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November Issue of JCTR Published; Features 21 Leading Coatings Articles.

The November issue of Journal of Coatings Technology and Research (Vol. 14, No. 6, 2017) has been released. Featured in the issue are 21 articles focusing on a wide range of critical coatings topics. Included in the issue and available for download on are the following titles:

Preparation and evaluation of amphiphilic polymer as fouling-release coating in marine environment--Jiang Li, Zhuolin Xie, Guoqing Wang, Chunhua Ding, Hong Jiang, and Peiqing Wang

Water permeation and corrosion resistance of single- and two-component hydrophobic polysiloxane barrier coatings--X. Sun, S. Turnage, E. B. Iezzi, Y. Yang, B. Chang, N.C. Muthegowda, S.K. Balijepalli, Nicholas Dhuyvetter, L.P. Wang, K.N. Solanki, and K. Rykaczewski

A novel acrylate-PDMS composite latex with controlled phase compatibility prepared by emulsion polymerization--Weill Li, Wenjun Shen, Wei Yao, Jijun Tang, Jie Xu, Lei Jin, Jide Zhang, and Zexiao Xu

Surface coating performance of Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticle-modified veneered panels and their influence on formaldehyde emission--Xiao Dong Zhu, Yu Liu, and Zhao Li

The preparation of hybrid trimer by cyclo-oligomerization of TDI and HDI and its curing process with polyols to form elastic PU coating--Qian Wang, Hang Xu, ShengZhong Zhou, Sebastien Gamier, Stefan Fiildner, Lin Ye, and Zengguo Feng

A facile process for fabrication of environmentally safe superhydrophobic surfaces--Tanu Mittal, Sangeeta Tiwari, and S.K. Tiwari

An analytical model of nanopatterned superhydrophobic surfaces--K. Xiao, Y. P. Zhao, G. Ouyang, and X. L. Li

Polyaniline/g-[C.sub.3][N.sub.4] composites as novel media for anticorrosion coatings--Shixiang Zuo, Yao Chen, Wenjie Liu, Chao Yao, Yingruo Li, Jiangquan Ma, Yong Kong, Huihui Mao, Zhongyu Li, and Yongsheng Fu

Properties and anticorrosion application of acrylic ester/epoxy core-shell emulsions: effects of epoxy value and crosslinking monomer--Ke Zhu, Xiaorui Li, Jingyi Li, Haihua Wang, and Guiqiang Fei

Novel partially bio-based fluorinated polyimides from dimer fatty diamine for UV-cured coating--Jingcheng Liu, Kuan Wang, Yazhen Xie, Fei Gao, Qingtao Zeng, Yan Yuan, Ren Liu, and Xiaoya Liu

Sol-gel preparation and characterization of antibacterial and self-cleaning hybrid nano-composite coatings--Seyed Armin Zare Estekhraji and Sahar Amiri

The influence of moisture content on the polymer structure of polyvinyl alcohol in dispersion barrier coatings and its effect on the mass transport of oxygen--Asa Nyflott, Caglar Mericer, Matteo Minelli, Ellen Moons, Lars Jarnstrom, Magnus Lestelius, and Marco Giacinti Baschetti

Stability and properties of waterborne polyurethane/clay nanocomposite dispersions--Mohammad Mizanur Rahman

A facile and low-cost preparation of durable amphiphobic coatings with fluoride- silica@poly(methacrylic acid) hybrid nanocomposites--Zheng-Bai Zhao, Da-Ming Zhang, Li Tai, Peng-Fei Jiang, and Yong Jiang

Rust morphology characterization of polyurethane and acrylic-based marine antifouling paints after salt spray test on scribed specimens--Evangelia D. Kiosidou, Antonis Karantonis, Dimitrios I. Pantelis, Elisabete Ribeiro Silva, and Joao Carlos Moura Bordado

Corrosion protection by organic coatings containing polyaniline salts prepared by oxidative polymerization--M. Kohl, A. Kalendova, E. Cernoskova, M. Blaha, J. Stejskal, and M. Erben

Synthesis and incorporation of poly(methyl methacrylate) microspheres with UV stabilizers in wood clear coating binder--Caroline Queant, Veronic Landry, Pierre Blanchet, and Diane Schorr

Effect of sputtering parameters on the self-cleaning properties of amorphous titanium dioxide thin films--Hussein Sabbah

Effect of vanadium additive and phosphating time on anticorrosion, morphology and surface properties of ambient temperature zinc phosphate conversion coatings on mild steel--Mehrdad Abbasi and M.M. Attar

Regression modeling of solid mottle in coated papers--Akshay V. Joshi

Brief Communication: Preparation of 2,5-bis(methylallyl thioester)-thiadiazole with high refractive index and its coatings--Shuqian Zhou, Yajun Mao, and Zhengfa Zhou
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