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Crystallization Behavior of Polylactide Matrix Under the Influence of Nano-magnetite. Gong, Xinghou; Cheng, Cheng; Tang, Chak Yin; Law, Wing-Cheung; Lin, Xueting; Chen, Yehuang; Chen, Li Report Mar 1, 2019 5678
Effects of melt structure on non-isothermal crystallization behavior of isotactic polypropylene nucleated with [alpha]/[beta] compounded nucleating agents. Zhang, Qiyan; Peng, Hongmei; Kang, Jian; Cao, Ya; Xiang, Ming Report Sep 1, 2017 6118
Effect of Propane and NaCl-SDS Solution on Nucleation Process of Mine Gas Hydrate. Zhang, Qiang; Wu, Qiang; Zhang, Hui Report Jan 1, 2017 6511
Synergistic effect of self-assembling nucleating agent and crystallization promoter on polypropylene random copolymer pipes via rotation extrusion. Li, Yijun; Nie, Min; Wang, Qi Report Aug 1, 2016 5052
Bacteria use cool trick to make ice. Schwartz, Sarah Brief article May 28, 2016 259
Nucleating agents for high-density polyethylene--a review. Seven, Karl M.; Cogen, Jeffrey M.; Gilchrist, James F. Report May 1, 2016 11629
Effect of sepiolite on the crystallization behavior of biodegradable poly(lactic acid) as an efficient nucleating agent. Wu, Jun; Zou, Xiaoxuan; Jing, Bo; Dai, Wenli Report May 1, 2015 7044
Nucleation effects of sodium and ammonium salts of 2,2'-methylene-bis-(4,6-di-t-butylphenylene)phosphate in isotactic polypropylene. Long, Lijuan; He, Wentao; Zhang, Minmin; Zhang, Kai; Qin, Shuhao; Yu, Jie Report Jan 1, 2015 4023
Preparation of micro/nanocellular polypropylene foam with crystal nucleating agents. Miyamoto, Ryoma; Yasuhara, Shunya; Shikuma, Haruo; Ohshima, Masahiro Report Sep 1, 2014 5046
A highly effective reactive liquid crystal for the improved [beta]-nucleation of isotactic polypropylene. Li, Qing; Zhang, Xiaoyuan; Li, Jingfeng; Ouyang, Zhaofei; Wang, Haixia; Wei, Gang; Su, Zhiqiang Report Sep 1, 2014 4340
Aerosol filtration properties of nucleating agent containing electret filters. Kilic, Ali; Shim, Eunkyoung; Pourdeyhimi, Behnam; Yeom, Bong-Yeol Report Jul 1, 2014 2980
The Nucleation Effect and Thermal Behavior of Poly(L-lactic acid) in the Presence of a Bisamides Compound. Report Jun 30, 2014 2573
Bubble nucleation in nonpressurized polymer foaming systems. Emami, Maryam; Thompson, Michael R.; Vlachopoulos, John Report May 1, 2014 5890
Talc as a nucleating agent and reinforcing filler in polylactic acid composites. Thomas, A. Shakoor, N.L. Report Jan 1, 2014 4415
Field detection of microcracks to define the nucleation stage of earthquake occurrence. Fujinawa, Y.; Noda, Y.; Takahashi, K.; Kobayashi, M.; Takamatsu, K.; Natsumeda, J. Report Jan 1, 2014 9948
Nonisothermal crystallization kinetics of poly(lactide)--effect of plasticizers and nucleating agent. Courgneau, Cecile; Ducruet, Violette; Averous, Luc; Grenet, Jean; Domenek, Sandra Report May 1, 2013 9742
Influence of [beta]-nucleation on polymorphism and properties in random copolymers and terpolymers of propylene. Benavente, Rosario; Caveda, Susana; Perez, Ernesto; Blazquez, Enrique; Pena, Begona; van Grieken, Ra Report Nov 1, 2012 7694
Nucleation effect of clay on crystallization of polypropylene under carbon dioxide. Oda, Takafumi; Kono, Fumiya; Saito, Hiromu Report Oct 1, 2012 4685
Crystallization of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) with stereocomplexed polylactide as biodegradable nucleation agent. Chang, Ling; Woo, Eamor M. Report Jul 1, 2012 3353
Preparation and characteristics of a novel nano-sized calcium carbonate (nano-CaCO.sub.3)-supported nucleating agent of poly(L-lactide). Han, Lijing; Han, Changyu; Bian, Junjia; Bian, Yijie; Lin, Haijuan; Wang, Xuemei; Zhang, Huiliang; D Report Jul 1, 2012 6938
Using beta nucleation to improve the thermoforming characteristics of polypropylene. Jacoby, Philip Jul 1, 2012 2393
Synthesis and Nucleating Effect of N, N'-Bis(Benzoyl) Terephthalic Acid Dihydrazide. Yan-Hua Cai Report Jun 30, 2012 2250
Crystallization behavior and nucleation analysis of poly(L-lactic acid) with multiamide nucleating agent. Song, Ping; Wei, Zhiyong; Liang, Jicai; Chen, Guangyi; Zhang, Wanxi Report May 1, 2012 6474
Enhanced orientation of the water-assisted injection-molded iPP in the presence of nucleating agent. Zheng, Guo-Qiang; Jia, Zhenhua; Liu, Xianhu; Liu, Baochen; Zhang, Xiaoli; Dai, Kun; Shao, Chunguang; Report Apr 1, 2012 3791
The influence of DMDBS on the morphology and mechanical properties of polypropylene cast films. Pol, Harshawardhan V; Sreenivas, K.; Kumaraswamy, Guruswamy Report Oct 1, 2011 6698
