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Jeno F. Paulucci, America's Number One Entrepreneur, was inducted into the World Entrepreneur Hall of Fame in Monte Carlo, Monaco on June 7. Paulucci was cited for creating more than 50 companies and 70 brands in a career spanning six decades.

Paulucci was joined by entrepreneur champions from 25 other countries in the prestigious worldwide program conducted by Ernst & Young. Ten thousand entrepreneurs from around the globe were nominated.

The 85-year-old Paulucci is Founder and Chairman of Luigino's, Inc., headquartered in Sanford, Florida, which produces the Michelina's and Budget Gourmet brands of frozen entrees.

Speaking to his peers during a debate on the role of entrepreneurs in society, Paulucci stressed "There is no power greater than he who creates jobs." He challenged his fellow entrepreneurs to develop new solutions to help ease economic, political, and social problems and create opportunity for struggling millions around the world.

"We have an opportunity to help make the 21st century a better, safer place with greater economic rewards to be shared as broadly and as deeply as humanly possible," Paulucci said, to sustained applause from the audience.

Paulucci was named America's leading entrepreneur by Ernst & Young, beating out 4,000 nominees. Besides Luigino's, which accounts for 25 percent of North America's frozen entree sales, Paulucci runs 10 other companies, including Republic Banks, Self Serve Foods, Arden International and the Heathrow Land and Development Corporation.

Paulucci and his family created the new city of Heathrow near Orlando, Florida. He is the Founder and served as National Chairman of the National Italian American Foundation, Washington, D.C., for its first 17 years. His companies included The Chun King Corporation, Jeno's, Inc. and Wilderness pie fillings. He chaired the worldwide Cornelius Company and is the founding chairman of R.J. Reynolds Foods, which became RJR-Nabisco.
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Title Annotation:Jeno F. Paulucci inducted into the World Entrepreneur Hall of Fame
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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