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Novelty phones make noise at WCES.

Las Vegas - From a gyrating Elvis to Jordache Jeans, novelty and licensed phones gave retailers something to talk about at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in here earlier this month.

The following is a look at some "outspoken" fashion phones on display at CES:

TELEMANIA/KASH 'N GOLD: A swinging and thrusting Elvis FigureFone was the star of the show for this manufacturer of novelty and licensed phones. The Elvis Presley FigureFone comes to life when a call comes in, swinging and thrusting his hips back and forth while singing a 26-second rendition of Jailhouse Rock. The king, expected to sell for $79, also moves his head, arms, torso, legs and feet. Complete with guitar and microphone, the 12-inch inch figure phone is under license from Graceland. The phone was created and developed by Tilbor-Hetman Inventors.

Also new is a 1956 T-Bird, due out m April and expected to sell for $29.95; a 1927 Arhens-Fox classic Fire Engine, shipping next month and selling for $79.95; a StarTrek Next Generation phone for $89 and due out in October, and Kermit the Frog phone, shipping in October and expected to retail for $99.95. The stores that sell Telemania phones include Federated Department stores, Sharper Image, JC Penney, and Incredible Universe.

CONAIR: Conair Corp. has unveiled a country classic line of Conairphones as well as expanded its offerings in the slim-design category. The Country Classics are available in April in two models, the SW2503 and SW2508. Each has an oak finish and authentic-looking hand crank. The SW2503 is a wall design unit with a suggested retail price of 89.99. the SW2508 is the desk model, suggested price, $79.99. Each has ringer off)low/high control, receiver volume control and one-year limited warranty. Conair has added bold and colorful designs to its slim phones. The FUN160BL, in blue, features a celestial design while the FUN160RY in raspberry features a fruit design. Both will ship in March for suggested a $19.99. The firm also showed model SW220, a basic almond-colored slim phone, with 10-number memory, last number redial harmonic tone ringer and illuminated keypad. It will be available in May for a suggested $34.99. Common features include last number redial and mute function.

RONSONIC TRADING CORP.: Several very novel novelty phones were on display from this maker of phones, alarm clocks, electric shavers and other designer products. The phones, some new and some that have just begun shipping, include the Violin Phone, Jeans Phone, Air Boat Phone and Crystal Neon Phone. Brand new offerings are the Air Boat and Crystal Neon.

The Air Boat, designed in silver and blue with red or yellow accents, offers tone/pulse switch, last number redial and a two-year warranty. Suggested price on the phone, which is hearing-aid compatible, is $79.95.

The Crystal Neon Phone, at $59.95, made its debut as well. The phone, in the shape of a wave, has a handset curved to fit the user's hand and is available in several neon colors with the handsets in pearl, marble or glossy plastic. The base is Lucite and the neon tube within the base lights up.

The phone is available in several color combinations - ebony handsets with blue neon base, pearl white handset with pink neon base, marbleized rose handset with pink neon base and marbleized emerald handset with green neon base. it is tone pulse switchable, has a lighted keypad and is desk or wall-mountable. Suggested

Also on display was the Violin Phone, a replica of a violin that comes in warm maple brown, lacquered black, pearl white and metallic gold. It is tone/ pulse switchable, and has lighted keypad, last number redial, reset button, adjustable ringer switch and is hearing-aid compatible. Suggested retail price is $89.99. RTC reintroduced the Jeans Telephone with a license from Jordache Jeans. The phone, which shares the same basic features as the company's other models, adds LED in-use indicator Suggested retail price is $49.95. Also, the company said it has begun production of the The Ocean Racer phone, which has a ringer that sounds like an accelerating speed boat and comes in white with teal, ruby and green accents.

Suggested price is $99.99. It can also ring like a traditional phone.

The company has begun selling phones licensed by Anheuser Busch Inc. and Miller Brewer Co. Consumers can choose a phone shaped as a beer bottle or a beer can. The licensed beverage phones are $49.95.
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Title Annotation:Winter Consumer Electronics Show
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Date:Jan 29, 1996
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