The effect of a sodium octacosanoate-based nucleating agent on the crystallization of thermoplastic polyurethanes. Freitag, C.P.M.; Riegel, I.C.; Pezzin, S.H.; Costa, M.L.; Amico, S.C. Report May 1, 2011 5562
The formation of [beta]-polypropylene crystals in a compatibilized blend of isotactic polypropylene and polyamide-6. Zhang, Rong Hua; Shi, De An; Tsui, Chi Pong; Tang, Chak Yin; Tjong, Sie Chin; Li, Robert Kwok Yiu Report Feb 1, 2011 5003
The nucleation effect of modified carbon black on crystallization of poly(lactic acid). Su, Zhizhong; Li, Qiuying; Liu, Yongjun; Guo, Weihong; Wu, Chifei Report Aug 1, 2010 4871
AFM investigation of Borax (100) face: two-dimensional nucleation growth. Suharso; Parkinson, Gordon; Ogden, Mark Report Sep 1, 2008 1922
Conventional and nanometric nucleating agents in poly([epsilon]-caprolactone) foaming: crystals vs. bubbles nucleation. Marrazzo, Carlo; Di Maio, Ernesto; Iannace, Salvatore Technical report Feb 1, 2008 5715
Optimizing the balance between impact strength and stiffness in polypropylene/elastomer blends by incorporation of a nucleating agent. Fanegas, N.; Gomez, M.A.; Jimenez, I.; Marco, C.; Garcia-Martinez, J.M.; Ellis, G. Technical report Jan 1, 2008 4364
The effect of nanoclays on the nucleation, crystallization, and melting mechanisms of isotactic polypropylene. Medellin-Rodriguez, F.J.; Mata-Padilla, J.M.; Hsiao, B.S.; Waldo-Mendoza, M.A.; Ramirez-Vargas, E.; Technical report Nov 1, 2007 4371
Hydrodynamics of Partial Nucleate Boiling by PIV Technique. Basic, Sani; Skerget, Leopold; Marn, Jure Report Jun 1, 2007 3377
Flexible supercritical C[O.sub.2]-assisted process for poly(methyl methacrylate) structure formation. Reverchon, E.; Rappo, E. Schiavo; Cardea, S. Feb 1, 2006 4997
Shear stress nucleation in microcellular foaming process. Chen, Lee; Wang, Xiang; Straff, Rich; Blizard, Kent Abstract Jun 1, 2002 3544
PP runs faster than ever with new nucleator. (Additives). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 188
Crystallization Characteristics of Polyoxymethylene With Attapulgite as Nucleating Agent. Xu, Wej-Bing; He, Ping-Sheng Nov 1, 2001 3218
Effect of molecular weight on crystallization and melting of poly(trimethylene terephthalate). 1: Isothermal and dynamic crystallization. Wang, Xue-Song; Yan, Deyue; Tian, Guo-Hua; Li, Xin-Gui Oct 1, 2001 5796
Comparison of Structure Development in Quiescent Crystallization, Die Extrusion and Melt Spinning of Isotactic Polypropylene and Its Compounds Containing Fillers and Nucleating Agents. YU, YISHAN; WHITE, JAMES L. Jul 1, 2001 3092
The Crystallization Kinetics of Polyamide 66 in Non-isothermal and Isothermal Conditions: Effect of Nucleating Agent and Pressure. WON, J. C.; FULCHIRON, R.; DOUILLARD, A.; CHABERT, B.; VARLET, J.; CHOMIER, D. Sep 1, 2000 3667
Nucleation and Growth of Calcite on Native Versus Pyrolyzed Oyster Shell Folia. SIKES, C. S.; WHEELER, A. P.; WIERZBICKI, A.; MOUNT, A. S.; DILLAMAN, R. M. Feb 1, 2000 10588
Tiny gems on steps find future in films. Weiss, P. Brief Article Jan 8, 2000 578
Effects of nucleating agent and processing conditions on the mechanical, thermal, and optical properties of biaxially oriented polypropylene films. Yuksekkalayci, Celal; Yilmazer, Ulku; Orbey, Nese Jul 1, 1999 2511
Iron casters discuss keys to optimizing inoculation. Spada, Alfred T. Jun 1, 1998 2255
Trans- and dimethyl quinacridone nucleation of isotactic polypropylene. Sterzynski, T.; Calo, P.; Lambla, M.; Thomas, M. Dec 1, 1997 5275
A study of cell nucleation in the extrusion of polypropylene foams. Park, Chul B.; Cheung, Lewis K. Jan 1, 1997 6265
A microcellular processing study of poly(ethylene terephthalate) in the amorphous and semicrystalline states, part I, Microcell nucleation. Baldwin, Daniel F.; Park, Chul B.; Suh, Nam P. Jun 15, 1996 6145
A microcellular processing study of poly(ethylene terephthalate) in the amorphous and semicrystalline states, part II, Cell growth and process design. Baldwin, Daniel F.; Park, Chul B.; Suh, Nam P. Jun 15, 1996 5909
Effect of pressure drop rate on cell nucleation in continuous processing of microcellular polymers. Park, Chul B.; Baldwin, Daniel F.; Suh, Nam P. Mar 15, 1995 5432
Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation. Ramesh, N.S.; Rasmussen, Don H.; Campbell, Gregory A. Nov 1, 1994 7319
Experimental results and discussion. Ramesh, N.S.; Rasmussen, Don H.; Campbell, G.A. Nov 1, 1994 3793
Effect of pressure and temperature on nucleation. Goel, Satish K.; Beckman, Eric J. Jul 1, 1994 4864

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