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Nubian/Boer goat crosses can have a positive outcome.

COUNTRYSIDE: I just wanted to give a quick answer to Travis and Melissa Horst's question about crossing Nubian does with a Boer buck. By all means, do so. We have been crossing our Nubian milkers with a Boer or Boer/Mytonic buck for several years and are very pleased with the outcome--fast growing, meatier kids for the table. We have never had a problem with kidding other than a yearling first freshener with a single buck kid, and she would have had a problem no matter what she was bred to. The cross has a hybrid vigor that both the Nubian and Boers seem to lack. We have been culling does that have problems so that for the most part our animals require little in the way of "store bought food" or excessive medical attention. We are a pair of 50-plus year-old sisters who live on 120 acres in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains and don't want to wrestle 150-200-pound goats if we can help it. If you plan to eat what you grow it only makes sense to produce more meat per animal without more output. To us that's the name of the game. Good luck and if we can be of any help just give us a holler.--Carolyn or Sandy Cavender;

COUNTRYSIDE: In response to the question in the Nov/Dec 2005 issue about crossing Boer and Nubian goats: A Nubian doe that has kidded a time or two should do fine having Boer cross kids, but to be safer, breed a Boer doe to a Nubian buck. The result is bigger, heavier-boned kids. Such cross does can then be bred back to a Boer buck and will do fine and have a greater milk production. We, too, raise Boers and Nubians and have had good results with this.--Larry & Gwen Meier, Woodward, OK

COUNTRYSIDE: I have been raising goats for about 11 years and when I crossed my Nubians with a Boer buck, I did not have any trouble. Nubians are usually big goats, so are Boers. The only ones you may need to watch are first time kidders. Not just because they were bred to a Boer buck, but because they may not know what to do. I have also noticed that Boer kids tend to be smaller than dairy kids when they are born, but they grow rather quickly. Even though they may be smaller, they are sure to be heavier. If you re unsure about using a full-blood Boer, then use a part-blood to begin with. You can get more information by going to Nichols, Colorado

COUNTRYSIDE: I would use a Boer buck on the Nubian does and the does should be at least a year old before you breed them. Make sure they are current on worming and vaccinations. I have had many 50% and up Nubian/ Boer cross does kid, usually without a problem. Right now a friend of mine has three purebred Nubian does (they are two years old) bred to my purebred Boer buck. They are due within the month. We waited until they were older as they are from a line that matures slowly.

The problem I have is that I don't want to milk and the Nubians are such big milk producers.

I wonder if they have a problem selling the goats for meat? In my area we have a huge population that eats goat meat. (It's great by the way, for those who have not tried it.) My son also sells a weather at our local fair, just like the kids that sell steers, lambs, and pigs.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at Sapp, Pasco, WA
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Author:Cavender, Carolyn; Cavender, Sandy; Meier, Larry; Meier, Gwen; Nichols, Cindy; Sapp, Liz
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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