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Now our school children will be put to the test.

Byline: By Angharad Mair

At last! The government has conceded what we knew all along - children in the last part of the 20th Century didn't suddenly become cleverer or begin developing unimaginably huge brain cells.

They were given coursework to pass their exams. That coursework could be done at home with the help of parents or the help of fully written answers from the internet.

And if they didn't do that well, they could do it again and again until they got the desired result.

Kids were happy because they could effectively guarantee their own A-grade results, and the teachers were happy because this kind of result-fixing made them look good too.

And the Government was happy because with all these wonderful passes they could con us all into thinking that their education policy surpassed all others.

Now coursework is to be stopped altogether in some subjects and that can only be a good thing for everyone.

It always bothered me that it was bound to be the poorer and the most disadvantaged in society that would suffer by the coursework scenario.

Those without computers at home couldn't possibly compete with those that did.

Children from families who didn't have the aptitude to help couldn't compete with children from families where parents did the coursework for them.

Coursework is fine as long as it is done in school because, whether or not you agree with the examination system, at least it was fair on everybody. So hip hurrah at last for some common sense.
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 8, 2006
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