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Now is time to come together; SAYS.

MULTICULTURALISM may have failed.

Except most people did not need to be told this by Prime Minister David Cameron. A well-intentioned dream of out-of-touch politicians, the reality in places like Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry has sometimes been very different.

There are indeed many areas where people of all faiths, colours and nationalities live happily side-by-side, mixing cultures and customs and co-existing in harmony. But there are still some places where ethnic communities have closed ranks and withdrawn - and politicians have done nothing seriously to be address that issue.

New Labour championed multiculturalism and at the same time opened the doors to mass immigration, and then denied there was any downside to that policy.

Anyone who argued against them was immediately branded old fashioned, or even worse - racist.

What the Government desperately need to do now is to make it clear that multiculturalism has nothing to do with ethnicity - it is about community.

Not to do so would allow every right-wing extremist group in Britain, such as the loathsome English Defence League, to hijack the Prime Minister's well-intentioned comments.

The time has come to focus on what can bring us together as a society and what we can do to overcome the differences between us.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Feb 6, 2011
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