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Now there's room for two cooks ... and a four-legged helper.

Making space for two people who really like to cook was the assignment of Berkeley kitchen designer Gillian Servais. For homeowners Theresa Thomas and George Haley, she took out a wall that divided a dark kitchen from a small but bright breakfast room to increase the sense of spaciousness and let natural light reach both areas.

Servais also designed a large, efficient central island to serve as the kitchen's major food-preparation and storgae area. Inset in its top is a big marble slab that's a useful work surface, especially for pastry or candy making. It's surrounded by hand-painted tiles.

Just under the top along one side of the island, four cutting boards slide out; together, they can increase work space by almost half. Below the boards, an oversize drawer stores four and sugar in plexiglass bins; another holds large trays and pot tops between plywood diviers. On the other side of the island, a stool slips under a roomy utensil drawer; below two adjacent drawers is a carpeted per bed.

Servais replaced the old linoleum on the kitchen floor with gray-green decomposed granite tile that complements that dark hardwood floor of the breakfast area.
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Title Annotation:kitchen remodeling
Date:Jun 1, 1985
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