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Nude pose is good enough for Mensa.

A 41-year-old divorcee with an IQ of 154 and a history of writing for church magazines has become the first nude to appear on the cover of the magazine of Mensa, the Wolverhampton-based organisation for super-intelligent people.

Mensa said the cover did not mark a change of direction for the organisation, which has had a troubled history in recent years despite the massive combined brainpower of its members.

On the cover, Mrs Jan Goodenough, a mother-of-two, poses sitting on a rock, her head resting pensively on one hand in an imitation of the famous Rodin sculpture, The Thinker.

Mrs Goodenough, a teacher, was the winner of the Mensa Brain of the Millennium debate last year and writes liturgies for the Anglican church.

She has had worked published by the Church Pastoral Aid Society and by Scripture Union and is writing a book on Christianity in the new Millennium.

Mensa magazine editor Brian Page said: "It was all done in the best possible taste. Posing nude was Jan's idea and the decision was made with a lot of thought.

"I don't expect a feminine backlash. Most Mensans are intelligent enough to see that it is not at all salacious, but is in fact a very thoughtful way of attracting interest to a very important issue."

Mrs Goodenough said she had decided to pose for the picture to illustrate an article she had written on a new college based on "holistic education", demonstrating that the mind and the body were one.

She said: "This is not just an intelligent woman getting her kit off. To me the picture says that a person is more than their body and their mind put together.

"I also think it is something of a feminist statement because the original sculpture was that of a man.
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Author:Medical, JON HUNT
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Sep 25, 1999
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