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Nuclear opponent is in good company.

SIR - Former Labour First Minister Rhodri Morgan wonders whether Jeremy Corbyn has blown his hopes of election victory with his refusal to launch Trident nuclear weapons (Opinion, October 3).

Those hostile to Corbyn like to assert a Labour leader who advocates doing away with nuclear WMDs could never get elected.

Harold Wilson led the Labour Party to victory in the 1964 General Election - at the height of the Cold War and only two years after the Cuban Missile crisis - backed by an election manifesto that stated: "We are not prepared any longer to waste the country's resources on endless duplication of strategic nuclear weapons. We shall propose the renegotiation of the Nassau agreement [to buy Polaris, the predecessor of Trident]. Our stress will be on the strengthening of our conventional regular forces so that we can contribute our share to Nato defence and also fulfil our peacekeeping commitments to the Commonwealth and the UN. We are against the development of national nuclear deterrents" It added: "We believe in the inter-dependence of the western alliance and will put forward constructive proposals for integrating all Nato's nuclear weapons under effective political control."

Albert Einstein, perhaps the greatest scientific genius of the last century, with more than 50 Nobel laureates, signed the 1955 Mainau Declaration against nuclear weapons in 1955.

In October 2009, a few years before he died, Robert McNamara, one of Kennedy's advisers during the Cuban Missile Crisis and former Secretary for Defence in the US, wrote a compelling piece for the important Foreign Affairs journal, called "Apocalypse Soon" which argued for nuclear disarmament.

General Lee Butler who was in charge of all the US nuclear weapons in 1991 now strongly advocates nuclear disarmament.

Henry A Kissinger (US Secretary of State from 1973 to 1977), Colin Powell (former US Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, Commander of the US Army Forces Command and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) George P. Shultz (US Secretary of State 1982-1989), William J. Perry (Secretary of Defense, 1994 to January 1997), ex-Senator Sam Nunn (Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee) are also now collectively calling for nuclear disarmament.

Speaking at the Hay literary festival in 2013 former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix pointedly asked if Trident was "required to protect UK independence or UK pride". And he asserted it is time for Britain to halt its Trident nuclear programme.

Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn has more support for nuclear disarmament than Rhodri gives him credit for.

Dr David Lowry Former director, European Proliferation Information Centre (EPIC), Stoneleigh, Surrey Word on the web 'Forced labour, sexual exploitation and human tissue harvesting is going on in Wales right now' ( OVER 50 reports ... but only five defendants facing court action? Like the recent brothel/car wash story where all these claims are made but never actioned. You'd think given that people's lives are in jeopardy that these crusaders would get out and stop it Craig Morris HOW does this happen in a civilised country? Janie Bartlett "HUMAN tissue harvesting is happening in Wales."

Yeah, sure it is.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 13, 2015
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