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November--December 1944.

November 1 Soviet Red Army troops driving west toward Budapest, Hungary's capital, capture the city of Kecskemet. November 1 Fighting to reopen Belgium's vital port of Antwerp, Canadian and British troops crash ashore on Holland's Walcheren Island, in the German-held Scheldt Estuary. November 2-3 Allied forces in the Netherlands capture Flushing (Vissingen). November 5 In Cairo, Egypt, members of the Stern Gang, a Zionist terrorist group, assassinate Lord Moyne (Walter Guinness), Britain's resident minister in the Middle East. November 6 Marshal Josip Broz Tito's Yugoslav partisans enter the formerly Axis-occupied city of Monastir, Macedonia. November 8 In Burma, British forces capture Fort White, below Tiddim. November 12 British Lancaster bombers sink the dreaded German battleship Tirpitz in Norway's Tromso Fjord. November 14 In northeastern France, First French Army troops attack German infantry blocking a mountain gap at Belfort, near Switzerland. November 17 The American submarine Spadefish sinks the Japanese escort carrier Shinyo in the Yellow Sea, between Shanghai and Korea. November 24 In the first raid on Tokyo since April 1942, 111 B-29 Superfortresses take off from Saipan to bomb the Musashi engine factory. November 27 The hellish, three-month battle for Peleliu in the Palau Islands ends with nearly 1,800 US marines and GIs and some 10,000 Japanese soldiers dead. November 29 In the Kumano Sea, south of Honshu, Japan, the American submarine Archer-Fish sinks the massive Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano. December 3 Attacking the lower Siegfried Line (Germany's western defenses) armored units of General George S. Patton's Third US Army roll into Saarlautern, Germany. December 7 British tanks clatter through Athens, Greece, to support government forces fighting Communist rebels. December 8 In the first of a series of winter raids on the Bonin Islands, Rear Admiral Allan E. Smith's American cruisers bombard Japanese outposts on Iwo Jima. December 15 General Douglas MacArthur's American troops land on Mindoro in the Philippines, to prepare a major invasion of larger Luzon Island. December 16 In a desperate attempt to position Germany to negotiate peace, Adolf Hitler launches Operation "Watch on the Rhine," a surprise offensive through the wooded Ardennes region of western Belgium and Luxembourg. December 16 In Italy, British 8th Army troops capture Faenza. December 18 A typhoon catches a US Third Fleet task force refueling in the Philippine Sea, east of Luzon. Three destroyers, more than 100 carrier planes, and nearly 800 men are lost. December 19 From his headquarters in Versailles, France, General Dwight Eisenhower places British General Sir Bernard Montgomery in command of the Ardennes battlefront's northern half. December 22 After holding out for a week, American forces withdraw from hard-pressed St. Vith, Belgium. December 26 US 4th Armored Division tanks pierce German defenses to reach 101st Airborne Division paratroopers under siege in Bastogne, Belgium, since the 20th.


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Title Annotation:WORLD AT WAR
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Date:Dec 1, 2009
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