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Now for a biting attack!

Hi everyone, hope the summer is treating you all well!

Doesn't time fly? Doesn't seem like two minutes since I wrote my last column!

I have really enjoyed the summer, being back with my friends and family.

But I must say I will be glad to start back at university in September!

The weather has picked up near where I live in Doncaster and I have certainly been to my fair share of barbecues and parties over the last few months.

Only there is one thing that keeps spoiling such events for me - toothache, one of the most painful things I can imagine.

And another thing. I never knew it could be so hard to find a dentist!

I have always had good, healthy teeth until I needed a filling when I was about 17.

But recently I have been experiencing terrible toothache and I am in great deal of discomfort.

I have contacted many dentists in my local and surrounding area and it appears that they are all full as they are unwilling to take me as a patient.

I even rang the hospital as they have an emergency dental department for unregistered patients. But they, too, were unwilling to take me unless I was experiencing "acute pain".

What kind of message does this send out?

I was always registered with a dentist when I was younger. For some reason I stopped receiving appointment check-ups and it became clear that I was no longer a patient.

It is really is beyond a joke now. Must we really wait until there is something very wrong with our teeth until someone will take us on as a patient?

From what I see on the news and read in the papers this is becoming more of a problem.

Many people are being left without a dentist or other medical services, which is causing a great deal of problems and discomfort for people all over the country.

* Finally, I would like to apologise to one of my close friends whose 21st birthday I completely forgot about. I'm so sorry and hope you had a terrific time.
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Aug 11, 2005
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