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New Edition--Accounting Trends & Techniques (No. 009893CPA11) has provided up-to-date financial statements and auditors' reports that professionals have used as guidance for improving their reporting performance. Accounting Trends & Techniques 2001 contains: accounting presentations, discussions and trends illustrated with many excerpts and tables; descriptions of the latest terminology and explanatory language used in auditors' reports; techniques to measure your accounting and reporting techniques against those used in recently published annual reports; reporting methods of 600 of the top industrial, merchandising, technology and service corporations in the country; and valuable insights from examples of annual reports illustrating current SEC disclosure requirements.

The publication also now features specific examples of recent rulings, an index that cross references all pronouncements discussed in the narration portion of each section, and a revised appendix that features company names both in numerical order and in alphabetical order.

Price: Dual AICPA/state society member, $98.40; AICPA member, $104.55; state society member, $110.70; non-member, $123.

Just Updated--Accountant's Business Manual (No. 029418CPA11) has proven to be a dependable, complete "quick answer book" on a wide array of business, legal, tax and financial questions. Updated twice a year for new trends and developments, this two-volume loose-leaf bestseller provides guidance on emerging areas of concerns and opportunity, such as addressing e-business questions on the impact of this revolutionary new way of conducting business.

More than 1,000 pages, Accountant's Business Manual helps you save time with broad topical coverage that includes individual and corporate tax changes, obtaining financing, investment vehicles, insurance, employment regulations, cash management, business plans, unemployment insurance and human resources.

Special Bonus--ABM Toolkit on CD-ROM. With the Manual, you will get a free, interactive CD-ROM with valuable practice aids. You will have instant access to worksheets, sample agreements, checklists and other forms that can be tailored to your needs and used immediately. Semiannual supplements are shipped upon approval.

Price: Dual AICPA/state society member, $151.80; AICPA member, $161.29; state society member, $170.78; non-member, $189.75.

New--2001 Tax Practice Guides and Checklists (No. 059533CPA11). Developed by the Tax Practice Guides Committee of the AICPA Tax Division, these guides and checklists will be helpful to every tax practitioner. This collection contains 400 pages, providing users with invaluable material for preparation and review of all principal tax forms, letters of transmittal to clients, model engagement letters and other helpful guides. Return preparation and review checklists for all the principal tax forms are included.

System Requirements: Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 with Service Pack or later; minimum 16MB RAM for Acrobat; Pentium processor-based; 75MB of hard-drive space; CD-ROM drive.

Price (paperbound): Dual AICPA/state society member, $96; AICPA member, $102; state society member, $108; nonmember, $120. CD-ROM: AICPA Tax Section Member: free; dual AICPA/state society member, $96; AICPA member, $102; state society member, $108; nonmember, $120.

Smarter Audits (No. 018039CPA11), issued by the PCPS Executive Committee. Many CPA firms are finding it difficult to conduct an efficient audit while meeting professional requirements as the volume and complexity of professional standards increase. To that end, PCPS/The AICPA Alliance for CPA Firms commissioned a survey to gain information and suggestions from the experiences of other CPA firms that audit not-for-profit organizations.

Smarter Audits is a unique publication that takes the best and most topical information from the survey and presents you with information on unique challenges and opportunities -- and how to use them to your advantage, how to get the most from your tools and software, best practices for managing the client and retaining staff, proper planning, and risk assessment. In addition, get tips on how to add value to your audit engagements and see how your firm measures up to the surveyed CPA firms.

Price: Dual AICPA/state society member, $39.20; AICPA member, $41.65; state society member, $44.10; non-member, $49.
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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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