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November's taxable removals up 5.6%.

November's taxable removals up 5.6%

Total taxable removals in November 1990 were 14.15 million barrels, which was 5.6-percent, or 747,093 barrels, more than last year's total of 13.4 million barrels. The total for the first eleven months of 1990 was 171.23 million barrels, or 2.4-percent more than the corresponding period in 1989.

Ten of the 17 states and combination groupings showed increased in November with New Jersey reporting the largest increase; 474,842 barrels. Conversely, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland and South Carolina reported the largest decrease during the period; 132,355 barrels.

All of the four geographical areas reported increases, the largest being the New England & Mid Atlantic region, which notched a 20.5-percent rise. The smallest increase occurred in the Mountain, Pacific & West North Central region; 0.4 percent. [Tabular Data Omitted]
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 18, 1991
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Beer Institute Statistical Memorandum.
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