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Now I've found my own space; Babylon 5 's Claudia on the split from Scots Braveheart Angus MacFadyen.


BABYLON 5 star Claudia Christian is in love with all things Scottish - thanks to Robert The Bruce.

The sexy actress - who plays Commander Susan Ivanova in the Star Trek spin-off Babylon 5 - has two Celtic men in her life - her dad, James Coghlan and ex-boyfriend Angus MacFadyen, who played Bruce in Braveheart.

Claudia's love of Scotland even extends to the weather - she can't get enough the pouring with rain.

She says: "Everyone thinks I'm mad, but I live in Los Angeles and it's such a desert. It's so dry."

She's been to Scotland at least a dozen times before, this time her trip is without Braveheart star Angus - she's back in Glasgow to record an album for the first ever sci-fi musical, Area 51, written by Scots student Daniel O'Brien and backed by Sir Cameron Mackintosh

The sci-fi star he reveals that she is well and truly over their affair - and happy to have found her own space.

She says: "You grow out of people in your life. Your ideals change."

"I've had lots of relationships and he's one of them. We don't keep in touch, but when do you keep in touch with your exes?"

Macfadyen, who most famously romanced Catherine Zeta Jones when she was in Darling Buds Of May and he starred in Soldier, Soldier, has gone on to play Bruce in Braveheart, Orson Welles in The Cradle Will Rock and Peter Lawford in The Rat Pack.

Claudia, however, dishes no dirt on any Angus persona and adds: "I wish him all happiness and no hard feelings.

"I'm usually the one that breaks up, so ex-boyfriends probably don't have nice things to say about me."

Claudia's last relationship was in December - she's been single since and adds: "I'm enjoying it. You sleep a lot better for a start."

So will her ex-lovers, one supposes, since 34-year-old Claudia is an intimidating woman in more ways than one.

She speaks French, Italian and German and has a cutlery set of swords, knives and daggers. while other 16-year-olds were collecting love bites, Claudia was searching for swords.

Claudia has 40 swords, 50 knives and a dozen dirks in a two-storey room in her home.

She admits: "They are intimidating and don't help my love life, but I enjoy collecting them."

Finding time to collect anything is hard - Claudia has an output of television, theatre, children's books and musical albums most of us would balk at.

The sci-fi musical, Area 51, is the brainchild of 21-year old Daniel O'Brien, who is still at Glasgow University studying film and television.

The buzz around the musical is intense. Not only is it the first musical of its kind, but Sir Cameron Mackintosh, currently producing My Fair Lady starring Martine McCutcheon, is part- funding it.

The first step to putting it on stage will be the concept album, which will be used to promote the funding of it as a full-blown musical around the globe.

Claudia, who has already recorded four Givin' Us The Blues and First Encounter over the next week in CaVa Studios in Glasgow.

She's Delores Fulborne in the musical, PA to Rick Adams, head of Area 51, the name given to America's top secret air base where, allegedly, aliens are held.

It also has rising star John Kielty, who was in last year's award-winning Scottish film One Life Stand.

Claudia's musical CV is as impeccable as the acting one - her first album was Taboo, a European dance album which sold a respectable 20,000 copies.

This was followed by Claudia Squared, with five members of the Babylon 5 cast.

Her latest album Once Upon A Time features both jazz and hard rock.

Writer Daniel O'Brien is clearly overawed at having such a famous actress as his star.

He admits: "I'm a big fan, not just for Babylon 5 but all her work.
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