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Novelty Products, Sophisticated Flavors In Favor Among Germans who Savor.

From Scholler's gummi bears, Pikachu sticks and tongue-coloring Blue Wonder for the kinder, to Langnese's Viennetta "Pfirsich Maracuja" for adults, there's something for everybody in the ice cream sections of retail stores.

Two of Germany's largest ice cream producers, Scholler and Langnese, have launched a freezer full of new flavors to gear up for the new season.

Scholler of Nurnberg (Fax: 49-911-938-1181) has paid a great deal of attention to the kiddie market. The gummi bear originated some 80 years ago in Germany, so that's a logical place to have the idea of making it part of an ice cream confection. In Scholler's "Eis-Gummibar," the actual candies are mixed in with vanilla ice cream. Each of the 85-ml packages contains one of ten different stickers for the young customers to collect or trade. The suggested retail price is DM 1.60.

And if gummi bear ice cream can be a big hit with the kids, why not a Pokemon figure, especially when the second Pokemon film is flesh in everybody's mind? Scholler's offering at this propitious time is "Pikachu" on a stick, made from vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Pikachu is the undisputed hero among the more than 150 Pokemon figures; the one with the yellow fur, round eyes, red cheeks, pointed ears and zigzag tail. Suggested retail price is DM 1.20.

Youngsters of the 5- to-10-year-old set like to stick out their tongues anyway, and Scholler's "Blue Wonder" makes it even more fun. This chewing gum flavored ice on a stick will dye the tongue, the teeth and the lips blue. Suggested retail price is 70 pfennigs.

Scholler's market research has shown that kids in the 14-to-18-year old target group get a kick out of unusual packaging. And so the company has come up with "Load!," nothing less than energy ice cream from a tube! With this conversation piece among impulse items, the consumer can get refreshment and a pickup simultaneously by squeezing orange sherbet laced with dextrose into his or her mouth. The 100-ml innovation is suggested to sell for DM 2.

There are four new products under Scholler's "Manhattan" brand of multipacks. Three of them are miniatures on a stick and one is a novel impulse item.

Miniatures, Scholler reports, are becoming important in the market because they appeal not only to children but also to adults who like the flexibility they offer.

The first of the stick varieties is "Manhattan Minis" tiny, 36-ml bits of creamy, coated vanilla ice cream, 14 to a box. For variety the coatings are of two different fruit sherbets; half are strawberry and half are orange.

The second stick variety is based on an import from America, iced tea (or "ice tea" as the Germans call it). The "Manhattan Ice Tea" product comes 12 to a pack, each of 54-ml, and each pack has an assortment of three different tea flavors: Tropical, Lemon and Peach.

The third miniature on a stick is "Manhattan Toffee," with an outer coating of hazelnut bits, beneath which is creamy vanilla ice cream covering a core of toffee. This one weighs in at 86-ml and comes six to a package.

The impulse item is "Manhattan Ice Dots," a 65-gram package full of tiny red and white balls of lemon and strawberry sherbet. Since they can be taken from the box and tossed right into the mouth, they can be used for refreshment on a hot day even when the kids are on their way home from school. The recommended retail price is DM 2.

There are five new products in Scholler's Movenpick brand of premium ice cream.

For the 13th year in a row, the company is designating one of the Movenpick innovations as its "Ice Cream of the Year." The choice for 2001 is "La Crema Cassis-Vanilla," a combination of creamy vanilla ice cream layered with a red currant fruit sherbet containing whole black currants. ("Cassis" is French for "black currant.") As with previous "Ice Creams of the Year," this one is offered in one liter and 200-ml packages, as ice cream sandwiches and on a stick.

Also new from Movenpick this year is "Cioccolata Stracciatella," an alleged improvement of one of the ice creams most popular with Germans. Stracciatella is more or less "chocolate chip," though the chocolate is more likely to come as a shaving than a chip. Movenpick claims to have improved it by adding what it calls a Cioccolata Cocktail that it has developed.

Three further offerings in the Movenpick line have coatings that match La Crema flavors. Thus "La Crema Chocolat Chips" is coated with a bitter chocolate cream; "La Crema Caramelita" gives this caramel ice cream a caramel cream cover, and "La Crema Cassis Vanilla" (the "Ice Cream of the Year") gets a light colored vanilla cream coating.

For Langnese of Hamburg (Fax: 49-40-3597-2445) there are seven new impulse products, four new family packages and an addition to the Viennetta line. Caramel and nuts is the main thrust of the impulse items, which will be promoted extensively on TV and in movie theaters.

"Magnum Caramel & Nuts" consists of vanilla ice cream with a core of caramel and peanuts. The recommended retail price is DM 1.60, and the same product is offered in a multipack of six, meant to retail at DM 4.99.

"Magnum Double Choc" definitely emphasizes chocolate. Chocolate ice cream is given a double coating of chocolate with chocolate sauce between the layers. It is suggested for sale at DM 2.80.

The high success of "Solero Shots Citrus" in 2000 moved Langnese to come out this year with "Solero Shots Tropical," recommended for sale at DM 2. This time the small balls of yellow and orange sherbet have a tropical fruit flavor.

With "Creme Truffel" Langnese makes an ice cream cup from a beloved Italian dessert, "Tartufo." It combines creamy chocolate ice cream with vanilla sauce, caramelized hazelnuts and bits of chocolate. Recommended retail price is DM 2.60.

The "Cornetto Caramel" combines vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce in a cone, meant to retail at DM 2. It's also offered in multipacks of six, recommended for retail at DM 5.99.

By popular demand, Langnese is bringing back its "Futschfinger," sherbet on a stick in the form of a hand with the pointer finger extended. The tip of the finger is lime sherbet and the remainder is strawberry and orange. The "Futschfinger," meant to retail for DM 1, was sold previously from 1982 to 1993.

And there is a new variant of the "Mini Milk" series of small ice creams on a stick meant to retail at only 50 pfennigs. The latest one is chocolate, which joins the vanilla and strawberry Mini Milks already on the market.

Langnese is out with other multipacks as well. In addition to the "Magnum Caramel & Nuts" and "Cornetto Caramel," there is a multipack of "Cornetto Haselnuss" (hazelnut), also retailing at a recommended DM 5.99. And the company is launching the "Family Fun Sundaes Chocolate" multipack with a print campaign. It combines ice cream, chocolate sauce and nuts in a cup and comes four to a package meant to retail for DM 4.99.

The new Vienetta offering is "Pfirsich-Maracuja," with layers of vanilla and peach ice cream and chocolate. It comes in a 500-ml package selling for DM 2.99.
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