES: economy: ABE News Consumer Index; favorability ratings: Rasmussen Reports; likelihood of voting: Rasmussen Reports; voter turnout: U.S. Census Bureau.
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Publication:Junior Scholastic
Date:Sep 29, 2008
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