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Now, Microsoft Too Entering Social Networking Arena? [Video]. Tulalip page screenshot when it opened

First it was Facebook and Twitter, then it was Google's Google+ and now Microsoft, reportedly, is trying to arrive at the social networking arena and claimed that the company accidentally leaked its upcoming social platform, codenamed 'Tulalip'.

The name 'Tulalip' is derived from the Native American tribe that resides near Redmond, Washington which is the headquarters of Microsoft. The above image is from the teaser page that was published on Microsoft's very own


, however, is now flashing an all-text page that says Tulalip is "an internal design project by Microsoft Research which was accidentally posted to the Web." It later continues to say "We didn't mean to, honest." page now

This has now raised questions if Microsoft is trying to compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Bing is also expected to play a major role in the search feature that was present on the login page, and the website will work as a companion service to a user's existing Facebook and Twitter networks.

If Microsoft's Tulalip becomes a reality then the social networking war can become little more intense,



Check out the video below:

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Jul 16, 2011
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