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Now It's Virtual High School Classes.

Students in Kentucky and Florida are escaping the drab walls of a high school classroom and are learning more than they ever imagined they could with the simple click of a computer mouse.

Both states have unveiled "virtual classrooms" that allow certain students to study English, math, science and take advanced classes via computer.

Florida's project began two years ago and serves 2,000 students, who arrive any time between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. online. The program features 51 different courses and includes such electives as ancient Latin and modern business technology.

Students do their classwork on the computer and interact with teachers via e-mail, telephone and the occasional face-to-face meeting. Classes are free, and the cyberschool employs full-time, certified teachers.

In Kentucky, school opened via cyberspace in January. Kentucky Virtual High School is aimed at students from small and rural schools who are unable to take advanced classes the traditional way because the districts are too remote or too poor to attract the teachers.

The cyberschool curriculum includes algebra, chemistry, physics, Latin and advanced placement calculus.

The classes are open to adults working toward GEDs or those learning English as a second language, as well as high school students.
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Date:Jan 1, 2000
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