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November's most beautiful church: Mt. Pleasant, Ont.




There's a lot happening in our small country church, too much to mention, but the long and the short of a beautiful church is the people within its wall. We mustn't think of our church as an object. A church is beautiful because of the people and friendships that develop there over the years. Our church is filled with people varied in age and attitude--people who care about each other, who in a time of need are there to help. We celebrate, pray and play together.

At our beautiful church the Spirit of Christ begins in our Sunday school. Our wonderful teachers keep us all busy with fun and exciting events. Once they even taped off what would have been half of the ark in our backyard. We have all emptied our piggy banks for Pennies for Pencils. The Sunday school sends the procceds to Mozambique.

No church is complete without a leader. We have had many. Currently we are awaiting the arrival of a new minister. We have been waiting two years, but our congregation has never diminished. We have stayed strong. We have kept the Spirit of God active in our hearts and in our community.

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Title Annotation:Benediction
Author:Franklin, B.E.
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Date:Nov 1, 2009
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