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Novel praise.

Byline: Nancy Sheehan


We could go on and on about how great Worcester novelist Jack O'Connell's fourth novel, a dark thriller titled "The Resurrectionist," is but then you would just accuse us of local literati aggrandizement and, eeuuww, that would smart. So why don't we just let the out-of-towners wax effusive for us:

"To call Jack O'Connell's novels imaginative, or even original, doesn't begin to say it. ... There's something both exciting and unnerving about (his) kind of hallucinatory writing." - New York Times Book Review

"Brilliant writing, original concepts, emotional resonance and O'Connell's fearlessness. I've read `The Resurrectionist' twice now, and both times it came as something of a revelation." - Washington Post Book World

"O'Connell (is a) cackling genius. ... Fans of his previous novels, the cult favorites `The Skin Palace,' `Box Nine,' and `Wireless' will be glad to hear that `The Resurrectionist' is just as demented and deeply enjoyable." - Los Angeles Times

There is much more, but we are running out of room and want to use the rest of the space to tell you that you can meet genre-jumping Jack, a lifelong Worcester resident, at a signing for his book's new paperback edition at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Barnes & Noble, 541 D Lincoln St., Worcester (that's' Lincoln Plaza). Be there or he just might send some of his characters - say, a psychotic biker, mad neurologist or wandering circus freak - out to find you.
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Date:Sep 17, 2009
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