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November imports increase 2.7%.

Malt beverage imports into the United States rose 2.7 percent in November 1992 to 19.4 million gallons from 18.9 million a year earlier.

Total beer imports into America through the first 11 months of 1992 totaled over 236.9 million gallons, which marked a 4.3 percent rise when compared to the same period in 1991.

The Netherlands posted U.S. shipments of 6.3 million gallons during the month - an 8.5-percent growth from last year's 5.8 million. Through November, Dutch imports to America were up 8.0 percent to 69.9 million gallons.

Canada was the only major beer exporting country to the U.S. that reported negative results during November. In fact, Canadian shipments dropped 14.2 percent to 4.5 million gallons as compared to 1991's figures. Over the first 11 months, however, Canada was in the black with 61.4 million gallons sent to the U.s. - a 2.7-percent increase.

Mexico experienced a very positive month as it saw a 28.8-percent rise to 2.9 million gallons from November 1991's 2.3 million. All told, Mexican beer shipments to America through November were up 9.3 percent to 43.6 million gallons.

Beer shipments from Germany to the U.S. were up 5.1 percent in November, and totaled 2.04 million gallons. Year-to-date figures for Germany were 25.7 million gallons - a 2.5-percent rise over the same period in 1991.

Japan, too, reported gains in November shipments to the United States, which resulted in a 9.1-percent increase over the corresponding period in 1991. Through the first 11 months of 1992, Japanese beer shipments totaled 4.9 million gallons, which was increase of 7.5 percent.
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Date:Feb 15, 1993
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