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Number plates.

Byline: K.M. Shafi - Karachi

THIS is apropos three letters 'Number plates' (Nov4, 9 and Dec 19) regarding traffic police imposing fines owing to the non-issuance of official number plates by the excise and taxation department, Sindh.

Our company was also facing a similar problem, but we have obtained a certificate from the in-charge number plates, motor registration wing, excise and taxation department, Sindh.

The department has certified that the original number plate has not yet been received from the manufacturer and the owner was allowed to drive the vehicle with temporary number plate with specified colour and font.

The writers of the above letters are advised to obtain this certificate from the excise and taxation department, Civic Center, Karachi, to avoid fines by traffic police.

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Author:K.M. Shafi - Karachi
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jan 11, 2020
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