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Now is the time.

The aim of this paper is to consider some logical aspects of the debate between the view that the present is the only 'real' time, and the View that the present is not in any way metaphysically privileged. In particular I shall set out a language of first-order predicate tense logic with a now predicate, and a first order (extensional) language with an abstraction operator, in such a way that each language can be shewn to be exactly translatable into the other. I shew that this translation is preserved at the metalinguistic level, so that equivalent truth conditions can be defined in a tensed metalanguage or an indexical metalanguage. I then make some remarks about the connection between proofs of relative consistency and metaphysical truth; and some historical remarks about Arthur Prior's use of formal logic in expressing his presentist views.
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Title Annotation:PHILOSOPHICAL ABSTRACTS; present is the real time
Author:Cresswell, Max
Publication:The Review of Metaphysics
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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