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Noveon[R] Consumer Specialties of Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.



9911 Brecksville Road

Cleveland OH 44141, USA


800-379-5389 (toll free)

216-447-5740 (fax)


Company Description

Noveon[R] Consumer Specialties of Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc. is a leading global producer of advanced specialty chemicals for a broad range of consumer and industrial applications. Our history dates to the 1870s. Through the years the company built upon its achievements and product innovations and today that legacy continues as Noveon[R] Consumer Specialties, of Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Lubrizol Corporation. As part of the Lubrizol family, Noveon[R] Consumer Specialties is positioned to take innovation further, with advanced technology, unsurpassed expertise, a strong global infrastructure and, always, one focus: our customers' success.

Key Personnel

Tom Malafronte Senior Vice President and General Manager, Personal Care and Pharmaceuticals

Steve Semenczuk Global Business Director, Personal Care, Home Care & Surfactants

Chris Murphy Global R&D Director, Personal Care

Julie Shlepr Global Marketing Director, Personal Care

Annie Bou rgeat-Wax Global Sales Director, Personal Care

Technologies, Patents, New Products

The Noveon[R] Consumer Specialties portfolio includes polymers and other specialty chemicals, with expertise in synthesis, product development, processing and applications development. Among our new products are Carbopol[R] Aqua CC polymer, the premier cationic-compatible rheology modifier for low pH applications and Fixate[TM] Superhold polymer for stiff hold, humidity resistance, superior performance, shine and styling versatility in hair care.

Major Markets

* Personal Care

* Surfactants

* Home Care, Industrial and Institutional

* Health Care/Oral Care

Major Products

* Synthetic theology modifiers--Carbopol[R] polymers

* Naturally derived methyl glucoside derivatives-Glucamate[TM] thickeners, Glucam[TM] humectants, Glucquat[TM] conditioners and Glucate[TM] emulsifiers

* Fixative polymers--Fixate[TM] styling polymers

* Sensory modifiers--Schercemol[TM] and Hydramol[TM] esters, SilSense[TM] specialty silicones and lanolin derivatives

* Chembetaine[TM] and Sulfochem[TM] surfactants

Specialized Services

Noveon[R] Consumer Specialties is here to support formulators every step of the way. With a balanced portfolio of high quality specialty ingredients, plus a wide variety of prototypes, starting formulations and technical knowledge all backed by unsurpassed technical support and a global supply chain. It's our business to help you succeed.

Global Capabilities

a. European Contact (Belgium): Adrian Holland and Malte Ruffing Phone: 32-2678-1911 * Fax: 32-2678-2002

b. Pacific Rim Contact (Japan): Toshio Horikoshi Phone: 81-3-5434-2720 * Fax: 81- 3-5434-2702

c. Pacific Rim Contact (Shanghai): Ritta Chen Phone: 86.21.3866.0366 * Fax: 86.21.5887.6981

d. South American Contact (Brazil): Bernardo Medeiros Phone: 55-11-4082-1330 * Fax: 55-11-4082-1345

e. South Asia Contact (India): Rajib Bhattacharjee and Sameer Borse Phone: 91-22-6602-7800 * Fax: 91-22-6602-7888

NEW For 2009!

The SensiMap[TM] Formulating Concept. The sensory profile of emulsion formulations can be optimized by intertwining complementary sensory cues from two seemingly unrelated technologies: Carbopol[R] polymers to impact the texture element of sensory, particularly during the initial application, and Schercemol[TM] esters to enhance sensory from rub-out through afterfeel.
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Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:Feb 1, 2009
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