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Number of under-35s taking own life goes up.

Byline: CLAIRE MILLER @birminghammail

BIRMINGHAM has seen the highest number of under-35s die due to suicide in at least 13 years.

A total of 37 people aged under 35 killed themselves in Birmingham in 2014, the highest number in a single year since at least 2002, when the number was 31.

In Solihull, there were seven suicides by under-35s in 2014, again the highest number since 2002.

However, Wolverhampton, where four under-35s killed themselves in 2014, saw the lowest number of deaths since 2002.

In Solihull, the suicide rate was 5.6 per 100,000 in 2012-2014, the highest level since 2003-2005, with 10 deaths.

In Birmingham, there were 73 suicides involving under-35s in 2012-2014, a rate of 5.8 per 100,000 people.

This was up from both 2009-2011 and 2006-2008, but a lower rate than in 2003-2005, when the suicide rate was 6.2 per 100,000, although there were 71 deaths. Across England, there were 1,200 suicides of people aged under 35 in 2014, the highest number since 1,261 in 2004 and up from 1,108 in 2013.

The number of deaths in this age group had been falling from 2002 to 2006 but rose slightly and stayed steady at just over 1,100 deaths a year between 2007 and 2013.

The suicide rate in England rose to 7 per 100,000, from 6.4 in 2013, overtaking Wales for the first time.

In England and Wales, suicide is defined as deaths given an underlying cause of intentional self-harm or injury/poisoning of undetermined intent. The figures from the Office for National Statistics are for persons aged between 10 and 34 years old and deaths of non-residents are excluded.

Figures are for deaths registered in each calendar year. Due to the time it takes to hold an inquest, figures presented may have occurred months, or even years, before they were registered.

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
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Date:Jul 4, 2016
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