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Number Nine Unveils Aggressively Priced High-Performance 3D Graphics and Video Accelerator

Based on S3's ViRGE/VX Chip, New 9FX Reality 772 Leads Industry on Value
 with Attractive Bundling and User-Upgradable Memory

LEXINGTON, Mass., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Number Nine Visual Technology Corp. (Nasdaq: NINE), a world leader in high-performance PC graphics solutions, today unveiled the 9FX Reality 772, its most powerful 64-bit 2D, 3D and video accelerator designed to date. The 9FX Reality 772 is targeted at power users who want it all -- lightning fast GUI acceleration, full featured video acceleration, the latest in 3D games technology, and blazing fast DOS video performance -- all at a price point that will establish a new benchmark for 64-bit VRAM-based graphics acceleration. The PCI-based board is powered by the new, state-of-the-art S3D ViRGE/VX graphics controller from S3, Inc. This processor combines a 64-bit 2D graphics engine, an advanced 3D rendering engine and a Streams(TM) Processor that yields superior, full-screen video and MPEG playback.

The 9FX Reality 772 is equipped in either 2 megabyte or 4 megabyte high- speed, dual-ported VRAM configurations. Those who purchase a 2 megabyte board are guaranteed a future upgrade path with an available 2 megabyte snap-on VRAM memory module. The added memory will enable users to boost the number of colors at higher resolutions and increase graphics performance in both 2D and 3D applications as the demands on their graphics subsystem increase.

Exciting New Pricing

The recent decline in memory prices has allowed Number Nine to pass on significant savings to the end user with an aggressively priced, high- performance, 64-bit VRAM graphics accelerator. Prices for the 9FX Reality 772 start as low as $199. Number Nine believes that at this price point, it will provide users with one of the best price/performers in the industry for a ViRGE/VX-based graphics card. As an added benefit to the user, the 9FX Reality 772 will ship standard with several exciting 3D game titles.

"The 9FX Reality 772 brings storming VRAM-based 2D/3D performance down to the lowest price point ever, and further protects the users' investment by providing an upgrade path when they choose to move to higher resolutions and color depths," said Mel Jackson, director of product marketing, Number Nine Visual Technology Corp. "Number Nine's aggressive pricing strategy gives us a clear edge over competing graphics technology and offers users the power of dual ported VRAM at a very attractive price. Our bundled software will make this card even more appealing to users looking for the best value in a high- performance graphics card."

Advanced Capabilities

Number Nine's 9FX Reality 772 offers a wide range of 3D rendering features that deliver a striking level of image quality and realism for PC-based 3D games and applications. The 9FX Reality 772's 3D rendering capabilities include: hardware texture mapping with perspective correction, bilinear filtering, MIP Mapping, 16-bit Z-Buffering, alpha-blending, fogging, support for compressed texture formats, and MUX buffering -- making it an ideal 3D accelerator for the new batch of Direct3D enabled games that will be available just in time for Christmas.

The 9FX Reality 772 supports Microsoft's(R) DirectX(TM) API's which includes DirectDraw, Direct3D, and ActiveMovie. For video and/or MPEG Video- CD playback, the 9FX Reality 772 utilizes on-board color interpolation and X/Y video scaling for smooth, full screen video playback at up to 30 frames / second.

Supported Resolutions/Colors
 Maximum Colors
 Maximum Vertical Refresh Rate (Hz) Max. Virtual
 640 x 800 x 1024 x 1152 x 1280 x 1600 x 2048 x
 480 600 768 864 1024 1200 864
 2MB 16.8M 16.8M 65K 65K 256 256 256
 VRAM 115 150 150 150 100 81 --
 4MB 16.8M 16.8M 16.8M 16.8M 16.8M 65K 65K
 VRAM 115 150 100 100 85 81 --

Pricing and Availability

The 9FX Reality 772, available in 2-megabyte and 4-megabyte VRAM configurations, has an estimated street price (ESP) of $199 and $279 (respectively). A 2-megabyte VRAM memory module is available directly from Number Nine for only $99. The 9FX Reality 772 will begin shipping in volume in November 1996.

The 9FX Reality 772 ships standard with Number Nine's own high- performance, high quality drivers for Windows(R)95, Windows 3.1, Windows NT(TM)3.51 and NT 4.0, AutoCad(TM) and MicroStation(TM). Number Nine's advanced display control utility suites HawkEye(TM) for Windows and HawkEye '95 are also provided. The board will be bundled standard with MPEG Arcade Player from MediaMatics, Inc., Havoc (a very cool S3-ported ViRGE/VX-ready game) from Reality Bytes, Inc., Total Access from Earthlink, and more.

About Number Nine

Number Nine Visual Technology Corporation is a leading innovator and supplier of high-performance visual technology solutions, including video/graphics accelerator subsystems, chips and productivity-enhancing software. Number Nine is a publicly-held company (Nasdaq: NINE) headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts. International Data Corporation ranks Number Nine as the fourth-largest manufacturer of graphics and video accelerator boards for the PC, and the third in revenue worldwide for high-end graphics accelerators in their Desktop Graphics and Multimedia Report dated August, 1996. The company is a pioneer in PC graphics, delivering the first 128-bit graphics accelerator, the first 256-color and 16.8 million-color cards, and the first cards to process graphics independently of the host CPU. In addition to its headquarters, Number Nine has marketing and sales offices in Munich, London and Tokyo.

Number Nine, 9FX Reality and HawkEye are registered trademarks and Imagine is a trademark of Number Nine Visual Technology Corporation. All rights reserved. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

This press release contains forward-looking statements as that term is defined in the private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements are based on management's current expectations and are subject to a number of factors and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those described herein, depending on such factors as are described under "Certain Factors That May Affect Future Results of Operations" in the Company's Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for its 1996 second fiscal quarter, dated June 29, 1996, as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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