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NovaVision Inc.

NovaVision Inc.

524 E Woodland Circle, Bowling Green, OH 43402 419-354-1427 *

Rob Brown, Cargo Security Specialist * 941-302-0848 *

Michael Shaffer, Sales Rep. * 419-354-1427 x4207 *

Dave Duvall, Sales Manager * 419-354-1427 *

NovaVision is a major domestic manufacturer of cargo container barrier seals, mechanical seals, Tamper Evident tape, labels, holographic TE labels and other cargo security products. We are based in the United States in Bowling Green, OH, and have been very involved with NDTA, the military community, as well as retail and manufacturing. We manufacture many unique and innovative security seals for cargo including the 5mm x 76" cable seal and 9mm bolt seal combination called the DualGuard, which meets the specification by SDDC for cargo container barrier seals.

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Title Annotation:INDUSTRY MEMBERS--Regional Patrons
Publication:Defense Transportation Journal
Date:Jun 1, 2019
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