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Null Physics Declared a "Significant Contribution" to Modern Physics.

According to readers, Our Undiscovered Universe: Introducing Null Physics introduces a new theory that casts a questionable light on the Big Bang

MINNEAPOLIS -- People are doubting the most fiercely held paradigm of modern physics - the Big Bang. According to the June 7-13 issue of New Scientist magazine, author Michael Brooks concludes that physicists may be forced to go back to the drawing board to develop better models to describe cosmic events.

Null Physics may be the undoing of the Big Bang. With Null Physics, Terence Witt presents an intricate, four-dimensional expression of our universe in which energy and space constitute existence. Most importantly, the universe is infinite and eternal; it did not begin with a bang nor will it end with a whimper. With his analysis, Witt hopes to increase the public's awareness of fatal flaws in the Big Bang theory and to propel them to ask questions that lead to logical conclusions.

"My goal from the very beginning has been to provide answers to important questions other theories ignore," said Witt. "Knowing with certainty what our universe is made of at its smallest level helps to answer ancient questions such as why it exists. Answering fundamental questions is the only way to achieve greater advancements."

Our Undiscovered Universe: Introducing Null Physics represent Witt's life work. The modern physics community is beginning to recognize his book's growing importance. Recently the June issue of The Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada endorsed Witt's book by declaring it "a significant contribution."

College and university professors have also started to react with their approval. "This book asks the right questions," said Dr. Hamid Rassoul, Professor of Physics and Space Sciences at Florida Institute of Technology. "Our Undiscovered Universe is the mental portrait of a free-thinker who is not conformed to the world of traditional physicists, and it has rarely been surpassed in the world of popular science literature."

Be prepared: Null Physics is advancing modern physics.

About Terence Witt

Terence Witt is the founder and former CEO of Witt Biomedical Corporation. He holds a BSEE from Oregon State University and lives in Florida. Our Undiscovered Universe: Introducing Null Physics is Witt's first book. To read more about Terence Witt and his latest breakthroughs go to BRIO is located in Minneapolis, MN and is a publishing company focused on the self-publishing market.
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Date:Jun 12, 2008
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