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Novell extend is now 'Java Verified' for portability across all J2EE-compatible application servers.

To help organizations achieve Java's promise of "Write Once, Run Anywhere" Sun Microsystems has announced the first set of "Java Verified" applications to have completed the Java AVK and obtained the Java Verified license--the Novell exteNd product suite is now "Java Verified" for portability across all J2EE application servers. The Java Verification designation complements the testing Novell has been conducting for more than two years to ensure its integration and portal servers, Novell exteNd Composer and Novell exteNd Director will run on market-leading J2EE application servers.

In order to achieve the "Java Verified" designation, Novell (Nasdaq:NOVL) tested its Novell exteNd Composer integration server and Novell exteNd Director interaction server against the Java AVK from Sun Microsystems. After successfully completing these tests and obtaining the Java Verified license from Sun, the Novell exteNd products are now certified to deploy successfully to any J2EE-compatible application servers.

Such a distinction is necessary because despite the promise of J2EE portability, individual implementations of J2EE can vary from vendor to vendor. The Java Verified Program was designed to identify enterprise applications that are specifically designed and built to be portable across compatible implementations of J2EE--a key differentiator for Novell with its Novell exteNd Web application development suite.

"Most of the leading J2EE vendors don't want customers to port their applications to different application servers because 'lock in' to the J2EE engine is a key part of their product strategy," said David Litwack, senior vice president of Novell's Web Application Development products. "Novell does not force its biases upon customers, we offer the freedom of choice--you can deploy Novell exteNd to the operating system and J2EE application server of your choice."

While the Novell exteNd suite provides an enterprise-class application server for customers that need it, Novell focuses its development efforts on the now Java Verified Novell exteNd Composer integration server and Novell exteNd Director interaction server. To build today's services-oriented applications, customers need the ability to create services from existing enterprise systems; orchestrate those services into business processes; and consume, tailor and securely deliver those services to end users so that it appears the application was developed specifically for the individual accessing the application. These advanced applications require integration, interaction and identity management capabilities, and they must be based on industry standards to protect customers' investments.

"Our customers aren't interested in products that are going to force them to commit to a single vendor's infrastructure or platform," said Alex Oliveri, vice president of technical services at BravePoint, a Novell channel partner. "We recommend Novell products with confidence precisely because Novell's commitment to industry standards and cross-platform compatibility is backed by unmatched testing and industry designations such as Java Verified from Sun. Our customers gain the confidence of knowing that Novell ensures that they can make the most of all their technology investments, no matter who the vendor."

Novell's commitment to open standards and cross-platform computing also appeals to other Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who seek to reach the widest possible market for their solutions. Rather then testing applications for portability across all the leading J2EE-compatible application servers, ISVs can develop customer solutions with Novell exteNd and deploy to the J2EE server of choice for their customers.

"ChannelWave's Java-based CRM solutions need to leverage our customers' existing IT infrastructure so we need to deploy on their preferred J2EE platform," said Chris Heidelberger, CEO of ChannelWave Software, a Novell ISV partner. "We provide our customers with Novell exteNd because its visual development environment enables them to reduce integration costs and time to market because it is the only comprehensive integration and portal platform that is portable across all of the platforms that our customers demand."

This announcement also underscores Novell's commitment to advancing the Java industry by delivering the J2EE-compatible Novell exteNd application server with NetWare 6.5, scheduled to ship this summer (see related announcement issued May 13, 2003). The significant Novell NetWare base can now develop and test J2EE applications on the NetWare platform then deploy them to NetWare or another platform of choice. With future versions of NetWare, customers will also have the choice of adding Linux as a supported application server deployment platform--further extending Novell's leadership in open source, cross-platform computing.
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Date:May 19, 2003
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